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Top 10 Faucets Manufacturing Brands in India


Faucets can make the bathrooms look much better. The change of faucets can transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious bathroom. Many people think that faucets and sanitary ware are same. However, in reality, the sanitaryware and faucets are entirely different in every way. The Raw materials are not same, and the manufacturing process is not same.

Some Companies core business is faucets, and some companies business is sanitaryware or ceramic manufacturing. So the top sanitaryware brand and top faucets brand need not be same. I have written an article on top sanitaryware manufacturing brands in India. In this article, we are going to see the best faucet manufacturing brands.

Selecting Faucets for bathrooms or kitchens is very crucial. Because not only going to add the style to the bathroom or kitchen, it is going to save much water. There are many types of faucets available in the market which can save up to 90% of water compared to normal usage and also make the place much stylish. When you select the faucets you need to keep in mind about  That why Selecting a faucet for your home is very important.

There is an unlimited number of faucets brands in India. However, there is a very limited manufacturing plant in India. Many companies in India buy faucets from China or some other country and trade it here in India in their name. Some companies have faucets manufacturing plants in India.

We cant say the product bought from another country may have less quality or limited service. Because when companies buy from other countries, they have strict quality control rules to protect their customer base in India. However, some brands buy and sell whatever they can profit more. This is where the problem arises. So we need to be aware of the good brands in the market.

The main difference between the branded and unbranded faucets is three factors, 1) Price 2) Quality 3) Service after sales. When the price is high the probability of getting right quality faucets and after sales service is very high. However, it is difficult to get the quality and after-sales service when you buy a cheap product. Now we go to the topic.

Here are the top 10 faucets manufacturing brands in India:


Jaquar is a well know brand in the bathroom solutions sector. Also, especially for faucets, we can say they are most spread brand in India. They contribute more than 50% in the branded faucets market share. Some of the faucets warranty up to 10 years.

jaquar top faucet manufacturing brand
jaquar top faucet manufacturing brand

Jaquar sells their product in three brand names. 1) Artize 2) Jaquar 3) Essco.

Jaquar has 5 Faucets manufacturing plant in India. In five manufacturing facilities, three plants are located in Rajasthan and two plants located in the Delhi.

Jaquar India has done many public and private projects in India including International and domestic airport, taj view hotel, IIM, DLF Emporio Mall, etc..

Helpline for Jaquar – 18001216808


Kohler also a multi-nation brand from the US. Kohler is well known for delivering the luxurious and premium range products to the market. They do keep the standard higher for their products.

They do have a faucets manufacturing plant in the India, and it is located in Jhagadiya, Gujarat. This plant is operating around 9 years now. The demand for the Kohler brand product in the market is increasing.

kohler best faucet brand
kohler best faucet brand

Kohler has a collection of around 200 products in their faucets section. All the Faucets are manufactured by their own in their manufacturing facility. One of the best things about their faucets is the finishing of the products. The finishing of the products looks very nice compared to other faucets. However, is it worth the price tag that comes with the product?  The product is not even within reach of the medium range customer segment.


Grohe is a German multinational, national faucet brand. They supply faucets all over the world from their five production plants. Out of five production plants, three is in Germany, and another one is in Portugal, and another one is in Thailand.

grohe faucet brand
grohe faucet brand

The most products that are available in India are imported from Thailand. This brand name has good value in the faucets market because of the German technology and the quality standards.

Grohe supply faucets for Toilets, bathrooms and kitchens.

Some of the Awards won by the Grohe for the faucets: Reddot Design award 2011/2012, Good design USA, iF product design award, Green Good Design, Good design Japan and Perspective Awards – 2011.

Customer care number for the Grohe:  1800 102 4475

Delta faucets

Delta India is a subsidiary of masco. Masco is a US based Company focuses on the products related to Home development.

Delta concentrates on the water saving bathrooms concepts. Some of their products got an award for the water saving designs they introduced to the market.

delta faucets manufacturer
delta faucets manufacturer

Awards won by the Delta Faucets are WaterSense sustained excellence award Golden trumpet Awards, Chicago Skyline Award, Edison awards – Silver & Bronze, Money-Saving Product Award, Design Journal ADEX gold award And Better Homes and Gardens most Innovative Product Award.

The product range covers Shower, bath and Kitchen. Some of the favourite faucet products in Delta Faucets are Hydrachoice in Shower range, Touch2O and water saving technologies.

The HO office of the Delta faucets is located in Gurgaon.


Roca is a Spanish multi-nation company primarily focuses on bathroom solutions. Roca Faucet manufacturing facility is located in Bhiwadi. This plant has the capacity to produce near to 2 Million Faucets per year.

roca faucet company
roca faucet company

Roca is a well know brand in the market for their sanitaryware products. They have around 500 faucets in their collections.

Products are available in Roca and Parryware Brand names. Roca Manufacturers are the types of faucets like Basin faucets, Bath faucets, Shower faucets, Kitchen Faucets, Sink faucets, urinal faucets, etc.

Helpline for the Roca – 18002746060


Cera is a favourite brand in the Indian ceramic market. Their collection includes near to 500 designs of faucets.

cera faucets
cera faucets

Some of the faucets provided to the market by the Cera are single lever faucets, Quarter Turn faucets, Half Turn Faucets, Sensor Taps, Showers, Cocks and Flush Valves. The Valentina single lever range is useful in design.


Hindware is an Indian company that providing full bathroom solutions. The best thing about hindware is that they cover all the faucets in the all the different categories.

hindware faucets manufacturing company
hindware faucets manufacturing company

They have around 300 Designs in the faucets section. This is more than enough for the market. Not creating more confusion for the customer and still have the design to cover the customer requirement is the best thing they do. They do provide warranty for most of the faucets, and the warranty covers up to 12 years. Hindware price tags are spread across all three segments of the market. They have products for low end, medium and high-end markets.


This brand produced a lot of OEM products for other companies. You can also buy this product on its brand name ‘Cavier’. Cavier is an Indian faucet manufacturing brand. This brand was in this business for more than 30 years. They also export their products to various countries.

cavier faucet company
cavier faucet company

The manufacturing plant is located in Gujarat. They manufacture more than 400 designs of faucets.


AGMECO is an Indian faucet brand based in Delhi. They are manufacturing faucets for more than 20 years.  They provide sales on their website also. They produce around 300 models of faucets.

They do provide the after-sales service. The Customer care number is 1800 300 233 83


We have covered some of the best Indian Faucets manufacturing brands in this article.

Some of the above brands sell their product online on their website and also another third-party website. We do recommend buying the product directly from the dealer to get a better discount.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that we have provided the information you are looking for. If something is missing leave the query on the comment section, we will try to answer for it. We have covered the top sanitaryware manufacturing brand in India and water efficient toilets.


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