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Faucets give kitchen, showers and bath tabs an elegant and stylish look. In today’s market, purchasing a seamless faucet does not only depend on the look but installation, maintenance/repair and functionality. Bathroom faucets can be distinguished by the handle, mounting options and finish. On the other hand, kitchen faucets are selected depending on those other aspects but most importantly mounting options. Kitchen sinks exist in different forms, and for this matter, faucet mounting may be: vessel, console, pedestal, overmount and undermount. For those who are looking into giving their kitchen and bathrooms a new look here are the most popular faucets on the market.

types of faucets
types of faucets

Below are the types of faucets classified in accordance with:

Type Based on the Mechanism

Ball Faucets

The most common type of faucet in the market, it is quite an old model. You can distinguish them by the rotating ball-like handle at the base of the faucet spout. They have high chances of leaking which is their major drawback. These types exist in many finishing and fell to choose from depending on the material used and the mounting position. They are mostly applicable in a kitchen setting and often single-handed.

Compression Faucet

You might have come across separate handles for hot and cold water; they make up compression faucets, it has two handles and one head. This type of faucet is made up of a washer which stops the flow, but when turned on a stem raises up breaking the seal and reduces the pressure leading to a discharge. They are relatively cheap and easy to find but starts leaking when the rubber wears out.

Cartridge Faucet

Well known as cartridge Washerless faucet, exists in variants of single or double handles faucets. Their unique mode of operations identifies this type of faucet, cartridge faucet is made up of two handles which either rotates left or right or moving up and down. When a handle moves, a metal or plastic cartridge moves the stem up and down to control the flow of water. It rarely suffers leakages compared to other faucets but wares and tears after an extended period of usage.

Ceramic Disc Faucet

Want to have a tap which mixes hot and cold water, then the ceramic disc is the ideal faucet. Commonly used on bath-tabs, this model has two ceramic discs at the bottom part of the lever. One disc is dormant while the other moves up and down or right and left to control the flow of water. Left to right rotation of the handle adjusts the temperature from hot to cold. They are very efficient, reliable and does not break down quickly but very expensive compared to the others.

Hands-Free Faucets

The technicality behind this faucet was once a dream a few years ago. Presently hands-free faucets are a reality, as a matter of fact, these faucets are primarily applied in hospitality industry specifically in bathrooms. Designed with motion sensors, these faucets only turn on when motion is felt within a specific range. One significant advantage of these faucets is their hygienic aspect and also temperature can be adjusted.

Foot Operated Faucets

Industries, hospitals and other workplaces may sometimes require faucets which are controlled by a foot pedal. They reduce provide work friendly washrooms, sinks and other utilities since the employee will only use their feet to control the flow of water while performing other duties with their hands. They are not widely used due to their slow adoption.

Types Based on the Materials Used to produce

Faucets enhance the interior of either a bathroom or a kitchen. This then begs the question as to which type of faucet you would purchase to achieve the intended look of your interiors? Faucets exist in different, but material offers the ultimate criteria during purchase since it highly influences the price of faucets. The types of faucets depending on the material includes:

Solid Brass Faucets

If you are living in areas of hard water, then faucets made from this material are ideal for you. Brass does not corrode easily making it the best material to be used on faucets. The types of faucets made of brass are the last longing and are a worthy investment though costly.

Brass and Chrome Coated Faucets

These types of faucets are made up of mostly die-cast zinc alloy but coated with brass. The coating is aimed at reducing corrosion. These types of the faucet are cheaper compared to Brass faucets but not hygienic since they corrode after the brass coat has worn out.

Die-Cast Zinc Alloy Faucets

Type of faucets that is relatively cheap since they made of alloy of diecast and zinc. These faucets are the worst on matters hygiene, they easily corrode, and after that they require replacement. Reasonably durable but not the best finish since they wear off quickly.

Plastic Faucets

I advise you to keep off these types of faucets. If durability and quality finish matter to you, then plastic faucets fall short of these. They have good finish when new, but after installation, they break, ware off quickly leading to frequent replacement. These types of faucets fall the category of “Cheap but Expensive” products.

Electrode Chrome on Brass

Looking for not so cheap but a quality faucet, then this type of faucet is your right and only choice. By this I mean they bring the combination of quality finishes, durability and price. Brass enhances their strength making them a worthy investment despite their cost.

Stainless Steel Faucets

They are made of stainless steel making them compatible with almost all the sinks available in the market. These kinds of faucets have good finishes but they can easily be scratched leading to corrosion if not treated cautiously.


Looking for finish tones, then copper offers you a darker tone faucet giving an antique feeling to your bathroom or kitchen. This type of faucets fit best in rooms with low lightning e.g kitchen. One major drawback is that they require regular polishing which might incur some cost.


Want to give your bathroom or kitchen a rustic dark tone, then go for faucets made of bronze. These faucets bring out an old feeling in the room, commonly used in kitchens. Offers style with minimum cost related to polishing.

Type based on Mounting Method

Different types of faucets are manufactured bearing different mode of installation. Before making any purchase mode of mounting should be one major factor to consider. The following the classification of faucets according to the method of installation.

Deckplate Faucets

These type of faucets mounts everything (spout, dispenser and handles) on a single plate. They have perfect finishing and covers all holes and blends with any kitchen sink. One major drawback of this type of faucet is that they require flat surfaces and not suitable for small sinks.

Non-Deckplate Faucets

Kinds of faucets that use single plate for the spout, handles and dispenser. They are applicable for antique finishing and they are easy to maintain since parts can be replaced separately. They are basically hard to install.

Wall mounting Faucets

A type of faucet that is mounted on the wall, it does not interact with the sink hence connected to the plumbing lines from the wall. These types of faucet are easy to maintain and clean and can accommodate any size of sink. The save on space but fit very well in bathrooms compared to kitchens.

Conclusion: We tried to List all the Faucets around the world in this article. Suggest if we missed any types here. Thanks for Visiting Our website. We hope you find the Information you are looking. If you need anything post in the below comment we will answer it.



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