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10 Differences – One piece Toilets Vs Two piece Toilets


Find the Difference Between One-piece toilets vs Two-piece toilets here. I have compared all the difference between these two toilets for you and list below. You can choose and buy the best & suitable bathrooms for your need.

Following are the main difference between one pcs toilet vs two piece toilet,

When you finish reading this article, you will get a clear picture of which type of toilets to chose to buy for your needs.

First thing first, let me explain what one piece toilet and what is the two-piece toilet. The primary function of both the toilets is flush out the waste from the human body.

difference between one piece toilets vs two piece toilets
difference between one piece toilets vs two-piece toilets

Difference between One-piece Toilets Vs Two-piece Toilets

A water closet consists of three parts; they are bowl, pedestal and a tank. Foundation of the toilet is to give the required height for the toilet. Bowl in the toilet is designed to collect the waste and flush out the debris to the drain pipeline. The tank is to store the water and provide the required pressure to flush out the waste from the toilet.

If the toilet and tank were fused without any joints, then the toilet is known as a one-piece toilet or also known as single piece toilet.


If the toilet and tank are separate and joined using fittings, then it is known as a two-piece toilet or also called as coupled toilets.

Find ten types of toilets here. Now let’s dive into the comparison.


comparison of price between single piece and two piece toilet
comparison of cost between a single piece and two-piece toilet

When we buy anything price will be considered a significant point. One-piece toilets will be a much higher price than the two-piece toilet. Because of the Production difficulties to produce a one-piece is much higher than creating a two-piece toilet. So the cost of one piece toilet is double than a two-piece toilet. The winner is Two-piece toilet.

Design availability:

Typically both the toilets are available in similar designs. As you can see in the below two models of toilets, the design of the toilet is the same, but you can get a single piece or coupled closet, that is your choice. So design-wise both are same.

Aesthetic Look:

Based on the appearance when we compare both single-piece toilet along with a coupled closet toilet, The one-piece toilet made without any joint or gap between tank and body.


weight difference between single piece toilet and two piece toilet 3
the weight difference between single piece toilet and two-piece toilet 3

One-piece toilets are designed to withhold the ceramic tank during the firing cycle in the production cycle, so in the design itself, the products are higher in weight. Usually, the weight of a single piece toilet is around 40 Kgs(88 Pounds). A two-piece toilet weight is around 25Kgs (55 Pounds). So with the solid mass, the winner is one piece of a toilet when comparing weight.

Mounting Options:

As we have seen before the weight of a one-piece toilet is higher when comparing to a two-piece toilet, because of the more weight one-piece can’t be hanged on the wall. So for coupled closets, you can get wall mount and floor mount models, but for one piece only floor models will be available. So if you are looking for a wall-hung model, then you have to go for two-piece toilet.


The size difference between one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets are not much as both are nearly same in size. But if you look at transportation option, then two-piece can be easier because you can get a toilet and tank separately. Height of both toilets is around 400 MM (15.7 Inch).


The functionality of both toilets not depended upon the toilet model. It depends upon flushing mechanism used in the toilet and design of the toilet. So one piece and two-piece toilet are getting equal points in this comparison.


About installation, we can look in two views,

1. If you look at the installation of toilet and fittings, then one piece is much easier to install compared to the two-piece toilet Because the toilet and tank are already connected. So no need of any mechanism to connect. Two-piece toilet fitting is difficult than one piece toilet fitting. For preventing water leakage and proper flush functioning, the tank and the toilet fitting should be done properly.

2. The second one is moving a one-piece is much difficult when compared to two-piece because of the very heavyweight. But moving a two-piece toilet is easier because the toilet and tank could be moved separately.


Due to fewer fittings in one piece toilet, the maintenance is very less. In the two-piece toilet, the problem may arise in tank and toilet joint areas. Cleaning is comparably easy in one piece toilet because of the no joint and no gap design. But cleaning has to be taken care in two-piece toilet & tank joint areas.

Other Points:

(i) Glaze colour depends upon the toilet manufacturer, normally one-piece and two-piece toilets are available in white and ivory colour. If you are looking for double colour and different colours you have to look for china made toilets.

(ii) Both the toilets you can get seat cover as a soft close seat cover as well as a hard close seat cover.

(iii) Both the toilets can be available in ‘P’ Trap and ‘S’ Trap.


When comparing the difference between the one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet more points favours to the one-piece toilet. So if you are OK to spend a little more money then definitely go for one piece toilet.

If you have any doubt or having thought put it in the below comment area.

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  1. Can we buy two piece toilet without tank, so that we can connect the toilet directly with water supply pipe having a tap near the toilet ?

  2. Good analysis. In my case, the issue I have is I need ivory color toilet and the single piece Johnson omnisuite toilet don’t come in ivory color :( So I’m forced towards coupled closets.

  3. good information to clear all the doubts.
    A doubt from my side.
    There are several models in one piece type with different height in the tank. How the height of tank influence the effective in one piece models


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