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12 Types of Toilets – Different types of Toilet


Types of Toilets listed out below, We will cover all ten types of toilets available around the world. Like every other invention on this earth, toilets are also invented and modernized by humans. Human created different types of toilets according to his needs. The types used varied from place to place. Here we listed types of toilets according to the shape and function of the toilets. All type of toilets will have two holes, one for Inlet another one for outlet. Inlet will be connected to the water line to flush the water to the bowl. The drainage had connected with an outlet. The outlet will flush out the waste from the bowl to drainage.

Here is the List of Different types of toilets:

According to the user sitting position, we can classify toilets into two types:

  1. European or Western Waters closet, also known as WC/EWC (Toilet designed to sit).
  2. Squatting pan (Toilet is designed to squat).

Water Efficient Toilet:

I put this type of toilet in first to make sure every to chose this kind of toilets. This kind of toilets will help to save water every time we flush it. the design of the toilet bowl and the trap way help to flush the waste with less water. Nowadays we new design toilets which use only 2 liters/0.58 US gallons. This kind of toilet will have a greater impact on the future. This does not only save the future but imagine how much water you can save per day and per year. How much energy you need to pump this much water.

The water efficiency of the toilet is achieved by reducing the diameter of the drain size and also a curved design helps to create the vacuum when the water flows through it. It is an extensive section so read this article the water-efficient toilet


WC Health:

WC health is a unique design by guralvit, a turkey sanitaryware manufacturing company. The WC is designed by combining Water closet comfort and Squatting pan health benefit. This design won red dot design award-2012. The weight of this product is around 40 Kgs. The sitting height from ground is around 22CM to 25 CM. It is nearly half of the average height from the ground when compared to standard European water closet. Normal EWC sitting height will be around 50 CM to 56 CM from the ground. The antibacterial glaze is coated over the product.

types of toilets wc health
types of toilets wc health

This WC health is a type of water closet, but you have to squat in this toilet. And also this is a type of one-piece toilet.

European or Western Water Closet:

This WC or EWC are designed to sit in a toilet. This kind of toilets comes with seat & cover. When flushing Cover needs to be closed. A Western Style toilet will be attached with a flush tank for flushing after usage. Flush Tank maybe plastic or ceramic one. A small amount of water will be trapped in the toilet itself by a water seal, and usually, this water seal height will be 50MM. The normal water closet is open rim because the flushing tanks are high in position so that flushing will be effective. The height of European water closets is around 500 to 550 MM. The weight of WC will vary from 12 KG to 20 KG according to the design. All water closet must withstand a minimum of 400 Kgs without breaking.

normal water closet ewc wc
normal water closet ewc wc

Types of Water Closet Toilets:

The Standard Water closet can be classified according to the Trap design (Types of water closet):

  1. S Trap types of Water Closet (EWC).
  2. P Trap types of Water Closet (EWC).

Choosing between ‘S’ or ‘P’ trap water closet: Trap design is important when installing a toilet. Normally S tarp will be used in ground floor installations as piping can be done below ground level. Normally P trap will be installed in top floors because the installation of the pipeline under the toilet will be difficult. This water closet can be classified according to the Mounting system (Type of water closet):

  1. Floor mounts types of toilets.
  2. Wall Hung Types of toilets.

If the toilet can be installed on the floor, then it is known as floor mount water closet. Floor fixing hole is provided in this kind of floor mount toilets. Wall Hung toilets will be fixed in the wall by fixing the hole in the toilet. Normally floor mount toilet will come in both ‘P’ and ‘S’ Trap, but Wall mount model Toilet will come with ‘P’ Trap. Seat Cover used in water closet toilet can be classified into two types, one is hard to close, and another one is soft close. If the falling of seat cover is hard with sound, then the seat cover is known as a hard close seat cover. If the seat cover falls slow without any noise, then it is known as a soft close seat cover. Learn about all types of toilet seat covers here.

type of water closet wall hung toilet
type of water closet wall hung toilet

Another way to classify the water closet is the visibility of the trap way:

  1. Concealed trap way type of toilet.
  2. Visible Trap way types of toilets.

In the concealed type of toilets, the trap will not be visible; the design itself will cover it. The cost of concealed trap toilet will be higher cost than the visible Trapway toilet. According to the bowl design toilets can be classified around four types:

  1. Round bowl toilet.
  2. Square bowl toilet.
  3. Elongated Bowl toilet.
  4. Rectangular bowl toilet.

Two-piece Toilet:

Other types of toilets are two-piece toilets. Normal EWC toilet is extended to fit a ceramic tank in toilet itself. The name came from the design. Because a piece toilet bowl and a ceramic tank and it are coupled using bolts, so it is called as a two-piece toilet. Two-piece toilets are also called as a coupled closet because of design. The Weight of the Two-Piece toilet will be around 25Kgs to 45 Kgs, and it depends upon the design of the product. The coupled closet is designed in a closed rim method to pressurise the water during flushing. By this closed rim method, the required flushing is achieved.

two piece types of toilets
two-piece types of toilets

Same like the Normal water closet two-piece WC also will be available in ‘S’ & ‘P’ trap and also floor mount as well as a wall mount. The cost of a coupled closet or two-piece toilets is in between cost of normal water closet and cost of one piece toilet. Let us see more about Water closet click here:

One-piece toilet:

This type of toilets does not need a separate flush tank. The flush tank is attached with the body of EWC itself. The tank and body both are produced by ceramic material and fused together. So the problem of leakage is minimised. This toilet also called as a single piece toilet as bowl and tank is one product.

one piece types toilet
one piece of types of toilet

The one-piece toilet comes typically with only a floor mount type model. AS the weight of toilet will be more so normally single piece toilet will not be made in wall hung methods. The weight of the one-piece toilet will be around 38Kgs to 50Kgs. The one-piece toilet will be available in ‘S’ and ‘P’ Trap model. The one-piece toilet will be only designed as a closed rim only. The water pressure required to flush out the waste will be created by the closed rim model. The problem of leakage is very less in one piece toilet. Cost of one piece toilet will be higher than the two-piece toilet. Find 10 types of washbasins here.

Squatting Pan:

This is the classic type of toilet. Day by day this classic toilet is replaced by modern water closet which gives more comfort and also gives more health complaint. It is proven that squatting pan toilets are much healthier than European water closet. The squatting pan called in many names as Indian pan, Orissa pan and also Asian pan toilet. These squatting pans have several designs and varying design country to country. Squatting pan normally used in Asian countries. Indian, Chinese & Japanese squatting pan greatly differ in design. These types of toilets are comparatively cheaper than the water closet type toilets.

squatting type pan
squatting type pan

Squatting pan will not be directly connected to the drainage pipeline because the bad order will come in the toilets. So squatting pan will be connected to the drainpipe by using an ‘S’ trap or ‘P’ trap. This trap will avoid the escape of bad order from drain line by a water seal. Water seal of the squatting pan will be maintained by the trap. But in water closets, the design itself will maintain a water level to seal the bad order escape from the drain pipeline. Types of squatting Pan Toilets:

  1. Standard squatting pan.
  2. Sleek model squatting Pan.
  3. Squatting Pan without foot rest.
  4. Squatting pan separate foot rest.

Find more about Squatting Pan here,

Anglo- Indian Type Toilet

Anglo – Indian Type toilet is a combination of squatting pan Indian and western water closet style toilets. You can squat or sit in this toilet as you like. These types of toilets are brought when people get confused about the type of toilet they want to go with the squatting or western one. This toilet is also called as a combination toilet and universal toilet.

anglo indian type toilet
Anglo Indian type toilet

Anglo Indian pans are available in ‘S’ and ’P’ trap as well. This type of toilet only available in Floor mount model. This toilet also will come with a plastic seat cover. You need to attach a plastic tank or a concealed tank for this model of toilets for flushing.

Kid’s toilet:

Kids Toilet is a specially designed toilet for kids. The size of the toilet is smaller so it can be used for especially under the age of 12. Nowadays seat covers are coming such a way that even children can sit on normal Water closet.

small size squatting pan toilet for kids
small size squatting pan              toilet for kids
  • Squatting pan.
  • Water closet.

Elderly toilet:

These types of toilets are designed in such a way that older people can easily sit and rise. The pedestal height of the toilet is higher than the normal water closet. The height of the elderly toilet is around 70CM.

Smart Toilet – An Intelligent type of toilet:

These Toilets are the latest in this line. What is a smart toilet? A specially designed ceramic toilet is attached to the electronic seat cover. All functionally of the smart toilet were depended upon the seat cover.

smart toilet type
smart toilet type

It comes with a remote to set functions and parameters. Some of the features of this smart toilet are listed below,

  • Plays pre-set lyrics automatically when someone approaches.
  • Automatic seat cover opening sensors which sense human approaches near to the toilet. It can even disgust between men and women.
  • It can also be automatically open & close and UV cleaning facility.
  • You can set the temperature and pressure of the water and position of the water jet.
  • User functionality can be saved.
  • Inbuilt Warm air drier and temperature can be set as per user input.
  • Dual flush option, eco flush or full flush were available.

Squatty-Potty Toilet:

In general, it is not a type of toilet, merely a method of using the toilet. Health problem arises when using a European water closet so a ceramic stand will be kept where the leg is placed in a water closet. So the angle of sitting will be nearly equal to squatting. So the health problems are reduced.

squatty potty type toilet
squatty potty type toilet

Rim less Toilet:

Here comes the new model of toilet. This model allows to clean easily. Avoiding Corner in the rim area of toilet. It has been introduced in the wall hung water closet which is on oval or round shape. A small step will be given below the rim to make the flushing effectively. In future, we may expect this model in One piece toilet as well as other types of toilets. Many companies were trying to introduce this model now. We may expect this kind of model more in the market soon.

Tornado Toilet

This is also a new model of a water closet. The design will allow the toilet to flush and clean at the same time while flushing. The water will be circled in the water closet that helps to flush and clean the toilet easily. This types of flushing only possible in round shape toilets.


Even though only two types of toilets (Modern and classic) are there, it is further classified according to its functionality, Usability and designs. Now we have seen 10 Types of toilets and understand how these toilets are classified. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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    • This model not available in India presently I think so. but I have seen some people importing this WC to India. That is how i came to know this kind of toilet.

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    • Hi,

      The cost of this product is very high compared to all other models because of the complex design and also the design is patented that is why it is absent in indian market.i think soon it will come to india..

  20. WC’s in hospitals usually have the option of being able to use a water jet instead of the roll of paper.

    Here, in France, I recently saw an advert for this model of WC, but have lost it. Where can one buy this model please?

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    Thanks for the info.
    I would like to know if Indian toilets conform to any standards in terms for trap sizes, trap center distance from wall.
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    What is the way out in such situation?

    • Hello Hemant,

      What you mentioned is right. Products are made in different sizes due to various market requirement. the only way to avoid this problem by checking the cad diagram of the product and then buying it.

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