Top 10 Sanitary ware Manufacturers Brands in India


Find List of top 10 best sanitary ware manufacturers company brands in India.The sanitary ware manufacturing companies in India is booming during last 15 years due to the infrastructure developments. When I started working in sanitaryware manufacturing units the brands and companies producing sanitaryware are limited but now many Indian companies started and Some of the Multi-national brands like Kohler, TOTO, Roca are started manufacturing plants in India. Now there are more than 100 brands of sanitaryware products in Indian market. So there will be confusion about which brand to chose, which is better, which is Economical and raises many more queries. So We have listed top sanitaryware manufacturing company brands in the Indian market. After a year I am revisiting this post to update this article to be more relevant to this 2018 because some more companies started the sanitaryware manufacturing plants now in India. I made changes also in the order of the manufacturer to reflect the market views.

Even though there are multiple brands in the market, there are few factors we need consider for selecting a brand for sales or brand for use. Some of the points to consider are :

  • The number of designs available to satisfy every customer.
  • Price based on the market they targeting and quality they providing.
  • Providing a one-stop solution for bathrooms.
  • Provide essential diagrams, accessories for fixtures.
  • Good support for customer after the sales.

I need to say that all sanitaryware product made using the ceramic materials almost same, when I say almost means there may be problem arises when you buy from a is not about the strength , normally it related to leaking, not flushing properly, require more water to flush, because of design not comfortable to use, water stagnant in the washbasins, bad smell because of the design allowing the waste gas escape from the drain and many more. ok, Now we dive into the topic.

Here is the Sanitaryware Manufacturing company Brand List :

top 10 sanitary ware manufacturers brands in india
top 10 sanitary ware manufacturers brands in india

Kohler India

kohler sanitaryware manufacturers in india
kohler sanitaryware manufacturers in india

Kohler is a US-based brand having more than 50 manufacturing plant in the world. Kohler manufacturing unit is located in Jhagadia, Gujarat. The current production capacity of the plant is around 1.5 million piece per year and planning to increase the capacity to double in near future. Kohler only produces premium range products. History of Kohler goes way back to 1870s. Maintains a high standard of quality makes the company stand out in a crowd. Their Veil product is famous in intelligent toilet category. know the Kohler Veil Price in the market.

Kohler also produces faucets on their own, which very high in quality and very user-friendly & creative designs

Kohler India Sanitary ware manufacturing plant produces Bowls,Water efficient toilets, tanks, lavatories, pedestals and Urinals. Kohler isn’t producing any Indian pan type products. The target of Kohler brands if only on premium customers. because of the demand for Kohler product the company doubled their production in 5 years.

Pros: Very high quality and high precision. I think it is more than required for a sanitary ware product. but they produce high-quality products. Good customer support after sales. Cons: the price is comparatively high. A limited number of designs availability. you cant find Indian pan model.

Hindustan Sanitaryware Limited:

hsil best sanitary ware brands in india
hsil best sanitary ware brands in india


HSIL Ltd is the largest sanitaryware manufacturer in India.They have two manufacturing units, one is located in Bahadurgarh (Haryana) and another one in Bibi Nagar(Secunderabad). The manufacturing capacity of the two manufacturing units respectively 2000MT and 3800MT annually. Hindustan sanitaryware produces their product on the brand name of hardware.

HSIL started in 1960 with collaboration of Twyford UK Company by Somany Group. The hardware brand recognised as Super Brand. HSIL producing three brands they are Hindware, Hindware Art and Hindware Italian Collection. Hindware having all kind of bathroom solution including water heater, shower panel, tiles and etc. Products of HSIL are Intelligent Closets, Wash Basin, Water Closets, Cisterns, Urinals, Bidets and Kids Series.

the Hindustan name and the branding made this company grow very fast and stabilized in the market. Design available for all range of customer. Good customer support after sales.

Find more details about HSIL- Hindware Sanitaryware Manufacturer

Cera Sanitaryware Limited:

cera sanitaryware india
cera sanitaryware india


Cera Sanitaryware is one of the fastest growing sanitaryware brands in India.Cera sanitaryware company is started in the year of 1980. Same like Hindware Cera also providing full bathroom solution including healthcare products. Cera sanitaryware company manufacturing unit is located at Kadi, Gujarat. Annual production capacity of Kadi plant is 24,000 MTs. Cera won power Brand award in 2012 , a product of the year in 2012 and 2013 and also Trusted brand award in 2015. The product of Cera Sanitaryware is Washbasin, urinals, cisterns, seat covers and water closets. Let us see more details about Cera Sanitaryware


Jaguar is famous for their faucets, they enter into the sanitaryware business some years ago. They started trading the sanitarywares but after they have brought a sanitaryware plant and started production on their own to provide better products. Their manufacturing plant is located in Gujarat. They have dealers around India. They provide 10 years warranty for the ceramic products. Jaguar provides entire bathroom solutions. Jaquar also provides variety of bathtubs to their customer, find the bathtub price in India.

Parryware Roca India:

parryware roca top sanitary ware brands in india
parryware roca top sanitary ware brands in india


Parryware is one of the oldest sanitaryware manufacturing industry in India. In 1981 it was taken over by Murugappa Group Of Company. In 2007 Parryware entered collaboration with Roca of Spain and later in 2010 it was named as Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited. Parryware is a brand name of Roca bathroom products in India. Recently they have announced a trademark change also to their logo. Parryware have good distribution network all over the south and north India. Parryware Roca has three Manufacturing Units in Dewas, Ranipet, and Alwar across in India and these units having the capacity to produce around 3.5 Million pieces a Year. Parryware Roca is the first sanitaryware manufacturing in India to be award as a Superbrand of India. Parryware Roca Pvt. Ltd has produced a range of products such as seat covers, Bath Tubs, Closets, Basin, Coventina, Urinals, Partition, Traps, Lab Sink, Seat Covers and Electronic Flushing System.


toto sanitary ware manufacturers in india
toto sanitary ware manufacturers in india


In 1904 Nippon Taki Partnership founded.Later on some years 1970 the company named from Toyo Toki to Toto Kilki. In India manufacturing plant was opened on Aug 20, 2014 at Gujarat. TOTO also same like Kohler concentrates only on the high-end customer market. Tito recently launched a new model flush toilet called as a tornado flush toilet. The mechanism of the flushing is entirely different from the classing flushing mechanism. The cleaning & flushing functionality are better when compared to our classic model water closets. Toto won the award in the year of 1953 as IF product design award, and also it won the red dot design award in the year of 1955. Toto sanitary manufacturing a wide range of products such as Suite Collections, Toilets, Bidet, Lavatories, Bathtubs, Accessories, Universal Design, Washlets, and Showers. Their products are stylish and qualified.

RAK Ceramics India:

rak ceramics sanitary ware companies in india
rak ceramics sanitary ware companies in india


RAK is a Dubai based MNC company mainly focused on ceramic product manufacturing. RAK India is located in Kakinada – Andhra Pradesh, India. One of the prominent name in the sanitaryware industry. Every person who works in a sanitaryware field will know this brand name. RAK also provide full bathroom solution including tiles, faucets & healthware. RAK ceramics India produces Back to wall, bowls and counter, EWC and S trap, Extended Wall hung, Floor Mounted P and S trap, Pans & urinals, Regular basin and wall hung.

Duravit sanitaryware Pvt Ltd

duravit best sanitary ware in india
duravit best sanitary ware in india


Duravit-best-sanitary-ware-in-india[/caption] Duravit has nine manufacturing facilities around the world. Duravit India started plant erection & commissioning in April 2010 at Gujarat state. In 2013 the manufacturing company launched a complete bathroom series of Dura Style. Same as Kohler and Toto Duravit also targets high-end customers in the market. Duravit produces sinks, Console basins, toilets, urinals, bidets, bathtubs and shower trays.

Tessa Sanitaryware

Tessa sanitaryware is located in morbi. Produces All model sanitarywares with good quality. Also producing the product for other brand names.


eros sanitary ware india
eros sanitary ware india

Eros sanitary ware is a morbi based sanitaryware manufacturer. Most of the products are exported to other countries. The company started production in 2008. Eros sanitaryware produces Suites, Pedestal Wash Basin, Wall Hung Wash Basin, Platform Basin, Counter Basin, Closets & Urinals and Pans & Accessories. Find out the more about 100 sanitaryware manufacturing companies here. You can also Download sanitaryware catalogues.

Conclusion: Find a sanitaryware dealer near to you and choose the available brands, from that, chose a design which suits your needs. There is a lot of types of toilets , types of washbasin models to chose from. And one more point to note is that some companies don’t produce sanitaryware products just buy from other companies and put their logo and sell it. Those companies buy products from Gujarat. So to buy that product at a high cost you can buy Gujarat product directly. If you have any doubt let me know in below comment area, I will clear it as soon as possible. Want to start sanitaryware showroom business?


  1. How to select which brand to buy if you want the quality of ceramic coating

  2. Very good research for customers to save money & guidance for purchase of quality items

  3. Plz tell me that which is economical and Best in quality in sanitaryware

    • There are many sanitaryware brands that are economical and good quality, like hindware , parryware , Cera and RAK

  4. why HR &Johnson company brand is not here?? Too many sanitaryware brands in india..

  5. For affordable sanitary ware products from India, sunline ceramics. Sunline Ceramics is Manufacturer & Exporter of Sanitary Ware since 1996. Thanks.

  6. Does any one of these brand has agent in Nigeria?

    • if you are looking for large quantity you can get it.. but the cost will be higher including the transportation and handling..

  7. pop up waste manufacturer in China, with high quality and best competitive prices.
    Are there wholesellers interetested, pls contact us.
    Hongdeli Sanitarywares

  8. Not perfect…
    Which criteria taken to given this rankings?
    please provide rankings based on turnover, brand name, service, and number of designs providing in variants.

    • Hi, this ranking purely based of quality of products not depend on any other factor.. thanks.

  9. I’m working in the hsil as plumbing technician I want a job in this field

  10. Any job openings in the Industry you know sir. Looking for job openings in based in Hyderabad for AP & Telangana.

    • Hindware have plant in Hyderabad.. and normally they recruit through connects.. so please try through some person in industry..

  11. Hi Venkat. I am starring one new Sanitary ware show room. So i need your help

    • it is a indian company.. but not sure where is there manufacturing unit..And also not able to find the company official website..only a facebook page is found… May be a new company..

  12. please write to us.
    abhishek shukla from mira’s bath.

  13. i am construction house in Chennai,
    As per quotation contractor recommended for I.W.C. Parryware – sanitaryware,
    pls suggest- Juquar or RAK or Parryware

    • Johnson is a tile manufacturer. they dont manufacture the sanitaryware.. they market the sanitaryware product in their name.. But thier product quality also good.

  14. ROCA Parry ware is a ceramics and Plastics sanitary ware manufacturer. . they market the sanitary ware product in their name. cistern std seat cover … But their product quality also very good.

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    Nikhil Yadav

  17. Hi Mr. Venkit,

    I am working as a Purchase officer in UAE. i would like to know the leading brands of Sanitray wares and accessories in India and their Distributors / dealer

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  18. What about the Morbi brand Tessa Sanitaryware…saw some good models in Bangalore with competetive pricing.

    • Tessa also good company.. if you like then you can go with it..

  19. Sir i am looking for wall hung water closets for my home in Hyderabad which is the best non branded product.

    • Select the model you like.. brand comes next..

  20. Dear sir

    Can pls inform me any Opening in Tamilnadu at sanitaryware filed

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    • Contact this number for neycer sanitaryware .. +91-9940004479

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  23. Venkat sir iam frm chattisgarh started a wholesale bussiness frm last one year i hve been dealing in cpvc upvc and swr pipes and fittings sir now i want my bussiness to grow more pls help me and suggest any company of sanitary ware which has not yet launched in chattisgarh

    • If you are new to sanitaryware business then pls start with morbi brands and then go for big brands.. It is much easier and you can easliy understand the business and tricks. Then after some time you can chose for a good brand based on market intrest.

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    I am looking to start a business venture in Sanitary ware in Dubai. I would like to know about brands that do not have any presence in the UAE or Middle East.

    I am looking to acquire Sole Agency/ Distributorship rights for such brands. Could you list a few basic requiremts to attain such rights.

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Mr.Mukarram,

      Please decide what brand you want to sell. do you want to make a new brand as per your wish or you wan to go with the manufacturer brand. that is one key point if you decide to control one area..

  27. Recently i came across an Indian brand known as fauna for bathroom fitiings… Dealer was giving me a big discount on the items to be purchased by me and also he assured me of a guarantee of 10 years ( he quoted 20 years though) designs and aesthetics of the products were good. Can anyone guide me here? which brand should i go for if i do not want to spend much money on products like jaquar etc and simultaneously can expect durability as well

    • You can go with fauna if you like the design and aesthetics.. no need to worry nothing will happen.. Brand value makes price so much different other than that . no difference…

  28. Dear Mr. Mani,

    Great page, very informative, at the outset please accept my congratulations on this. I found it extremely interesting. I am based out of Kolkata, into Imports mainly from European principals. We are looking to import, sanitary ware accessories from Italy. Will really appreciate a few links to any Indian Manufacturers that you could provide.

    Best wishes,

  29. Dear Venkat,

    I have chosen Hindware WC for my new home. Now I am finding exactly similar models from a brand called Curo for only around 30% to 50% less expensive than Hindware. Can I believe this brand…? How can I trust quality. I found no website or manufacturer details but reputed sites like sells them. Confused.


    • Hi Asish,

      Ceramic sanitaryware quality normaly dont differe much from brand to brand the color and model makes the big differnce. So if you like the desgin then you can go head with it..

  30. Venkat ji, am from Karnataka..
    My 30 needed hospital construction is going on, at the end of December I need sanitary in much economical rate.
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    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. Go for Neycer or Hindware!!

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    I am looking to purchase a shower tray. I am located in Kotdwara,Uttarakhand. Can you suggest dealers nearby Uttarakhand from where I can purchase shpwer trays? I contacted Duravit in Dehradun, the price they provided was 50000 Rs to 80000Rs which is too high for a single shower tray.

  38. Sir,
    I am from kerala. I would like to start anew showroom in kerala including tiles faucets sanitarywares. I would like to get tiles directly from gujarat sanitary wares too. May i know the good brands. I would like to be there dealer in kerala too if the products are having good quality.

  39. SIR, Many seems to have mfg plant at gujarat , will i have considerable cost cut if i purchase at gujarat, can you say what will be difference in percentage ?

    • Ya. your cost will go down upto 40% if you buy directly from Gujarat.

  40. Hi Venkat, I am looking for CP fitting for my 3Bedroom apartment. Jaquar is costly…any other good brand but cheaper to choose. Thanks.

  41. sir,
    I am constructing house @ visakhapatnam. Please suggest good sanitary ware co.with reasons

  42. Hi all the above brands are very good but if you are looking for something stylish yet pocket friendly i would suggest Isenberg products. I have been using Isenberg faucets. They look good and are easy to maintain. Plus their after sales service is very good.

  43. sir, oldest brand company in india is NEYCER INDIA LTD, it’s quality is also very very good quality compare to other brand and it’ prices also reasonable, I don’t know why this company is not spreading it’s market allover in india, if this company spreads it will be no.1 company in india.

  44. I want to open showroom in burhanpur mp.
    Related to this segment.

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  45. Hello, I`m Korean and working in sales staff in Korea.
    We are south Korea company manufacturing a basin fauset, sink faucet, rain shower system etc. I have interest in expending our faucet export in India, but there is no relationship in India sanitary-ware distributors.
    May I ask you give a information?

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      Please call me or whats app me at +91-9500693318

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  47. Aqutop and sona brand whiteness is incomparable to all the rest of brands in the whole world !!!

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  50. Normally there are 3 bathroom toilets in a house and by using above mentioned company’s products, the sanitary ware products cost may come around 8000 to 12000 INR and we can supply the same quantity with good quality by the cost of 4500 INR only. We – SUNLINE CERAMICS are Manufacturer and Exporter of affordable Sanitary Ware products since 1996. By the way thanks Mr. Venkat for updating detailed information about giant companies.

  51. How about krovit ? Is this a good brand to start a sanitaryware showroom…?

  52. Hi sir. I am buying full sanitary items for flat.which brands I should go for ewc within a range of 10000. How is kajaria ? For other bathroom fittings which brand is best?

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  54. How is Elegante Casa Brand. My interior designer has recommended this luxury brand says it is very popular luxury in Delhi i am based in chennai never heard of this luxury brand. I wanted Kohler or TOTO. Whats your advice Mr Mani

  55. Sir we are planned to start a mixing cartridge manufacturing in chennai. How about the order opportunity from the given top list companies?

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  56. Venky sir I am starting sanitary ware and hard ware business in Hassan from Karnataka state. So that I want to get dealership. Plz help me which company is best to start a business.Because I am newly enterd in business field. I don’t have any idea plz plz help me sir

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    We are a small business at Kadapa (A.P) and we deal with Finolex pipes,Zoloto valves and etc. We are unable to find one good brand for Bathroom accessories as there are dealers for Parryware, hindware, cera. Could you please suggest us a brand that we can take up and compete with the above dealers.

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    For my home which brands are good and budgetery.
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  66. Hai I am doing pharmacy business for last 15 years I would like to start an exclusive sanitary ware showroom in my town attingal Trivandrum dist it a profitable business . Which brand would you suggest. Jaguar cera or hind ware look forward your valuable advice regards Asif ph no 09447584666 wattsapp same no

  67. I am also a plumbing technician in one of the leading company of India but I want to represent these company’s

    Tanveer Bhat from Kashmir

  68. Hi Venkat, Iam constructing my house, which is the best Brand for Bathroom fittings Grohe or Jaguar I can afford the cost. Please let me know your opinion.

  69. Sir, I want to buy sanitary ware for my new home which would be best and at economical price with good time period and good results.

  70. ‘Neza’ brand in samrudhi marketing are best quality in bathroom sanitary accessories.from indor. M.p. india.

  71. Dear Mr. Priyansh Yadav,
    We – SUNLINE CERAMICS are Manufacturer and Exporter of affordable Sanitary Ware products since 1996. For the products range, kindly visit our website . Thanks.

  72. hello Venkat sir i want to start new business for sanitary items can you please give me some suggestion which company products are good etc…

  73. Sir i want to know abt durability of the Anglo-Indian seat. One shopkeeper said it may break as we sit on the seat.

    And what about SOMANY company to buy a anglo-indian seat?

  74. Hi Akashsir,
    We – SUNLINE CERAMICS are Manufacturer and Exporter of affordable Sanitary Ware products since 1996. For the products range, kindly visit our website . Thanks.

  75. Hi Venkat,

    My father is running sanitary retail store but with some local brands, now I am planning to move with some good brands and premium products.

    Would these big brands will provide their products in small quantities so that I can test will they gonna sell from our store or not?

  76. Dear Kuldeepsir,
    We – SUNLINE CERAMICS are Manufacturer and Exporter of affordable Sanitary Ware products since 1996. We have complete range of those products which are very needful and in high demand in Guwahati – Assam. We can supply truck load to you. For the products range, kindly visit our website . Thanks.

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  78. Which is ideal/ general size we should consider while buying WC?

  79. I have an 20 yrs of an exprience in building materials .. My name is raju dhanwani and me and my son r planning for an distributer ship in ahmedabad…

    • I have passed your number to some of the sale department in sanitaryware industry.. you will get a call .. please follow through…

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    I’m going to build a house in Bangalore. Need good looking elegant sanitary ware. Please suggest me which brand I choose from

  81. What do you think of Seiko bath fittings? Where do they fall?

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  83. Dear Sir, i have started to build my house at Kerala, could you advice me which brands can use the following items not high cost but high quality.
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    2. bath room tiles & wall tiles.
    3. sanitryware
    4. pipe fittings (bath room & kitchen)
    5. switches. etc

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    Please let me know how about RAK brand, am looking for my new house which is under construction and contractor referred RAK brand, Any suggestion?

  85. Dear Shashank Dhiman,
    We – SUNLINE CERAMICS are Manufacturer and Exporter of affordable Sanitary Ware products since 1996. We manufacture Vitrosa Sets, Dolphin Sets, Closet, E.W.C., Pan, Urinals etc. For the detailed products range, kindly visit our website . Thank you.

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    Pl suggest good brand for 6 bathrooms and higher brand for 3 bath rooms with Bath tub

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    Please suggest me from below list , which one is the best one for my new house under construction in Kerala.
    1) RAK brand
    2) Hindware
    5) Cera


  89. Contact us for competitive quality procurement of any types of building wares I. e. Sanitaryware, faucets ware, moulds, green building technology with energy saving concept, elevators for skyscrapers or anything in engineering goods and technocrats services with proven ISO/CE certified solutions @ optimum cost

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    Thanks for your time in putting all this information. This is very useful.

    I have a query and will greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

    A group of my friends are doing couple of medium size real state development in UK and we are thinking of sourcing finishing products from India and shipping to UK to see if we can save cost on materials, as sourcing directly in UK is relatively expensive, or so we think at the moment.

    To start with we are planning to source material for say 50 bathroom units (including WC, Bathtub, Washbasins, Floor and Wall tiles, Shower units etc.) and ship them to UK. Quality needs to be good enough for UK market but not premium. Can you please suggest manufactures say in Gujarat or else where from where we can source all above mentioned good quality material (Brand them under our UK company) and ship them.

    At the moment we are completely clueless so any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  91. strange… why didn’t you include Jaguar, which is one of the best in quality?

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    Please contact me with your requirements on 7093900478

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    We are an international firm based in Iran with a subsidiary Company in Valencia,Spain.
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  95. Such a worst products of Parryware and very bad name of Parryware company

  96. We – SUNLINE CERAMICS are Manufacturer and Exporter of affordable Sanitary Ware products since 1996. For the products range, kindly visit our website . Thank you.

  97. Hi Mr Venkatmani, i am thinking of importing ceramic toilet seats , washbasins, seat covers to south america. Just saw on google Orient Ceramics , what do feel or know about this company , are they genuine reputed manufacturers or just buy and sell on their brand name . Or i just choose from hindware or cera as i am looking for economy range for my market. Please advise , thanks .


  99. Dear Sir/Madam

    We are an ABS Electroplating with ABS Plastic Molding Company .
    We have been working in sanatary abs electroplated products since 10 years.
    Our capacity per month is 5000 Pcs, we are able to provide you the highest quality.
    We are ready to invite you to travel to our city to pay a visit to our infrastructure.
    We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest convenience.

    Best regards,

    Jiten Patel
    Shine Industries
    Swastik Industrial Estate,
    Range Office,

  100. Hello there,

    Could you please share contact numbers of Gujarat based closet manufacturing companies?

  101. Dear Mr. Venkat Mani,

    Hello & trust all well. This is Rajesh Phulwani here, from Aditya Agro Net, Ahmedabad.

    Sir, would like to inform you that we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for a chemical, which is vastly used in ceramic industries, sanitary ware industries & kitchen ware industries.

    We have two units in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have obtained permission under Rule 9 of hazardous waste management rules 2016 form CPCB. We also do have all necessary permissions from Govt. of Gujarat for manufacturing the desired chemicals

    As far as quality is concern, presently we are working with some of the well known paper mills in India where we are supplying one of our chemicals in bulk quantiy with quality consistency and timely shipment.

    I request you to guide us in this issue that how should I approach some of the giant companies.

    Shall be highly obliged if you please help us in this matter

  102. please sent me your email we are searching good partnership in India to sell the electric smart toilet(bidet).

  103. Dear Sir,
    We intend to introduce in our retail business in Port Blair, A&N Islands, India, bathroom fittings, which are modern in looks, durable yet reasonably priced. Your valuable advice in the matter by mentioning the brand to look at.


  104. Hi Venkat. I’m building a small building on my mother’s property to house volunteers from abroad who come to teach in our free tuition classes in the slum areas of Goa. We now have 10 such schools and our plan is to improve the quality of education for needy children who cannot afford tuition class. I need all fittings from bathrooms to floor tiles. Approx built up on the two floors is 550 square meters. Kindly guide me what is the best value for money. My email

  105. I am constructing 3 houses in my family having 22 bathrooms & 3 kitchens.
    I need to buy quality sanitary ware

  106. Dear Mr Venka Tmani, Can you support me information to settup mold section in my factory? I a new employee in here but I love Potery, sanitary… I want to setup a moldshop make sure is good efficience and reduce work house. Thank you very much,
    Best Rgds,

  107. Hi
    I am eager to know about premium sanitary ware- which company offers value for money best quality models.

  108. Need to know about Tessa as recommendable or not. We are based in Hyderabad so will RAK brand be good for us? We are remodelling our flat but these flats are 20-22 years old construction. And syntex water tanks are separate for each flat. So kindly advise even which WC is better, floor mount or wall mount? And concealed cistern or not? Is maintaining concealed cistern a big thing?

  109. What do you think about Eauset Sanitary ware?

  110. Dear Mr Venkat Mani

    Sir its my pleasure to get your service as am planning sanitary ware dealership/distributorship/retail outlet in Madhya Pradesh place called (BHOPAL),suggest me as i belong to hotel indestry but have lack of knowledge in sanitary ware .i have 6000sq area of three Floor & 2000sq basement for gadown .My name is JOGESH Rai sachdeva and my ph no is -9826092317

  111. I am buying Tessa single closet commode ….will it be a good buy compared to other brands

  112. I am interested in durovit dealership in begusarai.

  113. Hi,
    We are specializing in manufacturing kitchen handmade sink and its accessories.
    Please contact us freely as a good friend if you are interested in our products.

    Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards

  114. I have construction a new building which products of sanitary can we use in the building which one top.class products

  115. Hi! Venkatmani ji ! planning to by sanitaryware for around 100 set for hotel bathroom and public toilet for upcoming project at jamnagar. can you please suggest gooD brand for PROJECT

  116. Please clear my confusion ….to go with which brand cera haqueor or korovit

  117. I want to know the details of medium size company name and address located at Morbi. the

  118. can you write me for your help in sanitary line.


  119. Iam interested to enter into Bathroom fittings, Sanitary ware business in Vijayawada City (AndhraPradesh), I have approx. 900 Sqft Showroom at the heart of the city, however i need guidance/ proper understanding about the business before entering. Mainly i want to know, how to contact the best dealer/ manufacturer of the selected brand? If there are companies who are Interested to give Distributorship or Dealership in Capital city of Andhrapradesh Then Give My Number 9885676609. Kindly Please Help me Out

  120. Very much informative article but still confused please help me to choose the best brand for my home which is under construction

  121. Sir I want distribution ship of any company which is bust and how I because distributor of Jammu and Kashmir

  122. I am in Chandigarh. For 9 bathrooms need sanitary fittings. Please advise.

  123. I have construction a new building which products of sanitary can we use in the building which one top.class products

  124. Hi Venkatamani,

    Could you please suggest betweeen TESSA and SONCERA, which is better brand for toilet seats/washbasin ?



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