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20 Types of Bathtubs – Different Best Bathtub Types Available on Market


If you plan to buy a bathtub for you, then it is good to know all types of bathtubs available on the market. Because you won’t be buying a bathtub every day. A bathtub can stay with you up to 20 years.

It would be wise to consider all the options in the bathtub before choosing a best bathtub for you.
in the market, you can find a verity of options for you to chose from different bathtubs. You can find the different shape, different sizes, different features different materials and etc.. Bathtubs also have more then 15 types in the market just like 12 types of toilets.
By knowing all the option available, it is easy for you to chose a right one for your need.

Below are the Types of bathtubs:
1. Romantic bathtub: A romantic bathtub for two.
2. Smart bathtub: A Bathtub that can do everything as you wish:
3. Dropin bathtub: A bathtub that need to four side support by construction.
4. Free Standing bathtub: A bathtub does not reqiured any support for strenght:
5. Walk in bathtub: A bathtub with a door for safe and ease use:
6. Corner Bathtub: A bathtub that can save space and fit on your bathroom:
7. Cast Iron or Steel: A strong and everlasting bathtub:
8. Acrylic: A bathtub that keeps the warm long time:
9. Wood Bathtub: A bathtub that made of wood:
10. Inflatable bathtub: A portable bathtub to enjoy outdoor or indoor:
11. Whirpool Bathtub: A bathtub that will massage your body and relaax you:
12. Transparent bathtub: A bathtub best for a private bathroom:
13. Bathtub for two: A bathtub having a partition to share it.
14. Clawfoot bathtub: A Claw will Support the strong Bathtub:


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