Smart Toilets – 10 Best Features of Smart Toilets – Reasons to Buy it Now


Smart toilets are the luxurious choice for life. We have brought technology to every place in our lives and the time came for the toilets. Isn’t it fascinating to have a toilet that cleans and sanitises itself, glow in the darkness, plays music to enhance privacy and above all washes and dry’s you? This is how far technology has gone, it is not all about automation but bringing in the aspect of artificial intelligence in your washrooms. For a long time, toilets have been neglected when it came to innovation; bidet alone was the only invention that came close to smart toilets. A formal definition of intelligent toilets describes them as toilets that open up as one approach and flushes when one leaves. These toilets do more than open and flush; they can change the seat temperature and play music.

If you are looking into upgrading your toilet, entice the “call-of-nature” experience then smart toilets might be your choice. With their unique features, smart toilets make the best toilet-ware ever invented. To help you understand the capabilities of smart toilets. The new smart toilets have features that we never imagined to have in toilets. Let’s explore the option that an intelligent toilet can bring to your bathroom.

1. Remote:

The first excellent feature in the smart toilet is that every Smart toilet comes with a remote. This remote helps to use every feature that the intelligent toilet can offer.

kohler numi smart toilets remote
kohler numi smart toilets remote

The above image shows the remote of Kohler Numi smart toilet. As you can see from the picture, the remote helps to use the features in the smart toilet. Some models provided with remote in the touch screen and some models supplied with the remote in a hard button that is attached with that toilet itself. Some models come with a controller that can be connected to the wall near to the toilet. The remote will helps to adjust every option of the smart toilet. For instance, you can increase or decrease the temperature of water or pressure of water. These settings can be stored in a user profile so that every time you can use the same temperature and pressure.

2. Music:

It is an exciting feature in the smart toilet. The intelligent toilet comes with preloaded music to play. The smart toilet can start playing music automatically when you enter into the bathroom or using the remote you can start the music any time and also you can change the tune using the remote.

3. In Build Led Bulbs:

When you enter the bathroom, the led bulbs will automatically switch on. This feature activated based on the ambient light. If it is dark, the LED light will be activated automatically. The LED light can be activated using the remote or the controller.

smart toilets inbuilt led lights
smart toilets inbuilt led lights

4. Automatic Cover and Seat opening & Closing:

The smart toilet can detect when you approach the toilet, and it will automatically open the toilet seat and cover for your need. As same as other options, you can use the remote to control this function also.

automatic cover
automatic cover

After using the toilet, you don’t have to close the seat or cover because the smart toilet will do that job for you. Some people always forget to close the toilet seat cover, but the situation will be handled by the intelligent toilet now. You can be worry-free.

5. Automatic Flushing :

Once you have used the toilet, it will automatically flush the toilet. Not only it can flush automatically, but it can flush the toilet full or eco flush based on the time in the toilet.

automatic flush using smart toilet remote
automatic flush using smart toilet remote

6. Heated Seat:

The toilet seat will be heated to make you feel comfortable and warm. The temperature can be controlled or set using the remote. The people in the cold location can enjoy this feature.

heated seat in intelligent toilet
heated seat in intelligent toilet

7. Temperature, pressure and position of cleaning water:

You have the option to set up the cleaning water temperature, pressure and the position. The temperature and pressure can be increased or decreased based on you r need by using the remote controllers in the smart toilet.

water pressure temperature control in smart toilet using remote
water pressure temperature control in smart toilet using remote

It is easy to adjust the setting like water temperature, the pressure and the position using the remote. These settings can be saved in a particular user profile so that every time the same configuration can be retrieved to use it without setting again.

8. Warm air Blower & Dryer:

There is warm air blower in the toilet bowl and the foot area of the toilet. After cleaning the warm air blower in the bowl helps to keep the bowl dry. The warm air blower in the foot area starts automatically when we sit on the toilet. The temperature of the heated air blower can be the controller and also it can be switched off or on using the remote.

heated air blowing from the smart toilet
heated air blowing from the smart toilet

9. Self-Cleaning :

The smart toilet can self-clean itself. The Toilet will flush automatically every time after use. Moreover, Every 24 hours once or at the pre-determined time the toilet will use ultraviolet rays to clean the toilet. The Ultraviolet rays will disintegrate anything inside the bowl area and then flush it to clean it.
The nozzle used for the cleaning is also cleaned with water after every time used and also the ultraviolet rays will clean the nozzle.
Once cleaned by the ultraviolet rays then water will be flushed to clean and the warm air blowers will dryer the bowl area. The above process ensures the complete cleaning of the smart toilet. After everything, the toilet deodorised automatically to make sure it is fresh as new. There is a manual cleaning option also available in the intelligent toilet.

10. Water Saving

Smart toilets are the type of water efficient toilets. This smart toilets use less water compared to the other standard toilets and also have options for full flush and eco flush. With the dual flush option and the less water to flush the toilet, these toilets are water saving toilets. Some of the smart toilets use siphonic and as well as vacuum to enhance the flushing and reduce the water usage.

Some other Mentionable factors About the Smart Toilets:

1. Healthy Benefits
Smart toilets have features such as massage and disease scan which offer health-related services. Massage enhances blood circulation in the body and prevents contraction of other diseases in the body while disease scan helps in disease control. In future smart toilets might be offering consultation to commonly contracted diseases through the introduction of Machine learning a field of Artificial intelligence.

2. Comfortable
You cannot compare smart toilets with ordinary toilets when it comes to comfort. A toilet that flushes as well as plays music; toilet seat heats up, massage, etc. offer the best comfort to be ever found in a toilet.

3.Cost Effective
Lots of water and toilet papers are needed for oneself cleanliness in the toilet. Smart toilets have eliminated the need to have toilet papers due to the automatic flushing, washing and drying mechanisms. Also overflows and leakages in regards to water will be
minimized significantly. It might be expensive to purchase and set-up the intelligent toilet, but the amount of cost that one will save is very significant.

4. Hygienic
This was the primary factor that drove the development of smart toilets. Traditional toilets would accumulate germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms on the flashing handle and toilet seats. Intelligent toilets have automated flushing system, self-cleaning mechanisms which prevent co-existence of bacteria and viruses.

History of smart toilets

Smart toilets were not invented just the other day, the idea to have an automated toilet stated way back in 1964 when a USA based company developed their first smart toilets which had drying and flushing capabilities. In the year 1960’s a Japanese found discovered the idea of intelligent toilets and had been adding features to the toilets till to-date. The company revolutionised the smart toilets production adding features such as warmed seats, air dry, sterilisation and funny enough disease scan. Intelligent toilets invaded the market a few years ago, despite their slow adoption due to the cost of purchase and cost of installation and maintenance; they have been widely accepted by many. Smart toilets are now applicable in almost all luxurious homesteads around the globe. The future of intelligent toilets cannot be predicted since companies are bringing in cutting edge technology in the sanitary industry like never before.

History of smart toilets

Smart toilets in the market:

Companies producing smart toilets Smart toilets are widely adopted across the world; this has seen many companies around the globe have now focused on manufacturing intelligent toilets. Despite the technological complexity of smart toilets, the companies have managed to manufacture these toilets in large scale. These companies include:

i. Kohler Company
An American based company in Kohler, which is well known for the manufacturing of plumbing, furniture, sanitarywares and generators. Kohler is among the leading company in the manufacture of smart toilets. The company has developed an intelligent toilet that has the following features: self-cleaning functionality, warmth and lighting functionality, night light for guidance during the night, heated seat, warm air dryer, deodorising sit, personalisation using a touch screen and most importantly hands-free feature.

ii. DXV Company
DXV is an American company whose concern is the development of luxurious sanitary ware. This company manufactures two smart toilets which are currently available on the market. The smart toilets are named: AT100 Electronic Bidet Smart Toilet Seat and AT200 Integrated Electronic Bidet Smart Toilet which cost $995.00 and $4,200.00 respectively.

iii. TOTO

This is the leading company in the manufacture of smart toilets. Over the years TOTO has mainly invested in the manufacturing of cutting-edge sanitary ware. TOTO is a Japan-based company popularly known for its crazy innovations. Imagine a toilet cleaning you after use? TOTO has a slogan that says “Clean what’s left behind” for their “Washlet” product which performs the cleaning. These features are remotely controlled and embed in the intelligent toilet.

Smart toilets price ranges

Just like any other product, pricing depends mainly on the features. Smart toilets which are currently available on the market have different functions. Some have a cleaning hand, Bluetooth, Infection scanning capabilities, play music, massaging seat, etc. Smart toilets are priced differently depending on their complexity. For instance, Toto Actilite series with Washlet range from £10,000 to £12,500 which is somewhat a reasonable price considering the features of the smart toilet. Other smart toilets are within the scope of £7,000 to £8,500. You should be aware of fake smart toilets which are emerging in the market; they can go as low as £100, their durability is in question forgetting their features too. These fake smart toilets bring the functionality to the toilet using just the cover only. If the cover we remove the seat cover from the toilet then it is only a water closet . So be careful when choosing the brand for your self.


In this Article, we have seen the features of the Smart toilets that are available in the market and the price of the smart toilets. The smart toilet adoption rate is low because of the cost. The smart toilet is types of toilet, and you learn the types of toilets around the world.


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