Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Price List-Latest Taps, Wall Mixer, Basin Tap Price

Here we will see the Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Price List. We will see Taps price list, Wash Basin Mixer, Kitchen Taps, Bidet Taps and Bath & Shower Taps price with the Model picture. Jaquar is one of the best bathroom fittings company in India. The market presence is well known and the quality level of the products are high.

The sanitaryware manufacturing Unit of jaquar is located in Gujarat. The jaquar has all the products related to bathrooms. The products are faucets, Showers, Sanitaryware, Flushing Systems, Water Heaters, Whirlpool, bathtubs, Spas, Steam Solutions, Shower panels, Shower enclosers and Bath accessories.

Jaquar Taps/ Mixers collection of 22 suits. These models and functionalities of the taps cover the entire requirement of customers

Jaquar Taps Price List

The Jaquar tap Price starts from MRP of 500RS. Multiple models available on the Tap product range. Check out the below table to understand the Maximum retail price of Jaquar Taps.

[table id=117 /]

Jaquar Single Lever Basin Price List

In this below table, We are going to see about the price List of Jaquar Single Lever Basin.  It varies depends upon the size, height and with popup waste, without popup waste. The wide angle of lever is easy to use for comfort and smooth operation.

And it is made up of brass instead of plastic, this is because to avoid breakage. The price range starts from 5,100 to  7,000.  It had many variwties such as single lever Tallboy, single lever wall mounted basin mixer, single lever wall mixer for hand shower, single lever diverter, single lever shower mixer, bathtub spout, bathtub spout button attachment, Pillar Cock, Pillar Cock Extension Body, Bib Tap, two way bib tap and angular stop valve. Kubix Prime is available in nine different color: antique bronze, antique copper, black chrome, black matt, gold dust, full gold, graphite, stainless steel and white matt.

[table id=114 /]

Jaquar Single Lever Bath & Shower Price List:

In this table, we can see the price list of jaquar bath and shower and its varieties. The price range is from 1000 to 8000. This type is mostly in wall flanges. In this table we can see many types of bath & shower pipes, connecting legs &wall flange, Wall Mixer with Provision of Hand Shower, Wall Mixer with Provision of Overhead Shower.The various categories that are covered are basin mixers with & without Pop-Up Waste.

[table id=115 /]

Jaquar Single Lever Bidet Price List

Now we can see the price list of Jaquar price list of Bidet.  There is only one type is available in this category. Single Lever 1 Hole Bidet Mixer and it is varies to types by its measurements.The price is from 4,000 to 6,200.
[table id=116 /]

Jaquar Kitchen Taps Price List

In this table we can see many varieties of Taps which will be use in Kitchens. The type of these taps is Single Lever Mixer but varies with size of the Hoses. Due to this the price also get varies and it is from 3,250 INR to 4,000 INR.The models of the taps are very innovative ans stylish.[table id=108 /] This is one of the type in the Jaquar Basins called “Jaquar Quarter Turn Basin” It had many varieties by its name itself, Pillar Cock, Two Concealed Stop Cocks with Basin Spout Exposed Part Kit of Single Concealed Stop Cock Consisting of Operating Lever, Cartridge Sleeve, Wall Flange, Central Hole Basin Mixer without Popup Waste System3-Hole Basin Mixer without Popup Waste System Pillar Cock Long Neck, Swan Neck Tap with Left Hand Operating Knob, Swan Neck Tap with Right Hand Operating Knob. The price range is from 1,150 INR to 3,800 depends on the width and height of the taps.

Jaquar Quarter Turn Taps Price List

Here is another Type of Taps called “Jaquar Quarter Turn Taps ” It had many varieties by its name itself, Bib Cock, 2 way Bib Cock Angular Stop Cock, Stop Cock with Flush Cock . The price range is from 500 INR to 1,900 INR depends on the width and height of the taps.[table id=113 /]

Jaquar Quarter Turn Bath & Shower Taps Price List

Jaquar has unique varieties of quarter turn bath & shower taps which suits all kind of bathrooms which makes the entire days as a memorable one. Price range varies from 2,450 INR to 12,500 INR. Price differs thrugh out the models according to the facilities available with the product.

[table id=110 /]

Jaquar Quarter Turn Kitchen Mixer Tap Price List

Kitchens get a wonderfull look with this elite product from jaquar called “jaquar quarter turn kitchen mixer tap”. This product comes in two models namely Wall Mounted Model and Table Mounted Model. Price range starts from 1175 INR to 3950 INR.
[table id=112 /]

Jaquar Quarter Turn Bidet Price List

Jaquar’s Quarter Turn Bidet has 1 hole bidet mixer with long braided hose. Price range starts from 4100 INR to 3650 INR.

[table id=111 /]

Jaquar Full Turn Basin Mixer Price List

Full turn basin mixer from jaquar has 4 types namely central hole basin mixer, pillar cock , pillar cock long neck and swan neck tap with left hand knob. Price range starts from 775 INR to 3,325 INR.
[table id=103 /]

Jaquar Full Turn Bath & Shower Price List

Jaquar has its own full trun bath & shower products to make the bathroom with an elite environment . Full turn bath & shower is available with wide variety as with & without telephone shower arrangement, bath tub mixer and with provision for over head & hand shower. Price range starts from 2,350 INR to 3,950 INR.Jaquar Full Turn Bath & Shower Price List[table id=104 /]

Jaquar Full Turn Kitchen Taps Price List

Jaquar full trun kitchen taps are available in wall mounted model and table mounted models. Sink cock with swinging spout  adds extra attraction to the sinks. Price range starts from 1,325 INR to 3,100 INR.
[table id=106 /]

Jaquar Full Turn Taps Price List

Jaquar also has fine varieties of full turn taps. Varieties of full turn taps are bib cock, long body bib cock, 2way bib cock, bib cock with nozzle, angular stop cock with / without wall flange, concealed stop cock and flush cock. price range starts from 375 INR to 1,825 INR.
[table id=107 /]

Jaquar Full Turn Bidet Price List

Jaquar’s full turn bidet comes as 1 hole bidet mixer with popup wasre system and long braided hose comes with 3,200 INR as price.
[table id=105 /]

The latest Price Of Jaquar Bathroom Fittings

The Price mentioned here is the reference from the Jaquar Price list catalogue. To get the latest price you can follow the Proceduer.1. Visit the Offical Jaquar Website. 2. Sign in to the Website. 3. Go the product section and choose the product you need. And open the product page, there you can find the updated maxium retail price. 4. Or you can visit the cataoulge page and download the jaquar consumer guide to check out all the product maximum retail price. Check out the top faucet brand india and the bathtub price in India.

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