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Kitchen Sink Price List – Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Price List


If you planning to buy Kitchen sink and you wondering what will be the price of kitchen sink, then this article got covered you. We have compiled price of multiple kitchen sink manufacturers In India, In this article, we are going to see prices of famous indian brands like CERA, Hindware, Johnson, Parryware, Kaff, Anupam & Futura. In India, we can get all types of Kitchen Sinks within the Budget range. The price of the kitchen sink varies based on the brand, types of material used and the size.

Here is the price list of Kitchen sinks:

CERA Kitchen Sink Price List

CERA provides 10 years warranty against any manufacturing defect for residential installation & 5 years warranty against any manufacturing defect for commercial installation to their 304 grade stainless steel sinks and 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defect for residential installation & 6 months warranty against any manufacturing defect for commercial installation to their 202 grade stainless steel sinks.CERA Kitchen Sink Price range starts from INR 5,500 to INR 37,000.

In Cera kitchen Sinks, they are making varieties of kitchen sinks with different shapes and corners to satisfy customer needs. And also,

Coming to price of the kitchen sinks of CERA, the amount is very low when compared to other companies products.

The reason for these low price is to satisfy the middle class people needs of the kitchen usage.

  • 1.Single Bowl Sink

This type of Sink is made up of 304 grade stainless steel and the Size is 24″ x 18″ and the Bowl Size is 21″ x 14″. The installation is required for this type is Over-mount. And coming to Depth of the Bowl is 210mm so that you can wash lots of utensils in short time.

  • 2.Double Bowl Sink

Double bowl sink with drain board made for corner compatibility which suits any type of kitchen. Quick water drainer with waste bin option is also available.Available in both Over-mount and Undermount installation options.

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Hindware Kitchen Sink Price List

Hindware has two types of sinks which suits any type of kitchen namely Handmade Square Sinks and Pressed Sinks. Hindware sinks are available with curved edges to prevent sticking of food waste and good flow of water.These sinks does not get dents which usually appears in other sinks due to handling of heavy utensils.

The Hindware Kitchen Sinks are available in two shapes Rectangle and Square and varies from the sizes. Among these you can choose one will convenient for your Kitchen. All types of Sinks had same curve radius 10. It had dual sound absorption that no other companies that will not had.

Hindware Kitchen Sink price range is starts from INR 14,500 to INR 40,000. This prices is slightly higher that the CERA Products but the quality is good.

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Parryware Kitchen Sink Price List

Parryware is one of the largest industry in sanitaryware. Though it has many sections. Now we are going to see about Kitchen Sinks and the varieties of Sinks. Parryware Sinks are only in the shape of rectangle and varies from the size of the Sink. The material used to make only is Stainless Steel. So easy to clean the dirts. Parryware has produced many types of Kitchen Sinks.

  • Double Bowl Sink with Drain Board
  • Single Bowl Sink with Drainboard
  • Single Bowl without Drain Board
  • Double Bowl without Drain Board

and also, one special type is

  • Single Bowl with chopping board and colander with Drainer.

And the curve edge of the Sink is also vary in the models.

Parryware Kitchen Sink range starts from INR 6,500 to INR18,000 and this is much cheaper than the Hindware Products.

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Kaff Kitchen Sink Price List

KAFF is a pioneer company in the field which provides revolutionary solutions by blending innovation, design, style and versatility. KAFF offers the widest and comprehensive range of the latest kitchen appliances to build the very latest, health promoting kitchens of today. KAFF kitchen sink are designed in order to  promote health in the kitchen – and  safety in your life. KAFF kitchen sinks are always hygienic and shining – by keeping smoke, dirt and grime away and also they can be cleaned without any hassle.  Kaff’s widest range of kitchen sink that helps for a noise free, mess free clean and classy kitchen.

1) Single Bowl Sink 2) Single Bowl Sink with Drain Board 3) Double Bowl Sink 4) Double Bowl Sink with Drain Board

When coming to the price section, Kaff Kitchen Sink price range starts from INR 5,490 INR to 42,000 INR.

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Anupam Kitchen Sink Price List

Anupam is one of the India’s leading manufacturers kitchen sinks made from high quality steel. Anupam also offers a vast variety if kitchen sinks that express the modern  and innovative lifestyle. The kitchen sinks of this company has chopping board in some varieties, which will be helpful for neat, hygienic chopping which is useful for cooking. Due to specially designed surface it will be easy to clean. There is no need to use scrubbers and detergents to clean.Some of the models is coming with drain pipe to prevent clog prevention and easy to clean.And also in some of the models the inbuilt garbage can be used to maintain hygienic kitchen. And this garbage bin can be removed and put back.On “ANUPAM drain boards” in many designs and sizes that fulfills requirements of the most demanding customer. On select models , this bowl can be used for washing vegetables, fruits , rice, dals , etc. Specially designed strainer helps drain out water after rinsing .

Below is the different kind of sinks from anupam.

1) Single Bowl Sink 2) Single Bowl Sink with Drain Board 3) Double Bowl Sink 4) Double Bowl Sink with Drain Board 5) Three Bowl Sink 6) Corner Sink 7) Roundbowl Sink 8) Undermount Sink

Anupam Kitchen Sink price range starts from 2,590 INR – 81,000 INR.

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Futura Kitchen Sink Price List

This company also provides the Sinks with draining board to satisfy the customer needs. Futura manufactures a variety of stainless steel sinks without comprimising any of the customer needs. Futura kitchen sinks are made up of 1.2MM thick stainless steel. The shape of the Sinks which is available from Futura is Square as well as Rectangular shape.

There are many types of Kitchen Sinks releasing by this Futura company.
1) Designer Sink Series 2) Intelligent Sink Series 3) Handcarved Series 4) Undermount Series 5) Glass Sinks 6) Natural FS Quartz Series 7) Single Bowl Series 8) Double Bowl Series 9) Double Bowl with Drainboard 10) Single Bowl with Drainboard

These types are varies depend upon the sizes, materials. Futura Kitchen Sink price range is starting from just INR 3,250 to INR 56,000. So it can definitely affordable for middle class famiy peoples.

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The Price mentioned here is the reference from the  Price list catalogue of the respective brands.To get the latest price you can refer the respective brand’s website.or contact your nearest dealer to get the price with discount.



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