Parryware Price List – 2018 Latest Wash basin, Commode, Indian Toilet Price


Parryware Sanitaryware is one of the well know and long-standing brand in the sanitaryware industry. Initially, parryware is a company of Murugappa groups. After the Parryware brand is brought by Roca Group. A multinational company that is specialized in bathroom products.

Parryware has 4 sanitaryware manufacturing plant in India. Two manufacturing plant is located in Tamil Nadu and Third one is in Madhya Pradesh and the fourth one is in Rajasthan. From the four plants, the company delivers multiple designs in all category of bathroom products. Their product variation can fill the variety of requirement in the market.

Now we can see the Parryware Sanitaryware Price List:


Parryware Commode Price List

Parryware Commode price starts at 11,800 and goes up to 23,000. The price of one piece toilet also includes Soft close seat cover and fittings. If are looking for a symphonic model are then go for Qube, Qube plus, Sofia, Cresent, Stanza, Venus, Entice, Flair and Prince. The symphonic models flush the toilet better than other models. And all the toilets comes with dual flush fittings. A full flush is 6 liters and half flush is 4.5 liters.

Parryware Commode Price List
Sl.noParryware CommodePrice(MRP*)
parryware qube one piece toilet priceQube One Piece Commode 720 X 358 X 71023000
parryware qube plus one piece toilet priceQube Plus 710 X 370 X 76019950
parryware verve one piece toilet priceVerve 355 X 665 X 70516575
parryware qube x one piece toilet price listQube X 650 X 360 X 72515500
Parryware sofia one piece toilet priceSofia 737 X 383 67215200
Parryware crescent one piece toilet priceCrescent 690 X 350X 74014600
Parryware stanza one piece toilet priceStanza 685 X 370 X 73514400
Parryware venus single piece suite priceVenus 670 X 380 X 79014200
Parryware grace one piece toilet priceGrace 660 X 355 X 70013300
Parryware entice one piece toilet priceEntice13300
Parryware flair single piece suite priceFlair 695 X 355 X 70013000
Parryware prince single piece suite pricePrince 695 X 355 X 64012600
Parryware opula one piece toilet priceOpula 645 X 365 X 70512600
Parryware zest single piece suite priceZest 645 X 365 X 702
Parryware regal single piece suite priceRegal 645 X 365 X 70212300
Parryware monarch one piece suite priceMonarch 680X 400 X 73011800

Select a commode Suitable for your need.

Parryware Western Toilet Price List

The catalogue of parryware sanitaryware contains 23 Products contains in the Wall hung and wall hung with cistern section. Wall hung with cistern is know as extended wall hung toilets. All the toilets in this section come with Soft close seat cover and also fittings. Some of the Models like Aura Rimless, Verve Rimless, Qube Rimless, Verve and Domino Pro comes with Urrea formaldehyde seat cover(UF seat covers). The Uf seat cover has more durability and life compared to normal PP seat covers. Many of the models in this section come with color options. The price mentioned here is for white color only. For different colour category products, the price will change and the lowest price product is white in colour.

The Price of the Extended wall hung toilets Comes between 9,420 to 16,100. And the Wall hung toilets price stays between 4,700 to 15,500. For walvit pans, you must order separately the Bolt Sixing and The Chair brackets.

Parryware Western Toilet Price List
DesignParryware Western ToiletPrice(MRP*)
Parryware verve wall hung cistern toilet priceVerve16100
Parryware cardiff wall hung with cistern toilet priceCardiff15300
Parryware cascade nxt wall hung cistern toilet priceCascade NXT14440
Parryware flair wall hung cistern toilet priceFlair11330
Parryware indus wall hung cistern toilet priceIndus9420
Parryware qube x hi jet wall hung toilet priceQube X Hi-jet15500
Parryware aura rimless closet with soft close with uf seat cover priceAura Rimless14500
Parryware verve rimless closet with soft close with uf seat cover priceVerve Rimless14000
Parryware qube rimless closet with soft close uf slim seat cover priceQube rimless14000
Parryware verve wall hung toilet priceVerve13000
Parryware domino pro wall hung toilet priceDomino Pro12500
Parryware viva with soft close seat cover priceViva12000
Parryware cardiff wall hung toilet priceCardiff
Venus Rimless
Parryware zest wall hung toilet priceZest9450
Parryware havana n wall hung toilet priceHavana N7900
Parryware cascade nxt wall hung toilet priceCascade NXT7450
Parryware flair wall hung toilet priceFlair6590
Parryware camel with soft close seat cover toilet priceCamel5700
Parryware indus wall hung toilet priceIndus5700
Parryware kalahari wall hung toilet priceKalahari5420
Parryware cute with soft close seat cover priceCute4700
Parryware qube x back to wall floor mounted priceQube X -Back to wall Floor Mounted7900

Qube – X is a Back to wall floor mount toilet. this topilet comes only in white color and you get this toilet with softclose seat cover.

Parryware Toilet Seat Price List

This toilet contains the Parryware toilet seat price or Coupled closet price. The coupled closet is a floor standing toilet included with ceramic tank. These products look great and the life of the cistern is for more better compared to plastic cisterns. This section contains 13 product and the famous product is Cascade. Cascade model Is very popular and first design in India when it is designed. It comes in two varieties, one is Cascade NXT is Concealed trap way and another one is Cascade classic with open trap way. The topic of one piece toilet vs two piece toilet also great to know before you deiced to buy.

The price of Parryware Toilet seat range from 9,780 goes up to 22,500 for white colour products. And the price includes the Soft close seat cover, ceramic cistern and fittings. All the cistern comes with Dual flushing fitting to save water.

Parryware Toilet Seat Price List
Parryware Toilet SeatPrice(MRP*)
Parryware poise close coupled toilet pricePoise22500
Parryware verve floor mounted priceVerve14900
Parryware grace close coupled toilet priceGarce13550
Parryware cardiff close coupled toilet priceCardiff12850
Parryware cascade nxt close coupled toilet priceCascade NXT12640
Parryware qube cistern set including fitting priceQube N12300
Parryware cascade classic close coupled toilet priceCascade Classic14900
Parryware bristol n close coupled toilet priceBristol N11150
Parryware niagara 110 close coupled toilet priceNiagara9830
Parryware indus close coupled toilet priceIndus7970
Parryware avon n close coupled toilets priceAvon N11400
Parryware flair close coupled toilet priceFlair10330
Parryware niagara 110 close coupled toilet priceNiagara 110mm9780

Niagara also a Good model and comes in twwo different varities.

Parryware European Water Closet Price List

The price of parryware European Water closet ranges from 2,260 to 5,800. The price is for the white colour toilet and also includes a seat and cover. All these products available in different colours.  This section contains four standard toilet products. All these products are floor standing and can be used with a plastic cistern or with a concealed cistern. The universal toilet is a combination of squatting pan and water closet. know the water Closet Meaning to understand it better.  The Niagara model is a standard water closet with a concealed trap way. Elite is an open trap way toilet and petite is a slim and compact toilet.

Parryware European Water Closet Price List
DesignParryware European Water ClosetPrice(MRP*)
Parryware universal single floor standing toilets priceUniversal5800
Parryware niagara single floorstanding toilets priceNiagara3980
Parryware elite single floorstanding price Elite3575
Parryware petite single floorstanding toilets pricePetite2260

If you are looking for standard and best toilet then go for Niagara. It Looks great an does the job perfectly.

Parryware Wash Basin Price list

Parryware offers great model variety in Washbasin section. The Price of Parryware Wash basin starts from 1,225 and goes up to  9,900. You can get a variety of colours in the wash basin section. Parryware also offers Different Wash basin designs in their collection.

Parryware Offers wash basin with tap hole, without tap hole, with full pedestal, with half pedestal, table top basin, under counter wash basin, over the counter basin, semi ressed basin bowl basins, corner basinsand wall hung basins. The wash basin section contains around 100 products.

Parryware Wash Basin Price list
DesignParryware Wash BasinPrice(MRP*)
Parryware poise over countertop basins pricePoise9850
Parryware venice over countertop basins priceVenice7775
Parryware nuro over countertop basins priceNuoro6550
Parryware celico over countertop basins priceCelico4975
Parryware inslim bowl over counter top basin priceInslim5158250
Parryware inslim bowl basin priceInslim5408250
Parryware pristine iii over countertop basins pricePristineIII7500
Parryware poppy n over countertop basins pricePoppyN4700
Parryware qube over countertop basins priceQube7000
Parryware luna over countertop basins priceLuna4550
Parryware ovalo bowl basin priceOvalo4400
Parryware pristine v over countertop basins pricePristineV3700
Parryware clara bowl basin priceClara3500
Parryware pristing iv bowl basin pricePristineIV3000
Celico Round3950
Parryware glam bowl basin priceGlam3700
Parryware jazz over countertop basins priceJazz3200
Parryware flair over countertop basins priceFlair2700
Parryware zest bowl basin priceZest3800
Parryware zest plus bowl basin priceZest Plus3550
Parryware cascade nxt over countertop basinsCascade NXT3050
Parryware egal over countertop basins priceRegal2700
Parryware vallure over countertop basins priceVallure2000
Parryware royal bowl basin priceRoyal1650
Parryware petal basin with pedestal priceSingle Piece Wash Basin Ped(570x480x397mm)9900
Single Piece Wash Basin Pedl(460x415x320mm)8150
Single Piece Wash Basin Pedl(365x350x275mm)6100
Parryware qube n wall hung basins priceQube N with Pedestal8700
Parryware venice n wall hung basins priceVenice N with Pedestal7550
Parryware avon n wall hung basin priceAvon N6500
Parryware valdarno basin with pedestal priceValdarno5800
Parryware zest basin with pedestal priceZest6050
Parryware qube x basin with pedestal priceQube X5100
Parryware glory basin with pedestal long priceGlory4250
Parryware neva wall hung basin priceNeva4000
Parryware oyster wall hung basins priceOyster3600
Parryware cardiff wall hung basin priceCardiff5050
Parryware cascade nxt over countertop basinsCascade NXT4025
Parryware sutlej wall hung basins priceSutlej3700
Parryware niagara basin with spring & bolt set priceNiagara3210
Parryware qube x semi recessed basins priceFlair2810
Parryware verve semi recessed basin priceInslim Wall Hung Basin6500
Parryware leeds n over countertop basin priceColorado5900
Parryware cascade nxt over countertop basin priceLatina5100
Parryware aquarius over countertop basins priceViva Recta4500
Parryware mini oval over countertop basins priceTitan3150
Parryware flair over countertop basin priceInoya2100
Verve Nano1800
Parryware oxford wall hung basins priceOxford1650
Parryware cascade classic wall hung basins priceCascade Classic1450
Parryware flair wall hung basins priceFlair1300
Parryware indus wall hung basins priceIndus1300
Parryware cosmos wall hung basins priceCosmos1250
Parryware tapti wall hung basins priceTapti1225
Parryware indus standard wall hung basins priceIndus Standard1250
Parryware cardiff corner basins priceCardiff Corner Basin2100
Parryware alcove corner basins priceAlcove Corner2050
Parryware corner basin corner basins priceCorner1350
Parryware qube x semi recessed basins priceQube Semi-Recessed Basin6000
Parryware verve semi recessed basin priceVerve Semi-Recessed Basin4300
Parryware leeds n over countertop basin priceLeeds N Self Rimming4700
Parryware cascade nxt over countertop basin priceCascade NXT Self Rimming2600
Parryware aquarius over countertop basins priceAquarius Self Rimming2400
Parryware mini oval over countertop basins priceMini Oval Self Rimming2200
Parryware flair over countertop basin priceFlair Self Rimming2,00
Parryware havana n under countertop basins priceHavana N Below Counter Basin3900
Parryware maestro under countertop basin priceMaestro Below Counter Basin2600
parryware geneve n under countertop basins priceGeneve N Below Counter BAsin2600
Parryware cascade nxt under countertop basins priceCascade NXT Below Counter Basin2250
Parryware niagara under countertop basin priceNilagara Below Counter Basin1950
Parryware flair under countertop basins priceFlair Below Counter Basin1900
Parryware small oval under countertop basins priceSmall Oval1850

Parryware Indian Toilet price List

Parryware Indian toilet price starts from 1,975 and goes to 2,250. All the price mentioned here are in white colour and you can get different colours. The colour Indian pan price is higher compared to the white colour Indian toilet seat price. Indian toilet is the type of toilet that is losing his market slowly. Buyers moving to the European water closets. There are more than 20 types of toilets used around the world..

Parryware Indian Toilet price List
DesignParryware Indian ToiletPrice(MRP*)
Parryware asian squatting pans priceAsian Pan2250
Parruware orissa squatting pans 500-405 priceOrissa Pan2100
Parryware thrift squatting pans priceThrift Pan1975

When buying Indian pans the choice of size is very important, so select a best suitable size for your need. Go for Indian toilets and the benefits are high.

Parryware Urinal Price List

The parryware Urinal price starts at 1,475 and goes up to 9,550 Rupees. All these urinal prices are for white colour urinals. The Astute is a waterless urinal comes with blue seal liquid and eco trap. The New magnum Price included with the water spreader. The squatting urinal comes in two different sizes to chose from.

Parryware Urinal Price List
DesignParryware UrinalPrice (MRP*)
Parryware astute standard urinals priceAstute9550
parryware whiz standard urinals priceWhiz6430
Parryware new magnum standard urinals priceNewMagnum5000
Parryware aquaseal n standard urinals priceAquasealN2440
Parryware squatting standard urinals 355-450 priceSquatting(355x600x100mm)1750
Parryware flat black standard urinals priceFlatBack1475
Parryware niagara standard urinals priceNiagara N1690
Parryware magnum urinal divisions pricePartitionPlate(Large)2075

Conclusion: The price mentioned in this article is the Maximum retails price. You can get a discount on this price when you visit the showroom directly. The price is effective from March first 2018. Although we tried to provide the best accurate, mistakes are possible. the price mentioned here is to understand the basic price of the parryware products. Parryware can change the price anytime so please check with the showroom for latest price. And also Check out the Cera sanitaryware price list and hindware price list to compare the options available for you.

If you plan to buy a bathtub for your home have a look at the bathtub price in India. We hope you find the information you are looking for. If you need anything more comment below.


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