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Top 10 Cement Company In India – By CeramicNinja.Com

Top 10 Cements Companies In India
Top 10 Cements Companies In India

The cement industry has a pioneering development over recent years in India. The new innovation in construction and building work has made such an amazing development in this field. It has also made to grow cement industry as a profitable one. India ranks second in the list of cement production among the world. The cement has a key role in the infrastructure construction and is very prominent industry of our country. Here we intend to craft the list of top 10 brands of cement in India.



1. Ultra Tech Cement – The Engineer’s Choice:

The largest exporter of cement from our country is Ultra Tech Cement. It is amongst the world’s top cement manufacturers. This brand provides cement with high quality standard. This company is also a largest exporter of clinker in India. The Aditya Birla group was the one responsible for this cement manufacturing. They officially started manufacturing cement under the brand name of Ultra Tech. It is one of the reputed brands of cement of our country. They produce all types of cements for the industry.

Key facts:
• The company was established in 1983.
• The company was headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
• Currently the key people include K. K. Maheshwari, who is the director of Ultra Tech Cement.
• The best price range per bag for this cement is 275- 300.
• The installed capacity covers an average capacity of about 93 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of grey cement.
• The average employee’s working under this sector include more than 10,000
• The turnover is around 5,000 to 10,000 crores.




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