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How to Start a Sanitary ware Showroom Business


We are going to give you some ideas and factors to be considered before starting a Sanitary ware business of your own. Sanitary ware is a good business in which you can get a good sum of profit. If you start the business in a right location where you can get many customers, by selecting a right brand and a correct variation of product, you can see a very good profit soon in this business. If you have any doubts, regarding the sanitaryware business by studying this article your doubts will be cleared. To get some ideas regarding the Sanitary ware products and Sanitary ware brands you can verify the link Top 10 Sanitary ware brands in India.

how to start a sanitary ware showroom business
how to start a sanitary ware showroom business

Let us now look at the factors, which will guide you before staring the Sanitary ware business in a right way to get a good profit.

Brand :

The first factor to be considered is about the selection of right brand for the sanitary ware business. In Sanitary ware industry there are a number of brands providing Sanitary ware products. If you take India there are more than 100 Sanitaryware brands. The selection of brand will decide the profit variation and varieties variation in your business. You can open a showroom containing single branded sanitary ware products or with various branded sanitary ware products, this depends upon the size of the showroom. If you are going to start a showroom initially then it is better to select single branded sanitary ware products. If you select a brand then you have to see whether that brand has all the products which you like to display. The next thing is to see how to contact that brand/company and verify how much products they will supply in whole. Some companies will supply products in the lot and some won’t. So before selecting the brand go through all these and then select the right brand. I recommend getting the sanitaryware directory to contact many companies as possible to get the best offer from the company to reduce the investment of the business.


The next factor to be considered is cost of the products. First, ensure whether the area members where the showroom is located will choose for high range products, medium range products or low range products. By seeing this you can select a brand, which offers a suitable range of products. Before this, you have a random study about the cost of some of the brands, which may help you to select the suitable one easily.

Customer Base:

Third factor to be considered is the Customer base. Observe what type of customers are situated in the area where you are going to start the showroom. Have a study about the customers and collect details about what type of products they prefer to buy. For example see whether the customers prefer High end products, medium range products, low range products, Indian pans, European closets, Table top wash basins, Wall hung, Designer wash basins, Designer closets etc. Therefore, before selecting the products the study about the customer base in the area where you are going to start the business is very important.

Location :

This is a very important factor among all the other factors when you start a showroom because the location decides the number of customers and what kind of product will move in that location. If the showroom is located, in the heart of the city, the movement of products will start from high end to low end and there will be more number of customers. Therefore, you will a good profit in business. But when the showroom is in the heart of the city the investment and expense factors should be more like additional advance for the showroom, high showroom rent, high current bill etc. If you keep, the showroom in an outer area of the city the investment and expense factors will be less but the business movement and number of customers will fall down compared to the showroom located in the heart of the city. Hence, the selection of location for your showroom is very important for the Sanitaryware business.

Product Variation :

Next, step to be decided is about what are the varieties of products to be ordered for display, for example if you take washbasins there are more than 10 models in wash basins. You can see the link Types of wash basins and you can decide what models can be selected to display in your showroom. In the same way, there are many Types of Urinals, by seeing some types you may select the models needed for your showroom. If you take toilets, there are more models of toilets so have a look at the Types of Toilets and select the models. First, you have to decide whether you are going to buy all these models or limited models and keep it stock. When you start initially, it is better to have a limited stock of products and you can add the products by seeing what model moves in your area and then you can order for more. So always, maintain a medium stock until the business develops to an extent.

Other Products :

The final factor is other products, which are going to be displayed in your showroom for example, if you are going to include Tiles in your showroom for display you have to see a supplier for tiles. Some of the products other than Sanitaryware products which can be sold are water heater, faucets etc. For these you have to see for different suppliers. Some companies offers all kinds of bathroom accessories but some offers only Sanitary ware products separately, tiles separately and faucets separately etc. One more thing is, the company offering all the bathroom accessories will have high of cost so the profit for your business may be low but the companies, which provide each product separately, will offer low cost for products so the profit factor will be high. All these factors have to be verified before you start the sanitary ware business and order for the products.

Conclusion :

From the above study of all these factors, you would have got some ideas to start a sanitaryware business of your own.


  1. i m interested in starting sanitery items showroom in Hapur (up) i have own shop with godwon in city. pl give me guideline..

  2. We are supplier of quality sanitary ware from Europe and we are looking for distributors for the Indian continent .
    Our products vary from German sanitary ware to French heating radiators, to Italian pipes and built-in tanks .
    We can assist in developing the sanitary ware business through sharing 20 years experience in this domaine.
    Looking forward to your comments.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post I really got many valuable information through it. As a learner it’s not so easy task to understand ROI quickly but this post tell a lot.

  4. I am going to start sanitary items. Please give me a company details ..Give me some suggestions….As People are not much brand conscious here so please recommend me some companies which offers good quality products at a lower price .

  5. Hi, I am planning to start sanitary business in Telangana state. Please help out to get supplier detilas and marketing person contact number. I have all above factors to start my business. My shop area is around 1800 sft. Can call me on 8121024285

  6. I’m interested in starting a sanitary showroom in Ranchi city having approx 1500 sq.ft.area of own with a combined godown…the area and location is very good in the heart of the city .

  7. I am going to start sanitary items. Please give me a company details of HINDWARE… So that I will contact them…Sir.. I want to tell. How I will explain a customer about this products ..Give me some suggestions….

  8. Need contact details oI am interested to enter into bathroom fittings and sanitary ware business, however i need guidance/ proper understanding about the business before entering.
    Mainly i want to know, how to contact the dealer/ manufacturer of the selected brand?f sanitary companies

  9. Sir i am going to start sanitary business in my town. As People are not much brand conscious here so please recommend me some companies which offers good quality products at a lower price as compard to big brands..


  11. Have my own family business of sanitary ware and plumber fitting items and finishing items of bathroom
    now i was thinking to expand my business and open in new area with some innovative product and new customer base

    u can help me out plz

  12. I am going to start sanaitry business. Please give me company details so that i will contact them. My number is 00966538214521 this my saudi number i want to start business in india dis-Nawada state-bihar

  13. Sir steps to how determine the purchasing power of the people of the area in which the showroom is to be opened.
    Please let us know the steps to how determine the customer base for sanitary ware in a area.

  14. Is toto a succesful brand in india ? its product are of high range or above high range ? Can i start its franchisee- showroom in Indore (MP) ?

  15. I am planning to start a sanitaryware business.
    I have no idea about sanitary ware at all.
    So can tou guide me.

  16. I want to open a sanitary and tiles business.. i have done post graduation..i need some suggestions and ideas to open a small showroom.. my contact number is 8800577024

  17. I have done B.Sc physics hons from Calcutta University n then did my MBA marketing and finance from Delhi NCR and worked in Delhi n other dates of India more than 10 years then I worked in Dubai more than 4 years…
    Now I just completed my commercial building which I looking for this business n area more than 5000 sq ft n having 4000sq ft free space for storage…
    So guide me next.
    No 8001175144

  18. I m interested in dealership can u please provide me contact numbers of companies . From Hyderabad. My contact number:6301230977

  19. We are manufacturer of sanitary ware & want to establish our business.we also want new dealer,if u interested pls contact us.

  20. Dear Venkatmani
    I am planning to get into Sanitaryware business and currently have 5500sqft area. I would appreciate if you could guide me on the process.
    Appreciate your help

  21. Hi!
    I have an interest to enter into an bathroom fittings and sanitary business, however i need few guidance/ proper understanding about business in proper to enter into it.

  22. I want to start complete sanitary ware solution outlet in Eluru town in West Godavari district located in Andhra Pradesh, so give a proper information related
    Contact number 9030696131

  23. I want to start the business of tiles and sanitary business and presently my site is under construction and will complete before August. The area of the site is approx 3700sqft.

  24. Hi…. Sir….. I want to start eletrical and plumbing materials shop in Border Trivandrum- Kanyakumari. Can you advice me or guide me . I am an NRI and planning to settle here. Kindly cont me 9745338414

  25. I have vacant showroom space available to start a new business. For now I am surveying all the businesses suitable in my showroom space. showroom area is 3000 sq.ft and 1000 sq ft for godown

  26. Hi Sir
    We can provide you with luxury bathroom faucets with 7 years warranty. Kindly get in touch with us for further details.

  27. i am a BBA student and have family business of sanitary ware. its going good but planning to expand the business.

  28. I want to open new tiles and sanitary ware shop in penugonda neat Kia car manufacturing factory in ananta our district of andhra Pradesh state ,can any body send the details
    Contact to this number 7995739625

  29. Hi, My names is Abdul shukoor and I would like to supply your great products in Kerala state. Many types goods are supplying here in Kerala and Tamil nad and Karnataka region. I hope that sanitory ware and Electricals will be the double sale than before in the future. So I kindly accept Dealership.

  30. Hello,
    I am planning to start sanitaryware with other products showroom. I am having land around 12000 sq ft with very good location and main road front . Any value adding company want to do the business can contact me
    Contact No- 9503103818
    Email- nikhilp.chandgude@gmail.com

  31. I want to start sanitary showroom, i am new in this business .. i dnt have knowledge in sanitary kindly suggest how much initial investment is required. And how much space is required

  32. want to start sanitary showroom, i am new in this business .. i dnt have knowledge in sanitary kindly suggest how much initial investment is required. And how much space is required

  33. want to start sanitary showroom, i am new in this business .. i dnt have knowledge in sanitary kindly suggest how much initial investment is required. And how much space is required

  34. Sir I have started a new showroom business for sanitary ware and bath fitting pls give me some details brands

  35. Sir I have started a new showroom business for sanitary ware and bath fitting pls give me some details brands

  36. Sir i would like to start a business on sanitary product. I actually dont have much idea on it. So i just want to know how to deal n whom to deal with. I also want to know about how much capital of money will be required at the begining. Pls sir waiting for your kind response.

  37. Sir i have my own sanitary ware retail shop and want to increase my sales can you PLEASE guide me through the people to whom i shall contact and increase my source??

  38. Hi, I m looking for tiles business (dealership) in Patna, Bihar. Can u plz suggest me how much amount I need to invest, and few tips from your side.

  39. I want to start sanitary ware business at my home town Gudivada in Andhra pradesh. Plz . suggest the investment and best brands.

  40. Hi Sir,
    I want to start sanitary business in my city located in Uttar Pardesh. Can you please assist me how can I proceed and how much budget is required for start it. I will be highly obliged.

    Thank you
    Upendra Gupta

  41. his is avtar singh khatta from himachal pradesh , I wanna to come in this business a dealer ,if someone can assist me in this regard that would be highly appreciated.

  42. We want to sanitary buisiness sanitary wholesale with show room retail.
    How can get good brand for dealership…

  43. Sir i am going to start a buisness unit in kashmir .the place where i am starting is mostly under below poverty line .people can’ t effort high range branded ware.so plz suggest me brand and item as wel thanks

  44. hello sir , i want to start sanitary ware business at residential location but insofficient idea froce me to get idea from you like cost investment, company details with contact no & how to find out customer intrest & competiotor as well. thanks

  45. Dear sir ; i am interested to open sanitary and bathroom fitting shop at district level in UP, so please kindly guide about initial investment , brand etc.thnkx

  46. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to setup single branded tile showroom in Pollachi,Tamilnadu. Need your help in getting the dealership details of leading brands.

  47. I would like to start sanitary ware and tiles showroom. What the total cost can expect excluding shop . What the minimum area required to display? Is interial will do by supplier or to do myself? How fixing the selling price?

  48. Percy here I want to start a sanitary ware business in Johannesburg , I grew up in a plumbing family so I thought to my self I need to take our family business to onother level so we can do.Everything plumbing

  49. I would like to start sanitaryware business, kindly suggest whether i should go with some reputed brand i.e. cera, hindware or with morbi manufacturing, which is good in quality but not a brand. Secondly how much initial investment it required. I m tier2 city.

  50. Hello Venkat Mani, Nice hear a very useful comments.
    Even I would like to setup new business in Hyderabad Ind. for Sanitary and Water valves as one of my friend is having agencies and he is recommending me to start initial business.
    Please advice, shall I start sanitary and water valves or just one of them.
    I have gonethr all your comments and considerations.

    Mustafa H.Shikary

  51. Dear sir ; i am intersted to open sanitary shop at district level kindly guide about intial investment ,location, brand etc.thnkx

  52. I want to start sanitary business of my own .i m having a showroom of 2000 sft area and 3000 sft for gowdans in main market

  53. Sir, i would like to Satar business of Sanitaryware Fittings, electricals and painints in my area and we found have a show room around 2500 sqr. Feel, Can you tell me the estimated for the starting this business?

  54. Hi Sir i want to start the sanitary business with low investment , can u give me guidance to start up and what other products should i keep in the shop for commencing the business to earn good profit

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  56. hello sir how r u .. i am new in business .. i want to start sanitary business .. but i dnt have knowledge in sanitary and also i have not more money so what i do for starting this business .can i start this business with 5lac ..

  57. Hey !
    Your article is good and clears many of our doubts.
    I would like to know how to get dealership and of which company would be good?

  58. Hello sir
    I selling 6000 one piece toilet per month of Mina Sanitary Ware Company in Iran. How I can give more info about Indian products ? I want to checking how we can import Indian products to Iran or export Iranian products to India.

  59. i want t start sanitary business please sugest me which product and company is better to start a new business and how much area (min. area) need for this business?

  60. Respected Venkat Mani Sir,
    I want to take a dealership in CERA,HINDWARE,PARRYWARE & JAQUAR sanitary ware. And i have different unique ideas about the business. Sir as you are professional in this stream , Kindly i want you to suggest me the dealership cost sir. And also i want to contact you personally sir. Hope the reply will get me as soon as possible from you.
    Thanking you

  61. Hello Sir I want to start a business of Sanitaryware in my own shop area 60″20′ sq ft….which products that I will store in my shop..?plss give some ideas.. as soOn as possible…

  62. Hi Sir,
    I want to start sanitary business as wholesale,please tell me the overall budget and profit margin.and also what is the marketing idea to catch more customers.

  63. I Would like to start sanitary ware business in india kindly provide me the expense break up for the entire process and how to get the dealership for a particular brand

  64. Respected sir I want to start sanitary showroom in Bangalore I may know details for the investment and how much profit expect

  65. I want to start sanitary wholesale dealership business in india, lot of morbi companies approached me, please suggest me in detail, how to start, how to make an agreement with manufacturers, waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  66. I’m going to a sanitaryware business in next 2 months. Willing to contact sanitary ware companies to discuss the deals in detail.

  67. Dear sir,
    i want start sanitary ware business retail & wholesale i want some knowledge how to run my business
    want to get better sale please give me some ideas some company contact details please….

  68. As real estate market is falling in india, do u still believe that sanitary & ceramic would be the ideal business to start.

  69. Sir,I want to know that which brand can be affordable to moderate budget people but at the same time quality of product was not compromised.i.e sir I want know which brand is budget friendly as well as quality wise also good. Kindly tell me so that I can start business with that brand.

  70. Hi, I want to start tiles and sanitary ware business from the start. My location is not that crowded but it is along the road side. My shop size is around 10 x12 ft. Presently I am working with a bank. I have a simple query about this that for how much minimal basic investment will be required and how will i choose the right products for starting this business. Moreover, pls suggest how can i increase the sales as well.

  71. hello sir , i want to get into this line. I don’t have space for showroom but i do have storage space in my home. is it a good idea to sell via online, and one more question does non branded sanitary products have market in India if taking dealership is not an option..

  72. Dear sir
    I want to start wholesale in sanitary business, is it possible without any shop ?
    i mean to say is it more risky to start without shop ?

  73. hii .. i am divyesh mehra from surat gujarat india …. i want to start new sanitary business so need guidelines how should i move forward in it ….

  74. Sir i want start sanitary ware business in Punjab i have good space with good location plz help me how much money is required to run and get good publicity and profit, n how secure is this business

  75. Hlo sir
    Im hardik…im a fresher in sanitaryware..nd I want to start a sanitary ware buisness…I also have the cash reserve for investment. …I have 5000 sq ft area of 2 floors each total 10000..nd im interested in doing buisness within 2-3 mnths……any company interested can contact me

  76. Hello sir, I m going to start a sanitary business in my locality. Could u tell me about starting plan & customers attraction process. What will have the business plan.

  77. I want to start business in Sanitary ware. In my town currently 38 shops are present. So what strategy should i adopt to get good customer base.

  78. I want to start a business of sanitaryware fittings.I have a shop of 1100 sq ft..Is it possible for opening it?which products that i will store in my shop?pls give some ideas.

    • Of Course you can start the business in your place. But the product selection is based on your customer interest and competitor availability.

  79. Sir I want to start trading and supply of sanitaryware items in Delhi. How much capital I require for this and which items I start initially.

  80. Hello sir i want start sanitary ware business in j&k south kashmir i have good space with good location plz help me how much money is required to run and get good publicity and profit, n how secure is this business

  81. heylo sir i hve start my new business sanitaryware retail n wholsale i want some knowlge how to run my business
    want to get bettr sale plez give me some ideas

  82. Can I start a sanitary ware business of all varieties like showers tub basins etc with 20 lakhs with nice interiors? I’m keeping the showroom inside our sawmill , we have woods plywoods laminates hardwares etc, if i keep in the area will it get more customers ?

  83. Sir,I want to start a Sanitaryware bussiness with all types of Bathfittings in my area Balangir,Odisha.I am new to this type of business so,sir plz give me some good company contact no.to open a shop as soon as possible.

  84. Hi I m new in this and want to start a sanitryware business from the start and have a simple query about this that for how much minimal basic investment will be required if the space is provided as required
    Mean to say franchise charges etc or whatever they call

    • If you want to start sanitaryware business in India you need around 5 lakh investment for dealer ship deposit and first order for sanitaryware and interior decoration for showroom. The investment not included with cost of the store. A dealer ship charge will be around 25000 for some companies, some companies dont need any dealership charge. a minimum order will be required on the first order and it will be around 4 lakh. other cost only for decorating your stores and etc..

    • Hi, Start with a single brand and then expand to multi brands, because when you start from a single brand then other brands will offer you some discount for you to start selling their brand.

  85. hello sir, i want to start a business in sanitary ware… can you please guide me from where to start and whom to contact… your time will be really appreciable…

  86. My relative brother doing as distributer in sanitary and electronics he is saying open a electronic shop is it profitable business please tell me

  87. Sir I’am going to start sanitary m paints shop near at my home.. I have taken a building it’s having full space 2 big halls. Due to full competition and high rents I decided to start with network . Is my idea workout.. The building is very near to highway and other shopping area.

  88. Hi ! I want to star sanitary ware business. Please guide me. Any one ready to give dealership please contact me +91-7502244110.


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