Kohler Veil Price In India – How Much Discount You can Get For Kohler Veil Price


So you have planned to buy an Intelligent toilet for your Home and Looked for the best brand sanitaryware to chose. And you finally ended up to Kohler Veil. I can say, it is a good choice. In this article, we have shared the price of Kohler Veil price in all different three models. And the also we are going to see the features of these toilets and How much you can get a discount for this Kohler veil in India.

Kohler is the best sanitaryware in India. It is a multinational company which sell their product to more than 100 countries and they are known for their quality. Their targeted customers are medium to high range customers.

kohler veil price in india
kohler veil price in india

The manufacturing plant of Kohler is located in Gujarat, India. Now we can see the price of the Kohler veil in India.

Kohler Veil ImageKohler Veil ModelKohler Veil Price
Kohler Veil Price soft seat in indiaKohler Veil
Wall Hung

Soft close Seat

Kohler Veil Wall hung Price In IndiaKohler Veil

Intelligent toilet

Wall Hung Model

Kohler Veil One Piece Price in IndiaKohler Veil

One Piece Model

Intelligent Toilet


Kohler Veil Wallhung with Soft close Seat Cover Price:

This toilet from the Kohler does not have any features of an intelligent toilet. It nearly the same design as the wall hung Veil intelligent toilet. It comes with a soft close seat cover. Soft close seat means the lid falls slowly when you realise the lid.

The dimension of the Product: 384 X 332 X 533

Maximum retails Price: 25,030.00 Rupees

Kohler Veil Wall Hung Intelligent Toilet Price:

This is the new variant of intelligent toilet form the Kohler. The first Kohler smart toilet is one piece toilet. This toilet will look stunning in bathrooms. You get the Concealed tank with this toilet(In-wall tank)

Size : 675 X 435 X 438

Maximum Retail Price: 4,32,710 Rupees

The features of this toilet are,

  1. Auto or Touchless Flushing function.
  2. When you approach the lid and seat will automatically open for you. And also auto close after your usage.
  3. Comes with a remote to control every function of the toilet.
  4. Inbuilt led.
  5. Auto deodorizer.
  6. Option for full and half flush.

Kohler Veil One-Piece intelligent toilet Price

This is the best selling intelligent toilet from the Kohler. This toile has all the from the wall hung veil intelligent toilet. but this toilet does not need a tank.

Size of this toilet: 670 X 533 X 438

All the Size are mentioned in mm.

Kohler Veil Price Online in India:

Kohler Veil products are available online in some websites.

Amazon India  – There is no seller available in Amazon India now. but you can get the Wall hung type from USA seller. Have the variety of black colour and white colour their price respectively 75,189 Rupees and 66,813 Rupees. But this model you can buy in India at a much lesser price.

Fyne; Have the one piece intelligent toilet. priced at 4,45,000  Rupees. much higher than the Official price from the Kohler website.

Centralmart; They sell the wall hung with slow-falling seat cover and one piece intelligent toilet at a 10% discounted price from the Maximum retail price.

Buildpro; This website has two products of the veil. they sell both products at less price than the official retail price. The veil wall hung model without an intelligent option is 21,276 Rupees.  The one-piece intelligent toilet priced at 3,67,804 Rupees. It is almost 15% less price than the Official price.

The price of the toilet makes difficult to find this product online. And also the users like to check out all the features before they buy like this high priced products to make sure everything goes right.

How much discount you can get for the Kohler Veil Price:

The price mentioned here are the maximum retail price from the Official Kohler website. You can get a discount up to 10% when you negotiate with the showroom. If you want to find the nearest showroom or a dealer then you can contact the customer care number 18001032244.

And if you planning to buy for a big Contract, Contact directly to the company to get the Best price possible. Projects are always getting more discount. For the project, you can contact: 18001032244

If you plan to buy a bathtub then Check out the bathtub price in India. We hope you found the information you are looking for. If you have any doubt let me know in the below comment section. We tried to give the information as of right as possible but always refer to the official website to know the exact price.


  1. just bought a new apartment and need to complete four bathrooms what sanitary units would u suggest to be best in india for price durability and service


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