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Jaquar Sanitaryware Price List-Wash Basin|Commode|Western Toilet Price


Jaquar is the one of the best sanitaryware company in india. If you plan to buy jaquar sanitaryware and wish to know the price of jaquar sanitaryware then this article covered you. we have listed the design and models of jaquar sanitaryware and the the price. Here you can find the latest designs and price of Wash Basin, Commode, Western Toilet & Urinals from jaquar. Jaquar is one of the top most company in the complete bathing solutions in India. Jaquar also provides showers, shower enclosures, sanitary ware, flushing systems, wellness products.

Jaquar Western Commode Price List

In this section we can see about the models and price list of Western Commode which is manufactured by Jaquar in India. Jaquar offers 14 models in this category. There is single colour available in this model. But there are oval, square and rectangle shapes are there to choose. Jaquar Western Commode price range starts from  INR 11,990 to INR 34,600. If you searching for an model in economically, continental series single piece is the best choice to choose.  Solo single piece wc model will be suitable for the small bathrooms. Kubix single piece wc model will be the best for large bathrooms. Cost varies depends upon the size and model of the product.

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Jaquar Western Toilet Seat Price List

Here is the another type of western toilet called Couple Closet. In Couple Closet Commode and cistern comes as two different parts and joined using fittings. Hence it is also known as two piece toilet. Jaquar manufacturing 19 different designs of this Western Toilets to fulfill the customer needs. This designs also have only white colour.  If you searching for small bathroom, fonte bowl for coupled wc model will be the best for you to choose. If you searching for large bathroom, queen couple closet bowl wc model will be suitable for you to choose. Jaquar Western Toilet Seat price range starts from INR 7,150 – INR 25,000 depends upon the size and design of the particular product.

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Jaquar Water Closet Price List

Jaquar provides 4 models of  Western Closet. 2 model of water closet is in s trap and another 2 model of water closet is in p trap. S trap EWC will be used in ground floor installations as piping can be done below ground level. P trap will be installed in top floors because installation of pipe line under the toilet. This model is available only in white colour. S trap model will be suitable for small bathrooms. P trap models water closet models will suit for large bathrooms. Jaquar Water Closet Price range starts from INR 2,850 – INR 3,800.

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Jaquar Wall Mount Commode Price List

This design of Wall Mount Commode is mainly fixed on the wall by fixing the hole in the toilet. In this wall mount commode design there are the rimless wall hung water closet is also available to choose. Only white colour available in this models. Jaquar provides Oval, Rectangle, Square shapes in this models. Kubix rimless wall hung wc with the size 35 x 49 x 33 is best for small bathrooms. Vignette rimless wall hung wc 40 x 58 x37 will be suitable for Large Bathrooms. Jaquar Wall Mount Commode price range starts from INR 6,250 – INR 31,000.

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Jaquar Washbasin Price List

Here we can see details of all the wash basin designs and their price list. In Jaquar different kinds of washbasins are available in many sizes. They are counter top, table top, wall hung, under counter, wash basin with full pedestal, half pedestal, thin rim wash basin, integrated, washbasin bidet, floor standing wash basins. This designs is available in some basic shapes and coming to the colour it is available in white colour. Alive counter top basin with the size 70.5x45x20cm is suits for the large bathrooms. Jdr wall hung corner basin with the size 31x45x17 cm will be the best model for small bathrooms. Jaquar Washbasin price range starts from INR 1,950 – INR 22,600.

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Jaquar Urinal Price List

Finally we are going to see about the models and price list of Urinals which is produced by Jaquar.  Urinals are used in home, industry, office, public places and many other places. There are two types of mounting urinals are available in the urinals. One is Floor Mount Urinals and the other one is Wall mount Urinals. Jaquar Urinal Price range starts from INR 3,700 – INR 8,800. For small budget bathrooms urinal 13261 model with the price 3,690 INR. For large budget bathrooms the model, Urinal 13255 with the price 8,290 INR is best. The price varies depends upon the size and mounting types of the Urinals.

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The Price mentioned here is the reference from the   jaquar Price list catalogue of the respective brands.To get the latest price you can refer the respective brand’s website.or contact your nearest dealer to get the price with discount.


  1. Which Commode is better ? Wall Hanging or One piece
    Confused because get feedback that wall hanging need more maintenance . Is this write ?

    I need suggestion for which is better for personal use ?


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