Indian Toilet Seat Price – Indian Toilet Pan Price List


Indian Toilet Seat Price – In this article, we have listed out Indian toilet pan price from Cera, Belmonte, Hindware, Johnson and Parryware companies with images. The branded company Indian toilet seat price starts from 1,580 Rs and goes Upto 3370 Rs. The Indian toilet comes is know in multiple names like Orissa pan, Asian pan, thrift pan, squatting pan and etc. Now we will see about the Indian Toilet pan by their companies one by one.

Belmonte – Belmonte manufactures two types of indian squatting pan. One is orissa pan 20″ inch and other is orissa pan 23″ inch. Belmonte Indian Toilet Pan price for  orissa pan 20″ inch is INR 2,788 and 23″ inch is INR 3,131.

Parryware – Parryware manufactures three types of indian squatting pan. They are asian pan, thrift one and orissa pan. Parryware Indian Toilet Pan price range is from INR 1.725 to INR 2,250.

Cera –  Cera has 5 models on its indian squatting pan list. They are cello pan,  orissa cello pan, orisaa pan s3010103, orisaa pan s3010105 and  orisaa pan s3020102. Cera Indian Toilet Pan Price range is from INR 1640 to INR 2,715.

Hindware –  Hindware produces 6 modelas in indian squatting pan. They are Orissa, Orissa Comfort, Orissa eco, Orissa pop, Asian and Acupan.  Hindware Indian Toilet Pan price range is from INR 1,580 to INR 3,370.

Johnson –  Johnson manufactures two types of indian squatting pan. One is ruby arab pan and ruby orissa pan. Johnson Indian Toilet Pan price for arab pan is INR 2,450 and orissa pan is INR 3,160.

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The prices indicated are MRP and to get discount and the latest price please visit the nearest showroom in your area.


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