Health Faucets Price in India – Latest & Updated Price


If you planning to buy Health Faucet and you wondering what will be the price of it, then this article will be an ideal guide to you. We have compiled price of multiple health faucet manufacturers in India. In this article, we are going to see prices of famous indian brands like CERA, Hindware, Jaquar, Johnson and Parryware. In India, we have multiple choices on budget range health faucets.  The price of health faucet varies based on the brand, types of material used and the size.

Here is the price list of Health Faucets:

Cera Health Faucet Price List

Cera has 6 models on its health faucet list. They are Cera F8030101F8030102, F8030103F8030201F8030301 and  F8030401AB. Cera Health Faucet Price range is from INR 695 to INR 1,955.

DesignCera Health FaucetPrice
cera f8030101 health faucet priceCera F8030101695
cera f8030102 health faucet priceCera F80301021640
cera f8030103 health faucet priceCera F8030103745
cera f8030201 health faucet priceCera F8030201935
cera f8030301 health faucet priceCera F80303011955
cera f8030401ab health faucet priceCera F8030401AB1290

Hindware Health Faucet Price List

Hindware has 9 models on its health faucet list. They are Abs F160001F160002, F160013F160023F160027F160038F160059F160068 and  F160068IV. Hindware Health Faucet Price range is from INR 800 to INR 1,700.

DesignHindware Health FaucetPrice
hindware abs f160001 health faucet priceHindware Abs F160001900
hindware abs f160002 health faucet priceHindware Abs F1600021700
hindware abs f160013 health faucet priceHindware Abs F160013800
hindware abs f160023 health faucet priceHindware Abs F160023950
hindware abs f160027 health faucet priceHindware Abs F160027800
hindware abs f160038 health faucet priceHindware Abs F160038950
hindware abs f160059 health faucet priceHindware Abs F1600591110
hindware abs f160068 health faucet priceHindware Abs F160068970
hindware abs f160068iv health faucet priceHindware Abs F160068IV970

Jaquar Health Faucet Price List

Jaquar has 5 models on its health faucet list. They are Ald563Ald565, Ald573Ald577 and  Ald579. Jaquar Health Faucet Price range is from INR 975 to INR 1,425.

DesignJaquar Health FaucetPrice
jaquar ald563 health faucet priceJaquar Ald563 975
jaquar ald565 health faucet priceJaquar Ald5651075
jaquar ald573 health faucet priceJaquar Ald5731350
jaquar ald577 health faucet priceJaquar Ald5771425
jaquar ald579 health faucet priceJaquar Ald5791175

Johnson Health Faucet Price List

Johnson has 8 models on its health faucet list. They are AquaFantasia, JazzJet Spray S0030C,  S0030S, RivieraRuby and  Spun. Johnson Health Faucet Price range is from INR 560 to INR 1,320.

DesignJohnson Health FaucetPrice
johnson aqua health faucet priceJohnson Aqua1050
johnson fantasia health faucet priceJohnson Fantasia1250
johnson jazz health faucet priceJohnson Jazz 650
johnson jet spray s0030c health faucet priceJohnson Jet Spray S0030C 880
johnson jet spray s0030s health faucet priceJohnson Jet Spray S0030S 960
johnson riviera health faucet priceJohnson Riviera1320
johnson ruby health faucet priceJohnson Ruby 560
johnson spun health faucet priceJohnson Spun1050

Parryware Health Faucet Price List

Parryware has 6 models on its health faucet list. They are AgateCardiff, CoralCrustEuclid and  Slim Line. Parryware Health Faucet Price range is from INR 560 to INR 1,520.

DesignParryware Health FaucetPrice
parryware agate health faucet priceParryware Agate 820
parryware cardiff health faucet priceParryware Cardiff1520
parryware coral health faucet priceParryware Coral 560
parryware crust health faucet priceParryware Crust1320
parryware euclid health faucet priceParryware Euclid 900
parryware slim line health faucet priceParryware Slim Line 710


The Price mentioned here is the reference from the  Price list catalogue of the respective brands.To get the latest price you can refer the respective brand’s website.or contact your nearest dealer to get the price with discount.


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