How to Get Best Price / Cheap Sanitary Ware For Project or Shop


There are some ways you can get Very Cheap Sanitary ware for your project or shop. Some tips on how you can get sanitaryware at Best Price For you.

Get Second Grade Sanitary Wares

There are many companies sells second grade and third-grade products. These products do not have functional defects. Majority of the products have a small crack, Color problem, slight deformation, crawling or pinhole. These cracks, crawling, the pinholes will be closed using silicon. Many of the factories in Gujrat don’t do refire to repair the defects so they sell these minor defects products as second or third grade based on the defects. you will get 40% – 50% discount compared to the first-grade products.

Colour Products

Normally the colour products are more priced than the White colour sanitarywares. But there are companies having some old color which is not moving in the market. Normally these products they give to projects, to get rid of the stock colour products. These products are good in quality without any defects, only thing is the colours are odd looking. You can get this sanitaryware also at 40% – 60% discount. This is a great deal because you get the best quality Sanitaryware for a very cheap price.

Non-Moving Items

What are these non-moving/ Stok items? There is much reason for the stock of a particular sanitaryware. Sometimes suddenly market does not like a particular model so suddenly the stock increased and the sales stopped. Sometimes companies make a new design and preparing stock for the market demand but the market does not like that product. Sometimes companies keep a very high price for a product and the product stops moving. Then after several years, the company will decide to move the stock to market with good discount price. sometimes there will be function issue in the products, company cant move the products. This kind of product gets you around 30% discount. Care should be taken when buying this product to avoid any functional issue like flushing issues.

New Companies

Many new companies sells sanitaryware products at a low price to reach the market and stabilize their sales. they don’t spend any money on advertising and they sell their product at a low price. The only thing you need to do is to find the companies, who will come to your range. and 75% of the companies in India change their price based on customers expectations. So negotiate for the low price. You can get the Sanitaryware directory to contact many companies as possible. the more companies you contact, the more chances for you to get the best price. This directory contains 140+ sanitaryware manufacturers contact details, whats app numbers, websites and email ids.

Compare Companies

Get a price from different companies and compare it and then negotiate with them about the other company price. This is a sure way to get the best price for the sanitaryware you need. Because of many of the models produced in the sanitary ware industry are same. So you can compare and ask them the discount. As i mentioned because the price is not fixed, the more details you have the more discount you get. So contact many companies and compare the price and negotiate. Don’t go to traders, contact manufacturers directly to get the best price.


Some companies even offer sanitaryware without bills, but i won’t recommend things like that, The conclusion is to get the best low price products, you need to contact many sanitaryware manufacturers. If you plan to start sanitaryware shop and top sanitaryware companies in India. So you can get the best price. Did this article useful for you? Leave your comment or inquiry , I will try to answer for your queries.


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