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Types Of Refractories – Different Types of Refractories

Types of Refractories: Refractories are used in all kinds of industries with the furnace to reduce the heat loss. The used refractory properties required for each kiln/furnace varies based on the application. So different refractories are used to provide unique properties. In this article, we are going to see all types of refractories available in…

Ceramic Production Process Methods – Different Production Techniques

Ceramic Production Process Methods - Different Production Techniques 4

There are different Production process methods are used in the ceramic production process. We will discuss all the Production Process methods used in the ceramic industry. The term “ ceramic forming” describes the process of production of ceramic components from natural or synthetic raw materials. PRESSING: Pressing is accomplished by placing the powder* into a…

21 Colleges Offering Ceramic Engineering /Technology Course In India

We have listed the Colleges that are offering Ceramic Engineering/Technology Course in India. Ceramic colleges in India Anna University(ACT Campus) Alagappa College of Technology is an institution located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that offers B.Tech and M.Tech in Ceramic Technology and also Ph.D in Ceramic Engineering. Department of Ceramic Technology introduced in the year 1993….