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50 Plaster of Paris Uses – POP Uses in Various Applications


In this article we have provided 50 Uses of Plaster of Paris, Let us see POP is used in various applications.

  1. Finishing Material: To give a finishing (Coating) in interior designs to Metals and wood, because of having Fire Resistance property.
  2. Wall Putty: The plaster of Paris will adhere with cement walls. A coating of wall putty is applied to the cement walls to reduce chemical and weather attacks.
  3. Plaster moulds: In Sanitaryware production moulds are prepared by using β Plaster. A plaster and water ratio is 75: 100 is used to give the required water absorbing property. A required shape of sanitary ware was castes from the plaster of Paris mould and then it is to be dried and fired.
  4. Plaster Blocks: α plaster is used to make required plaster molds. α plaster strength is much higher than the β plaster.
  5. In cinema industry: We have seen in Cinemas very big sets showing a big village, etc., These big sets are designed and made by using of plaster of Paris only.
  6. A Small repair works: A Small repair works in wooden materials can be repaired using plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris gives a better finishing same like wood.
  1. Molds for tableware’s: Have you wondered how a tea-cup or Dinner sets are made with perfect shapes and size. All Dinnerware and Tablewares are shaped to the required dimensions by using the plaster of Paris mould.
  2. Ceiling designs: Due to the insulating property and adhering properties of plaster of Paris are used to make different designs in the ceiling of the home, Office and other Buildings.
  3.  Manufactured Product: Plaster of Paris is used to manufacture tiles, boards, etc.
  4. Sanitary ware model: Before producing any toilets, Washbasins, Pedestals, and urinals, it is designed using plaster of paris then only it goes for production. This model gives a perfect idea of how the product looks like after firing.
  5. In Medical: Plaster of Paris, which is used in many medical applications because of the non-expanding property.
  6. As we know for broken bones the plaster mixtures are used to hold the areas. So when bone grows, it perfectly aligns with the other bones.
  7. Bandages are made by using plaster of Paris used in the fractured area to step up with to stick or immovable.
  8. Plaster of Paris is used in DE moisturizing equipment, moisture present in the air removed when passed to the plaster perforated plates.
  1. Floor cement: Plaster of Paris is used as a raw material in floor cement manufacturing.
  2. Children can play with Plaster of Paris Material to explore toys in moulds of different shapes, designs.
  3. Plaster of Paris is used to manufacture Colored chalks, Chalks, Chalk Crayons, etc.,
  4. Plaster of Paris is used to recreate a shape of the body in which damaged or accident takes place, For it goes to the burial ground.
  5. Three types of Bandages are made by using plaster of Paris for different types of Fractures; they are Padding, Badly Padding, and Unpadding.
  6. Due to its adherence property Plaster of Paris can be used as a temporary setting for orthopedics such immovable to fractured bones when setting of plaster of takes place.
  7. Plaster of Paris can be easily set by the substance alurn is present, used in the fractured area.
  8. It gives good finishing of the decorated products in ceilings, Partitions, etc.,
  9. In 1600 B.C the sculptures in temples, monuments, architectures and cenotaphs were coated by the plaster of Paris.
  10. In Dentistry: In making of surgical instruments used in dentistry plaster of Paris are used.
  1. After tooth removal the air will not enter into the affected area, so it is filled with Plaster of Paris. By the easily setting property, it aligns to the shape so it will not get cracking, damage etc.,
  2. In the Orthopedics use of Plaster of Paris is making casting, Slabs, Splints i.e. supporting to the bones when the bandage is set in the fractured area.
  3. Plaster of Paris is used to extract cholesterol from the birds from sea and water.
  4. Plaster of Paris is used as a fireproof material; So Plaster of Paris is used in ceilings, partitions, in many buildings such as Big Malls, Temples, Colleges, Offices, etc.
  5. Plaster of Paris can be used in fractured parts such as legs, Hands, It is enfolded with the damaged area to the immobility of bones and it also gives a soft nature.
  6. In Orthopedics: The use of Plaster of Paris to make blocks, Splints, and different type of casts, which are normally used in the fractured area.
  7. Plaster of Paris is used to make Flower vase, Dolls, decorated Piece such as in Moulding items.
  8. Plaster of Paris can be used in the making of fashionable Pendant, Ornaments, Jewels etc.,
  9. Plaster of Paris can be used in making moulds, casts for decorating pieces with a creative and artistic design.
  10. The mixture of plaster of Paris is poured into the impression on the sands, after an hour it’s adhered to sand, can make a model of the impressions. It’s a general activity for the Children.
  11. The plaster of Paris could not Shrinks and expands when the mixtures are in correct proportion to make moulds, casts,
  12. To identify the criminal’s footprints, or any identification, etc. The Plaster of Paris can be poured into a cast, the identification can be predicted out.
  13. Plaster of Paris is used to reproduce the advent of the wooden material, metal parts and stone like statues and sculptures.
  14. Plaster of Paris used in making interior decorations with the materials, it has the property of fire resistance, so the decorations will not damage to the fire quenched.
  15. It is cheap of cost for making an outline to Bronze paintings, metal paintings, the strips, curves are made into sculptures by plaster of Paris are elegant to look.
  16. Plaster of Paris casts are used in dentistry makes an impression of teeth and jaws, after that the dental students can analyze, study the casts for improper alignment of teeth and damaged teeth in Colleges, Universities, etc.
  17. Plaster of Paris has the property of water resistance, the plates, cups, mugs are made and it is washed by water and can also clean with dish wash soap or liquid.
  18. Plaster of Paris can be used to make mould in a paper or plastic container. Keep the flower stem or plastic things such as plant, branches in a container, to uphold over the pot the mixture of plaster of Paris is used.
  19. It makes a thick surface for the casts and it resists from moisture, heat, but not at very high temperature.
  20. Plaster of Paris can be used only in interior decoration not in exterior designs because it will not resist to high temperature.
  21. Plaster of Paris gives a smooth, shining surface, fine finishing and it is used in fine line curves, paintings on walls and ceilings.
  22. Plaster of Paris mixture is applied in the wall, Ceilings or in partitions; the artist can make the extemporary designs.
  23. Plaster of Paris can make mold for the whole body, Parts of the body, etc. to explore in the showrooms, dressings, etc.
  24. It is subjected to very high temperature and not in moisture the molds can be placed for specimens, models. Fire extinguisher should use where the models are kept.
  25. Plaster of Paris can be used as a bite registration of teeth for detecting impression.
  26. To make fossil impressions, Leaves, various design models by using the mixture of plaster of Paris.



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