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What is Orrisa Pan- Explanation


What is Orissa Pan?

Orissa Pan is also known as Eastern Style water closet, Asian Pans, Squatting Pan, CT Pan, It can be used by the Squatting i.e. bending down with knees, and full support is given to the ground level. It is widely used in Eastern countries. It can be flush manually or cistern could be attached with this toilet. In the ancient times the defecation was in the open ground, along the riverside, etc., after that they separated a place for sanitation, privy in a room to squat and it made the Dry toilet without flushing. It made to transmit Contamination diseases, so they installed water pipe in the toilet itself and placed sewage disposal pipe directly connected to underground tank.

1. Below you can see the diagram, It is the Orissa sanitary ware is attached with Cistern tank. It can be flushed out with cistern pipe.

asian pans with cistern 2
asian pans with cistern 2

2. Below you can see the diagram which represents the Orissa Pan is without cistern attached, So we can add a tap in the bathroom.

orissa asian pan 2


First of all we need to know what are the things to be measured in the CAD diagram of Orissa Pan.

1. Overall Size

2. Bowl Size

3. Bowl Depth

4. Flushing depth

5. Size of the Orissa Pan

Accessories :

1. Seat cover: The Orissa Pan Seat covers are made from Plastic material. In which it can be closed or opened manually when it is needed. It is available in various colors. To protect from Insecticides or any particles inside the pan.

asian pan cover

2. S Trap: The S trap system is also the sewage disposal to the drainage, it is connected by the shape of an S under the toilets, but it will drain full water into the pipe and the ventilation pipe is not attached so it makes odor smell.

s trap system

3. P Trap: P Trap System in which used for sewage disposal and for ventilating gases, etc., it is directly connected through the floor pipe to drain and it leaves some water to avoid the sewer gas smell. You can see It is an inverted P shaped trap.

p trap system

4. Footrest: The footrest is used step the foot in the pan to squat. It was made of Ceramic material and it was attached to the squatting Pan itself.

sanitaryware foot rest

5. Cistern: The cistern is made up of Ceramic or Plastic material. In which it consists of flush valve, Siphoned arrangements inside the tank. Used to flush the Soil in the Orissa pan. It needed some small amount of water to flush.

cistern sanitary ware

6. Taps: As we all know, the taps are made up of Steel or plastic. It can be used manually to flush out. Models: The products were undergoes a ssanitaryware production process in a well equipped laboratory and tests takes place.

Sleek models
Designed one
Pans with deep

How to Install:

1. First of all the squatting pans/ Asian Pans toilets have blue print whether it is S Trap or P trap system.
2. Need to Place pans on the floor level, so remove the stones or any cement stones present in the floor.
3. Step up with the Bricks to hold the Asian pans, after that make a hole for the trapping system to drainage pipe and also Ventilating pipe. And use the level meter to ensure the levels of the Orissa pans settled correctly.
4. Put the concreted cement fully around the Pans which should give the tensile strength to the pan.
5. After that Put concreted cement on the floor to give finishing either with tiles or cemented.
6. The Asian Pans are available with Cistern Tank or we can use Water Tap.


1. The Cost of the Squatting pan is low compared to the cost of the European Water closet.
2. No Extra Accessories needed like bolt, etc., Money saving product.
3. Easy to Clean.
4. Occupies a small space, Space saving Products.
5. To Produce superior quality it undergoes various sanitary ware tests.


1. It is not comfortable for elder peoples, and those who have knee problems using water closet than Orissa pan.
2. Cleaning is manual.
3. Fewer models are available
4. Not suitable for Children’s.
5. Water Consumption is more, so it is not an Evergreen Product.
6. It is not easy to install.


  1. Hi venkhatimani
    I would like to knw which countries manufacture the squat pans.
    And do you have a list of the factories that we can deal with. Does turkey also manufacture eastern toilet.

  2. Sir as per many sanitary brand website(jaq,ceera) there are two types of pan orrisa and asian.I am confused which type to choose between for our toilet.What is basic difference? sir please explain in easy way.Thankyou!

  3. Hi sir I am karunakar from Andhrapradesh India we Need toilet pan cover 1000nos my mobile number 9347065918 . 7680000931 plz call

  4. We need about 100 Indian type commode for a village under swacha Bharath Abhiyan. Please send me your quote. payment will be made by us directly.

  5. Which is a preferred system for Asian Pan toilets – P trap or S trap? Does one type of trap have any advantage over the other?


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