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Best 10 Kitchen Sink Brands in India – Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Brand


The Requirement of Kitchen sinks Increasing day by day because of the infrastructure in the house are increasing. Due to Increased Demand for Kitchen Sinks, Many companies started manufacturing kitchen sinks in India. It created competition between companies and many models and different grade stainless steel kitchen sinks are manufactured and quartz sinks are manufactured. So in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Kitchens sink brands/manufacturers in India and Their different types of products, designs and options they offering for customers.

The reason to know these details before you buy a kitchen sink will help to choose a better kitchen sink for your kitchen. And also it helps you decide which brand you should go and choose a brand suitable for your need. Every kitchen sink brands listed here have some unique options for their customers that is why they came top out of 100 of kitchen sinks manufacturers. The reason A kitchen sink is important because it adds a modern or classy look to your house the way you want. Ideally choosing a kitchen sink when building the home itself.

All the brands are not in any particular order. The list is not rank wise list, as every company has its own unique advantages, you can choose which is suitable for you.  

Here is the list of Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India


This company has been marked as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of kitchen sinks in India. Its primary product is the Composite quartz granite kitchen sinks. In addition, it also produces stainless steel kitchen sinks. Apart from the kitchen sink brands, it also deals with faucets and allied products to provide holistic solutions to its customers. Carysil exclusively involved in the manufacturing and sale of kitchen sinks in our country. They produce sinks & built-in appliances, professional kitchen equipment etc., 

carysil quartz kitchen sink brand

Key facts:

  • The company was established in the year 1987.
  • It is headquartered at Bhavnagar, Gujarat.
  • The products of this company have been exported to more than 25 countries.
  • This company is the owner of a prestigious ISO 9001 quality certificate.
  • The company name is Acrysil and the brand name is Carysil.
  •  This company is increasing the number of installed capacity of manufacturing kitchen sinks year by year.


The main aim of this company is to provide a perfect sink to add splendor and grace to the kitchen. This has been now marked as one of the top leading and reputed manufacturer of kitchen sinks and accessories. It strives hard to process a distinct brand identity “Futura”.

In addition to the kitchen sinks, it also produces faucets, chopping board, basket, drainer kit, waste coupling etc., This has now introduced recent finishing techniques to add aesthetic appeal.

futura best kitchen sink brand

Key facts:

  • This company was established in the year 1997.
  • This company was seen with the high vision of delivering a good product to the customers.
  • This company offers products from the regular market.
  • The registered office city was located in Bangalore.
  • The registered state of this company in Karnataka,
  • The various kitchen sinks from this company are
  • Intelligent sink series
  • Designer kitchen series
  • Dura series
  • Food waste disposer
  • Hand-carved series  
  • The main business activity is manufacturing with an authorized capital of Rs. 200 lakhs.


This company was exclusively known to combine the highest quality materials with unique design features. In addition, it also uses finishing techniques.

franke kitchen sink brands

Key facts:

  • This company was founded in the year 1911.
  • This company was headquartered at Aurbg, Switzerland.
  • The CEO of this company was Patrik Wohlhauser.
  • The number of employees comprises about 10,500in 68 companies around the world.
  • This company produces a wide variety of kitchenware products such as sinks, hoods, tables, stoves, ovens etc.,
  • The other products include Franke foodservice system, Franke washroom system, Franke Coffee system, Franke beverage system etc.,
  • This company uses an all-new as well as unique technology to make intelligent products and making the life of consumers easy and comfortable and simpler.


This company is providing the customers with every possible convenience. It exclusively offers world’s most advanced appliances in widest ranges.

kaff top kitchen sink brand

Key facts:

  • This company provides a healthy and clean article.
  • In addition, it is of designer’s dream hence stands unique from others.
  • The products of this company are of premium quality and finest range.
  • The main production is the kaff built-in kitchen system.
  •  The major product of this company includes cooker hoods chimney, built in hobs, built-in ovens, built in microwaves, built-in refrigerators, wine cooler etc.,
  • This company was headquartered at Gurgaon.
  • Kaff exclusively offers world-class, energy efficient technology.


This company has been marked as one of the oldest manufacturers of kitchen sinks for over 3 decades. This exclusively produces high quality stainless steel kitchen sinks.  

neelkanth best stainless steel kitchen sink brand

Key facts:

  • This company was incorporated in 1997.
  • The directors of this company are Charu Khandalwal, Seema Arora, Manish Khandalwal and Sheetal Khandalwal.
  • The authorized share capital and paid capital is Rs. 1,500,000.
  • The corporate identification number of Neelkanth Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is U01100DL1997PTC088740.
  • The registration number is 88470.
  • The exclusive products of this company was mainly home appliances including designer sinks, stateline handmade sinks, double bowl sinks, undermount sinks, die pressed sinks, wash basin etc.,


Hafele is an international company which provides hardware, fitting systems, electronic locking systems etc., This company owns its customers all around the world. Everyone relies on Hafele because of its expertise and performance.

haefele best kitchen sink manufacturer

Key facts:

  • This company was established in the year 1923.
  • This company has been headquartered at Nagold, Germany.
  • This company includes a total of 150 countries as its customers.
  •  The products of this company bring innovations in the manufacturing technology.
  • The added advantage of the products from this company is that they provide 2 years warranty against faulty workmanship or manufacturing defect.
  • The products are kitchen sinks & faucets, furniture fittings, buildings, and hardware supply industries.
  • This produces a wide variety of sinks including single bowl sinks, double bowl sinks, corner sinks, round bowl sinks, faucets etc.,
  • By using this company’s products, the daily chaos of cooking and cleaning is made enthusiastic and interesting.


The products of this company are of international standard. It has created high quality and innovative sinks for unprecedented levels of style and function. The products manufactured are finished to protection, emphasized on function and customer service.

Key facts:

anupama kitchen sink company brand
  • The company name is Garg Sons India Pvt. Ltd.,
  • This company was started in the year 1990.
  • It headquartered at New Delhi, India.
  • This company has been marked as one of the leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel kitchen sinks under the brand name of Anupam.
  •  It has launched a totally new concept of “Intellidrain” and “Luxury Sinks” series.
  •  This company’s exquisite varieties are stainless steel kitchen sinks, luxury sinks, faucets, hobs, hoods, and other kitchen accessories.


This company has acquired a double status of being the country’s no.1 and largest selling brand in our country. The products are known to overwhelm its recognition in Europe, USA, Vietnam, Kenya, and Srilanka. The products of this company were known for its innovation, style, and durability.

nirali stainless steel kitchen sink companies

Key facts:

  • This company has a strong nation wide sales force.
  • It has an average of about 2000 dealer network across the country.
  • It has a constant endeavor towards innovation and precision engineering.
  • Because of this, this company is the ultimate choice today and also in the future.
  • The types of sinks include Omni, Olympia, Luxor, Elegance, Orante, Opal, Maxus etc.,

Cera India:

This company offers a wide spectrum of experience through an extensive range of products. In addition to the Sanitaryware, it also produces a wide range of faucets, tiles, shower products, kitchen sinks, and personal care products.

cera kitchen sink manufacturers brand

Key facts:

  • This company is valid across 32 countries across the European Union.
  • This company remains as one of the most preferred premium brands.
  • This is the most powerful brands in the country with ‘Indian Power Bank Award’.
  • The appliances made by this company have won several awards raising the market of the company.
  • The major products are Sanitaryware, faucets, tiles, washbasins, sinks etc.,


Hindware companies are leading and premium appliances providing major home-based products in India. Their products are both elegant and impressive. With its highly efficient and astonishing efforts, it produces sinks with health and hygiene. In addition, it is safest for prolonged and continuous use. They make products with highly recommended food grade accessories.

hindware ktichen sink company brand

Key facts:

  • The company name is Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Limited (HSIL) and the brand name is Hindware.
  • This has been emerged as one of the leading names in the Indian market by its innovation.
  • This company was started in the year 1960.
  • The other brands are Raasi and Benelave established in the year 1999 and 2011 respectively.
  • It is an ISO 9001: 2000 certificated company received by building product division.
  • The pillars of this company are customer satisfaction, product innovation, and quality control.
  • The major productions of this company are
  • Chimney Hoods
  • Cooktops
  • Water heater
  • Air cooler
  • Sinks
  • Built in Hobs
  • Cooking range
  • Induction cooktops
  • Faucets


This company is one of the leading top sanitary ware brand in India. It has been marked as one of the well known and longstanding brand in the kitchen and bath industry.

roca parryware kitchen sink manufacturers

Key facts:

  • This company was started in the year 1952.
  • This was started under East India Design (EID) Parry in Ranipet.
  • It has entered a joint venture in 2006 with Roca Corporations.
  • The technological excellence extends to all the factories around the world.
  • They develop and manufacture new products in order to maintain their leading position I the industrial and technological capacity.
  • The major products of this company are sinks, faucets, Sanitaryware, taps, washbasins, wellness, electronic toilets, seat covers etc.,

We have seen major Kitchen sink brands in India. If you plan to buy a kitchen sink then check out the Kitchen sink price in India.



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