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Bathtub Price in India- New Price List of Hindware,Cera,Jaquar & Kohler


 Are you planning to buy a bathtub for your house?  And wondering what will be the price of the bathtub in India? Then this article got you covered. We have listed various brands of the bathtub price in India. We also explained in this article about the features and checklist for you to consider while buying the bathtub.

Bathtubs are considered as expensive item once. And it is not common to be found on Indian bathrooms. But it is not true anymore. bathtubs become more budget-friendly and bathtubs are becoming a part of bathrooms.


We wrote this article for you to understand the bathtub price in India and to understand the feature and options available. We can see the company wise price list for the adult bathtubs and also size.

We have Curated All major companies Bathtub price in India, So That you don’t have to spend hours of time searching all over the internet for bathtub price. You can find all the price here in one place.

bathtubs are normally made of ceramic or acrylics. Ceramic bathtubs are made using fine fire clay and the price and weight of the bathtubs are high compared to the acrylic type of bathtubs. And ceramic bathtubs are fragile during transportation. The acrylic is light in weight and durable and has a good life and cheap in price compared to the ceramic bathtub. Because of the high cost involved with the manufacturing of the ceramic bathtub is very less in India. The bathtubs witch we are going to see are made using acrylic materials.

When you buy a bathtub various factor you need to consider other than the price of the bathtub. They are size and features of the bathtubs. Size is an important factor because you need to be comfortable in the bathtub. Ending up buying a small size bathtub for you is a thing we don’t want. All bathtubs are manufactured keeping an adult size in mind but some people feel more comfortable if they have more space.

We are going to compare the below company bathtub price in India

Hindware Bathtub price:

Formerly know as Hindustan sanitaryware limited is a top sanitaryware company in India. Hindware provides A to Z bathroom solutions in India.

Hindware collection on bathtub models also great to cover their customer requirement. Hindware caters to all range of customers from top to high range, including their bathtub ranges. Hindware provides 6 types of Drop-in bathtubs.

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From the price list of hindware bathtubs, we can see that hindware offer economical and best price bathtub in industry. If you want to look for spacious bathtub we recommend for the “staruss” model bathtub because of the size and also if you looking for space saving chose the “vintage” model bathtub. If you looking for the cheap price you can go for “Marina” Model bathtub. The price is referenced for the hindware price list for 2018 from Tamilnadu, please refer to the nearest hindware dealer to confirm the price.Jaquar Bathtub Price In India:Jaquar is one of the best Faucets brands in India. Jaquar Offers bathtubs at the best price. Jaquar provides drop in and stand-alone bathtubs. What is the difference between the drop-in and stand-alone bathtub? Drop-in bathtubs require support by the wall or some construction and the stand-alone bathtubs does not require any support. The stand-alone bathtub is supported by the side and the front panel.Jaquar offers different models of baths tubs to cover the requirement of the customers and they offer in different sizes. They also offer a bathtub in round shape and corner shape to save space in your bathroom.Jaquar offers to buy the bath tub separatly and if required you can buy the front and side panel for the support. But the drain value is compulsory[table “168” not found /]
Suggestion on the jaquar bathtub: The more spacious bathtub in jaguar series is vignette prime. It is best for adults who looking for more spacious in the bathtub. The smallest bathtub is “fonte round” model. the price all refernced from the jaquar pricelist catalouge. please visit the nearest jaquar deal to get the best price for your budget. Cera Bathtub Price in India:Cera is one of the best sanitaryware brands in India. Cera name is one of the king in the bathroom sector in India. Cera offers 4 models of Stand-alone bathtubs and one model of the drop-in model bathtub. The stand-alone model comes with the front and side panel as an included item in the bathtub.Cera also offers the products to buy online. You can visit the Cera official website to buy any of the following bathtubs online. Now we can see the price of bathtubs for Cera. the price is refenced from the officla cera website. please visit your nearest delaer to get discount on the below product.[table “149” not found /]
Suggestion on the Cera bathtub: If you are looking for big adult bathtub go for the “cony” model. The same cony model is a low and best price bathtub for adults.Kohler Bathtub Price In IndiaKohler is a Premium brand in the bathroom industry. Kohler Smart toilets are the best in technology at the current trend. Kohler offers Freestanding Bathtubs and Drop-in bathtubs for their customers with additional optional items. Now we can see the price of bathtubs from Kohler India.[table “185” not found /]
Suggestion on the Kohler bathtub: if you plan for a luxurious bathtub then go for the Kohler bathtubs. Big size bathtub in Kohler collection is “evok” and “ove” models. If you plan for the best space then go for the “Emerald” model. All price are referenced from the Kohler India website, you can get a big discount from the maximum retail price (MRP) when you contact the show near to you. Roca – Parryware Bathtub price in India:Roca is a Spain based multi-nation company. Parryware is a brand name of Roca. Roca provides multiple choice for the customers. They provide Steel bathtub with ceramic coating, acrylic bathtub and cast iron bathtub. You can get the Roca Parry ware product in all metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Roca has 15 models in these above category bathtubs. The price range(MRP) of bathtubs from 21,000 Rupees to 12,50,000 Rupees. you can get discount from the MRP when you visit the dealers in the showroom. Now we can see the price of Roca parry ware bathtub in India.

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Price all are MRP. Roca covers everything on the bathtub series.Johnson Bathtub price In India;Johnson is a famous Tiles brand in India. They also sell the bathtub in their bathroom wellness collection. They sell only the freestanding bathtub in their collection. Johnson has four variations of the model to satisfy their customers need. Now we can see the four model bathtub price from the johnson bathrooms.[table “190” not found /]

All the johnson bathtubs come with 5 years of warranty. All bathtubs are coated with 4 mm thickness of acrylic to give a lasting color to the bathtub.Jacuzzi Bathtub price in India:Many companies in India provides Jacuzzi type bathtubs in India. The price of a jacuzzi bathtub in India varies based o the companies. Jacuzzi is a whirlpool massage type bathtub. Whirlpool massage bathtubs are expensive based on the features they have. Now we can see some of the Jacuzzi whirlpool provided by major brands and the price of a jacuzzi bathtub in India.
Hindware brand Features: all the hindware products have whirlpool hydro massage, inline heater, Electrical leakage protectors, water level; sensor and etc..Romania Brand features: you can buy online, free home delivery, on-line water heater, Multiple colour LED light for chromotherapy , 5-year warranty and etc..Price of a bathtub in India — Factors Deciding the Price:Brand:Brand value is a deciding factor for the price. Same material, same size bathtubs will have a different rate because of the brand. The brand values come from the quality standard they have maintained for years. The trust they built with the customers and the dealers from the beginning. Their after sales service for the customer and every other thing that the company has to offer for the customers. Brand value is like a guaranty card; the price will be more when the trust is more because the company is doing many things to keep the confidence. That does not mean a high price product is always a good brand product. A good company still maintains the best price for them and also for the customer. A good brand company never keeps a price that their customer can’t accept. If they hold a high price without any reason, then they will go out of the business soon. Bathtub Material:

The price depends on the material the bathtub is made. Different materials are used to manufacture the bathtubs. Majority of bathtubs are made using acrylic or steel with a ceramic coating or cast iron. At present, the acrylic bathtubs are widely available bathtub because of the price and the easy manufacturing process. The acrylic bathtubs are more economical bathtubs compared to steel and cast-iron bathtubs. The life and sturdiness of steel and cast-iron bathtub are much better than the acrylic bathtub. All Steel and cast iron bathtubs are free standing bathtubs because of their strength. However, you can get a drop-in or freestanding acrylic bathtub based on your requirement.Size of bathtub:You can get a simple bathtub for one or-couple bathtub or bathtub for groups. Bathtubs are available in a variety of size and shapes. You can choose the size and shape you the price of the bathtub varies based on the size you need. The price increases based on the scale.Quality of the bathtub:Quality means defect-free surface, Glossy Finish and Good strength.Features of bathtub:Nowadays the bathtub is not just a simple bathtub. There are multiple features you can get from the bathtub like automatic water level sensor, temperature controller, in-line heater, remote to control everything, FM radio, attached LCD TV, water jets for massage, etc.. Every feature adds cost to the bathtub. However, the price comes with more comfort for you.Conclusion:We have seen four companies bathtub price here. Every company offer different features, different options and price. We hope you found the details you looking for. If you have any queries post on the below comment section, We will clear your concerns. learn also about the bio-toilets. know the Kohler veil price in India.Note: Although we tried to be best as accurate in this article, mistakes may be possible. So please refer to the respective companies to confirm the specifications and price.


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