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Ceramics are everywhere! In our day to day life definitely, we use ceramics. When thinking of ceramics most of the people say that ceramics are just used for making pottery, it is not a fact! Let us see in this article where the ceramics are really used for!

pottery uses of ceramics
pottery uses of ceramics


Used to make decorative and household products, symmetric objects like plates, cup and saucer, flowerpot, pot, vessels.

whitewares uses of ceramics
whitewares uses of ceramics

3White wares

It is used to produce crucibles, Sparkplug, dishes, Electrical insulators like high voltage insulators and low voltage insulators and high-class potteries

stoneware uses of ceramics
stoneware uses of ceramics

4Stone wares

Stone wares are mainly used to construct sewage pipes, public lavoritaries, underground cable sheathings, drainage pipes, valves and pumps in chemical industries



As we know ceramic tiles are used for construction works. It is used to cover the surface of floor, wall, and ceilings. Nowadays tiles are also used for decorative purposes as it is utilized for the interior and exterior finishing works.
Based on the need both the glazed and unglazed tiles used.
Porcelain tiles are durable and highly resistant to water (water absorption is nearly 0.5%). So these types of tiles are preferred in indoor bathrooms and kitchens
Quarry tiles are very hard and they don’t break easily, so they are fit for outdoor uses.
Terracotta tiles are unglazed tiles which are hard and unglazed, thus they are used in both indoor and outdoor applications

insulator uses of ceramics
insulator uses of ceramics


Porcelain is used to manufacture
 Crucibles
 Electrical insulators
 Porcelain Tiles
 Used in tunnels and subway
 Porcelain enamel is used to coat water heater sinks, bathtubs, stoves, grills
 Food and agricultural industries



Used to produce plates, glasses, bowls, mugs, utensils, dinnerware,


Refractory is used as a lining material in
– Foundries
– Kilns – batch kiln, tunnel kiln, shaft kiln, rotary kiln
– Furnace- basic oxygen furnace, electric arc furnace
– Driers
– Coke Oven
– Cement rotary kilns
– Combustion chamber lining of BF stoves
– Incinerators
– Tundish impact plates
– Slide gate valves
– Pushing blocks
– Reactors
– Slide gates for the furnace, ladle and tundishes in continuous casting nozzles
– Hearth and wall of calcium carbide furnace
– Tundish nozzle
– Roof, sidewall and hearth of arc furnace
– Sidewall and hearth of copper converter
– Boilers and heaters
– Furnace tubes
– Peephole blocks
– Continuous casting nozzles
– Port baffle blocks
– Reverberatory furnace
– Iron and steel ladles
– tundish
Used to manufacture
– Glass tank crowns
– Refractory bricks
– Glass tank walls
– The roof of open hearth furnace
– Coke oven wall
– Upper checker wall of blast stove
– Surface flame deflector systems for rocket launch structures
– Dome of blast stove
– Moulds for casting glass and metals
– Regenerators

ceramic fibre spun wool fire thermal insulation.
ceramic fibre spun wool fire thermal insulation.

9Ceramic fibres

Used as a refractory insulating material in
– Ladle preheaters, intermediate insulation in blast furnace stove and coke oven door seals of iron and steel industries.
– Feeder channel, melter side wall, crown and refiner in a glass tank
– Bottom of kiln cars
– Ladle liners, lining launders in aluminium industries

bioceramics uses of ceramics
bioceramics uses of ceramics


Bioceramics are widely used in the medical field such as
 Bone replacement
 Hip replacement
 Joint replacement
 Spinal surgery cages filling
 Metaphysical fractures
 Dental implants
 Cystectomy filling
 Pulp Capping
 osteotomies
 Inner ear ossicles
 Maxillofacial surgeries
 Alveolar bone filling
 Periodontal defects filling
 Orthopaedic load bearing coatings
 Bone cement
 Acetabulum reconstruction
 Drug delivery system
 Orthodontics anchors


Abrasives are mainly used for polishing, grinding, surface finishing and cutting operations.

Raw material uses:


• Since the toughness is lower, it is used in the lightweight finishing applications.
• Bigger grit gives rough finish hence used for surface grinding
• Smaller grits posses smooth finish and used for fine finishing applications.


• Emery is also known as black sand
• It is a blocky grain, thus used in polishing operations


• Used in wood products finishing applications
• Used for wood finishing, metal finishing and flat glass surface finishing applications


• It is the hardest material.
• Used as a diamond cutting wheels for glass and stone cutting, ceramic tool cutting, cemented carbide tool cutting.

Silicon carbide

• Used for grinding and polishing applications.
• Used for cutting operations, cold cutting
• Used for grinding operations

Uses of abrasive
Used in
o Internal combustion engine valve stems
o Sewing needles
o Tungsten rod for contact points
o Rice polishing
o Stack removals
o Axle shafts
o Spark plug electrodes
o Metal cutting
o Ceramic tool cutting
o Piston rings
o Copper rod for soldering guns
o Sanding operations

12Monolithic Refractory

Monolithic refractories are used in
 Iron and steel making
 Blast furnace cast house
 Insulating material
 Coke Ovens
 Continuous casting tundish
 Steel ladle
 Tilting runner
 Cement Kilns
 Hydrocarbon processing
 Waste incinerators
 Municipal incinerators
 Industrial incinerators
 Anchors
 Basic oxygen furnace
 Electrical arc furnace
 Blast furnace
 Cyclones of petroleum refineries
 Boiler tube protection
 Electric furnace roofs
 Rotary kiln
 Iron and slag runners
 Thermal power plants
 Reheat furnace hearths
 Fluid beds
 Iron ladles
 Foundries
 Soaking pits
 Thermal power station boilers
 Foundry troughs
 Induction furnace

Glass Aluminium Casement Windows.
Glass Aluminium Casement Windows.


Glasses are everywhere! Mainly used in
• Construction field like Window glass, insulation, facades, shelves, tables
• For making laboratory equipment like beakers, test tubes, measuring cylinders, burette, pipette, flasks, thermometers
• Fibre optic cables
• Tube lights and bulbs
• Automobiles like Car windows, mirror, front and back lights, aircraft, ships
• Mirrors
• Appliances and electronics like oven doors, Television screen, computer screens, smartphone screens
• Crowns in glass tank furnace
• Solar energy glass and wind turbine
• Insulation purposes
• Jewels
• Optical fibres
• Eye Spectacles and contact lens
• Telescope lenses
• Solar panels
• Tablewares like dinner plates, cups, saucers, bowls
• Furniture making
• Modular kitchen


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