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Laboratory Tests in Sanitaryware

To ensure the final quality of the product various laboratory tests in sanitaryware carried out in production process. are being carried out by the laboratory in a sanitary ware production process to ensure the Quality of the Final product. And testing starts from raw material discharge area up to Dispatch. This test are very important to keep the rejection rate low in production as most the problem can be found at the initial stage and eliminated immediately.  Find the below list of tests carried out in sanitary ware lab to ensure the quality.

  1. Clay test (Plastic materials)
  2. Moisture content in clay
    • Alkali demand test
    • Residue test
    • Shrinkage test
    • Loss of ignition test(LOI)
    • Water absorption
    • Casting rate
    • MOR
    • Iron test
  3. Quartz /Feldspar test (Non-plastic materials)
    • Residue test
    • Iron test
    • Moisture test
    • Cone test
  4. Glaze test
    • Fired glaze color test
    • Residue test
    • Iron test
  5. Slip test
    • Density/Specific Gravity
    • Flow
    • Thixotropy
    • Residue test
    • Shrinkage test
    • Warpage
    • MOR
    • Permeability test
  6. Glaze test
    • Density/Specific Gravity
    • Viscosity
    • Drying time
    • Flow test
    • Color matching
    • Residue test
    • PSD test
  7. Plaster of Paris test
    • Residue test
    • Initial and final setting time
    • MOR
    • Exothermic temperature measurement
    • Absorption percentage
  8. Fired ware test
    • Water absorption test
    • Crazing test
    • Thermal Shock Resistance
    • Citric/Chemical Resistant test

Above test are common in Sanitaryware Industry laboratories. SOP is created for every Test to ensure the test are carried by proper procedure.

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