25 Defects in Sanitaryware Manufacturing

Defects in Sanitaryware affect the yield of production. We have listed common defects in sanitaryware which may arise from Raw materials, handling or process.

  1. Cracks –One of the major defect found in the Sanitaryware production process. Separation/Split of Sanitaryware surface without breaking apart.
  2. Blisters – Blistering is sharp-edged burst bubble. Can be found in fired ware.
  3. Crazing – Crack in glaze surface area.
  4. Pinhole – Small holes in the ware.
  5. Poor finish – Improperly finished ware at the green stage which is found after firing.
  6. Improper/Defective logo – Logo is not properly printed or positioned.
  7. Iron specks –Iron speck found in Glaze surface. The defect can be found after firing.
  8. Stuck – two or more wares stuck together during the firing of ware.
  9. Chipping – Small Broken piece from the ware.
  10. Light glaze – less glaze in ware than necessary.
  11. Heavy glaze – More glaze in ware than necessary.
  12. Wavy glaze – Wavy ness of glaze due to improper glaze application.
  13. Crawling – Small portion of the glaze separates from ware leaving the ware exposed.
  14. Leakage – Leak found in ware during water-filled and flushed.
  15. Poor repair – Defect due to poor repairing at various stages at the process.
  16. Pitting – Small pits in glaze found after firing.
  17. Matte glaze/under fired – Improperly fired or Matte glaze in ware.
  18. Warpage – Bending in ware.
  19. Sulphuring – Dull scum on glaze surface found after firing.
  20. Knocked Glaze – Glaze knocked off during the process.
  21. Color fading – Color disappearing after firing.
  22. Bloating – Gas bubble trapped in the body during firing.
  23. Blown out – Impurities burns out during firing.
  24. Dunting – Crack formed at silica inversion stage and the glaze filled the crack.
  25. Peeling – Glaze lift away from the body.

Did we cover all defects? Put your thought below at comment section. Let us find 40 Lab tests involved in Sanitaryware, also Sanitaryware Production Process
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11 thoughts on “25 Defects in Sanitaryware Manufacturing

  1. Avatar
    Md Abul Kalam Azad says:

    Hello Mr. Venkatmani,
    I have recently joined at ceramic sanitary ware industry as supply chain Manager.
    Mostly responsible for quality raw materials supply.
    I badly need the evaluation system for ensuring quality of raw materials.
    Hope, your shared documents will help me a lot.

    Md Abul Kalam Azad

  2. Avatar

    it is very nice i like it
    but i need remedies of that defects.
    please help me i m a ceramic student

  3. Avatar

    i have been through all your sanitarywae blogs they are quite good.
    Pls also suggest solution for these defects.

  4. Avatar
    P.HORNE says:

    Sir, I have just had a basin installed which can now be seen to have a crack visible under the glaze. It has been infilled and not very noticeable. Is this a common type of repair or should I be concerned by it.

  5. Avatar
    JOHN says:

    I would like to know whether scrub test for sanitary wares. If so, it is according to which international standard. Most of the MNC are not mentioning this test in their website. Please clarify to me

    Thanking you

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    KRITI says:

    Hi, Venkatmani. We wish to start our own business in Sanitary Ware segment. However, we want to know more about the feasibility of we manufacturing vs we rebranding and selling the range with our brand name. Pls get in touch with us.

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