Which is Best Tiles or Mosaic | 13 Differences


Which is best Tiles or Mosaic, We think everyone is struggling at this point. Which would be better for our dream homes. But now you have a solution of this question. In this article we will help to know the differences between the Tiles and Mosaic.

What is Tiles?

Clay or ceramic-based material came from French word “Tuile” which in term from the latin word “Tegula” meaning a roof tile composed of fired clay.

Which is Best Tiles or Mosaic
Which is Best Tiles or Mosaic

What is Mosaic?

It is a combination of small irregular tiles such as colored stones, ceramics elements, glass pieces made into a single piece after firing.   

Which is Best Tiles or Mosaic
Which is Best Tiles or Mosaic

Which is best Tiles or Mosaic – Differences

1Less Decorative worksMore Decorative works were done
2The cost is really low, and the product is readily available.Little bit expensive compared to mosaic
3They are less likely to absorb moisture and strainsThey were easily attacked by strains except glass and porcelain Mosaics
4Maintenance is Easier compared to mosaic tilesMaintenance is Difficult
5Due to Vitrification process, it is having Anti- bacterial propertyNo Vitrification happens
6Installation cost is highInstallation cost is cheaper
7Tiles prone to scratches and chippingsMosaic doesn’t under chipping because it’s durable than tiles
8Tiles were also used for interior designs but compared to mosaic it is lessEspecially developed for interior designs such as Swimming pools, Bedroom, kitchens, etc.
9Now-a-days tiles were also becoming eco-friendly productsMosaic were always eco-friendly products because they were recycling
10Gives Smoother and Glittering finish due to its glaze applicationDue to its nature, they are similar to stones textures
11Having More brittle natureHaving very less brittle nature
12This product is not suitable for use in regions where there is a lot of water.Best suitable for Swimming pools, Bathrooms, etc.
13It little bit stuck in moldHighly resistance to mold. Easily get rid of it
Which is Best Tiles or Mosaic


The contrasts between tiles and mosaic used for flooring were examined here. It is up to you to determine if you will use your products in more water areas or on other flooring inside the home, based on your requirements. We’ll talk again shortly.

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