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Every modern home necessitates the installation of flooring. We will assist you in deciding on the best flooring option for your home. We’ll go through which is best Tiles or Marble or Granite in this article so you can pick the best option for your modern home.

Which is best Tiles or Marble or Granite
Which is best Tiles or Marble or Granite

What is Tiles?

Tiles are mainly made up of ceramic and also natural clay, it is used for floor and roof covering purpose and it is also available in different types of slabs, shape and sizes.

What is Marble?

Marbles are made up of white crystal calcite and medium grained mica are used and it have good shinning texture design. Marbles are mainly used in building, statuary and museum.

What is Granite?

Granite is made up of minerals like rocks, quartz, feldspar and amphiboles. Granite is mainly used for both indoor and outdoor flooring purposes and it is used in bridges, monuments and exterior projects.

Which is best Tiles or Marble or Granite – Differences

  S. No  Tiles  Marble  Granite
  1)Tiles are made up of natural clay, porcelain and ceramics.Marbles are made up of pure form of limestone.  Granite is made of hard rocks and stones.  
  2)Tiles come in a variety of designs and finishes, with the best shine and polish.Marble seems to have a slick, rough finish.Granite has a very stylish appearance and a crystalline finish.
  3)Requires More maintenanceMaintenance is less  Maintenance is low  
  4)Tiles have a lower porosity than other materials.Marbles have a higher porosity.Granite has a lower porosity.
  5)The majority of tiles are water resistant.Because of its porous surface, marble absorbs water.Granite is naturally water resistant and resists moisture.
  6)Tiles have a shorter lifespan.Marbles have a lifespan of over 25 years.Granite has a life expectancy of more than 30 years.
  7)Tiles are inexpensive.Marble is a little more expensive.The price of granite is higher.
  8)The tiles are easy to handle.Marble is a heavier material to work with.It takes a lot of strength to work with granite.
  9)Tiles have a medium lifespan.Marble of higher quality has a longer lifespan.Granites have a prolonged lifespan.
  10)Corners have a proclivity for chipping.Corners are less prone to chipping.Corners are less likely to chip away at the edges.
  11)The method of installing tiles is simple.Marbles are a little tricky to set up.The installation of granite flooring necessitates experience.
  12)Tiles having more slippery surface when exposed to spillsMarbles having less tendency to spillsGranite also having less tendency to spills
Which is best Tiles or Marble or Granite


As promised, we went over the key differences between tiles, marble, and granite. You can select the finest alternative for your dream home based on your preferences. Until then, stay tuned for more new articles. 

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