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Are you looking for a perfect flooring for your homes and do you know which is best tiles or Italian marble? Great, you arrived your destination. In this article, we’ll look at the differences between tiles and Italian marble in more detail.

What are Tiles?

Tiles are the clay-based materials which will be available widely in many parts of the world. These vitrified tiles having it glossy glaze tends to attract peoples and gave a rich finish to our interiors works.

Which is Best Tiles or Granite

What is Italian Marble?

It is one of the very fine nerve like textured marble designs available in the market and it will be lustrous too. It basically attracts our eyes that it tends to reveal those nerves as a 3d Structure and it considers to be a feast to your eyes.

Which is best Tiles or Italian marble? | 12 Differences | 1

Which is best Tiles or Italian marble – Differences

Now we a going to see what are all the major differences between the tiles and the Italian marble as follows

  S. No  Tiles  Italian Marble
  1)  Tiles are made of ceramic material.    Italian marble is made of natural stone.
  2)  Cost is cheaper than marble.  Marbles are more expensive.
  3)  Tiles have non-porous properties.   Marbles have flaunted porous properties.
  4)  Tiles does not absorb any water or liquid.  Marbles have high water absorb rate.
  5)  Tiles are stain resistance.  Marbles are lead to stain resistance.
  6)  Durability of tiles is short life.  Durability of marble life in more than tiles.
  7)  The tile has a glossy, matt, and multicolored appearance.  Marbles look has rich and royal finish.
  8)  Tiles can be purchased ready-made and it will be installed instantly.  Marble slabs can lay on floor that will consumes time and costly process.
  9)  Maintenance of tiles is easy.  Maintenance is required periodically.  
  10)  Less Lustrous nature.  High Lustrous Nature and detailed designs
  11)  Tendency to chip off at cornersLess Tendency to chip off
  12)  Tiles price is range from Rs. 28 to Rs. 327 per square feet.  Italian marble cost Rs. 650 to Rs. 1000 per square feet.  
Which is best Tiles or Italian marble


We’ve finally arrived at our conclusion. The 12 distinctions between tiles and Italian marble are listed above. We hope that this knowledge assists you in overcoming the barriers in your thoughts and ensuring that you make the best decision for your dream homes.                       

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