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Flooring is one of the essential needs for every home. Everybody is having a hard time deciding whether to use Tile or Granite in their houses. But you’re in luck because, in this post, we’ll explain the key differences between tiles and granite, which will help you choose the best option, as your mind suggests.

Which is Best Tiles or Granite Differences?

Here you can see the difference between the tiles and granite as follows,

1Tiles are naturally Water ResistanceIn granites they use sealants to produce water resistance property
2Less PorosityMore Porosity
3It’s a Low budget productIt’s little bit expensive
4Requires High MaintenanceRequires Low Maintenance
5Tiles having many variations in terms of colors, finishes, patterns and styles.But Marble has limited variations. It is marked by irregular and color variation.
6Ceramic Tiles are moisture resistance and it suits best for wet area flooring purposesGranite has molecular density and it is one of the hardest and most durable natural stone
7It can be consider as a better “DIY’er(Do it Yourself) Product”It is little bit difficult
8A man made product with sand, natural materials, and clays are used to make ceramic tiles.A metamorphic rock with mainly quartz and feldspar are present with minor amounts of amphiboles and other minerals in the mix.
9Less PermeabilityMore Permeability
10Due to it more Brittleness they easy got damaged by foreign objectsIt is harder when compared to tiles and from foreign objects
11Due to its shining glazed surface it makes the surface be slipperyThis is a natural rock mineral so less slippery than tiles
12Life span for tiles is lessLife span is higher due to its hardness
Which is Best Tiles or Granite Differences?

Tile vs Granite Gallery

 Here you find the difference between the tiles vs marble as follow,

Which is Best Tiles or Granite
Which is Best Tiles or Granite? | 12 Differences | 1


Both Tiles and Granite stands for ideal building material application for both Indoor and Outdoor design projects. But according to your specific application you can get idea for choosing a right product from the above differences and make a use of it. It’s in your hands. See you in another interesting article.

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