What is White Cooling Tiles | 7 Detailed Advantages & Disadvantages |


In this Modern Technological world we all beware of Cooling tiles but Do you know what is White Cooling Tiles. Is there some thing special in these types of tiles. In this article we’ll discuss about what is white cooling tiles and it is different from other Cooling tiles in detail

White Cooling Tiles

Every one of us know what is the use of cooling tiles. Yes it reduce temperature, that’s it right. But this tiles done more than that. These type of tiles not only reduce heat in rainy days it’s acts as a water repellent. This white Cooling tiles are coated with a special material which is having a High (SRI) Solar Reflective Index so that maximum amount of heat is relfected at the roof surface. Even you can walk in your bare foots at noon also.

White Cooling Tiles
White Cooling Tiles

What is Solar Relefctive Index (SRI) ?

This is the measure of Solar Radiation which falls on a surface (Here Tiles Surface) Which got reflected and also the emissivity of the Surface. Heat Absorbed is inversly propotional to SRI. So this Indicator helps to measure the how much Reflecting power does this Surface having and it’s meaured on scale from 0 to 100.

Application of White cooling tiles

These type of tiles are installed mostly at the rooftop of the building to prevent the heat dissipation into the building.

Advantages of Roof Tiles

  • Due to its High SRI Value it reflects most of the UV Radiation comes from the sun.
  • In Rainy Days due to its wettable nature it doesn’t allow the water to penetrate inside the roof ( For Better Results you should put a concrete layer beneath these tiles layer)
  • It doesn’t allow any bacterial or fungal infection over the surface of the roof tiles so we call it stain-free tiles.
  • This is economically efficient when it is compared to other roof tiles.
  • It reduces global warming.
  • The Anti-Skid nature allows you to prevent skidding on rainy days.

Disadvantages of Roof Tiles

  • Price is little higher when compared to clay roof tiles
  • Some specialized installation materials required such as (Special Grout not like normal white cement or putty).


In this article you may come to know what is white cooling tiles, what are their application, their Advantages and Disadvantages, etc.. Now you may come to the conclusion that you need to support and prevent our earth from global warming by using these types of eco-friendly tiles and try to preserve our world from our side. See you soon….

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