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Do you have any idea about what are tile sizes standard? Is there a set of standard tile sizes that you can’t get anywhere else? What are always the most common tile sizes? All of your questions will be answered here. When it came to choosing your tile, India had a wide variety of sizes and shapes to select from. In this post, we’ll look at the different tile sizes that are available in India. So, why are we waiting? Let’s get this conversation started.

tile sizes standard
What are tile sizes standard

What are tile sizes standard?

Tile size standards are known to be some specific tile sizes and shapes had been mostly used in modern homes. Some of the popular tile sizes are mentioned below,

S.NoFeetInchesCenti meterMilli Meter
10.6 X 0.68 X 820 X 20200 X 200
20.8 X 1.210 X 1425 X 35250 X 350
31 X 112 X 1230 X 30300 X 300
41 X 1.512 X 1830 X 45300 X 450
51 X 212 X 2430 X 60300 X 600
61.2 X 1.514 X 1835 X 45350 X 450
72 X 224 X 2460 X 60600 X 600
82.5 X 2.532 X 3280 X 80800 X 800
Tile sizes standard

The aesthetic appearance of your dream home will vary depending on the tile size. It’s best to utilise smaller tiles when the room is larger. It’s best to utilise bigger tiles when the room is small. These tiles provide a more expansive appearance to the room. Reduce the number of grout lines in your room to make it more appealing.


In this post, we’ll go through the most popular tile sizes that most people use in their houses. Check out our other posts on our site if you want to learn more about the various tile sizes available in India. Please let us know if we overlooked any essential tile sizes. Even a single comment like yours can benefit a lot of folks who aren’t familiar with conventional tile sizes. We’ll talk again shortly.

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