6 – Exclusive Types of roof tiles in India


Do you know how many different varieties of roof tiles there are in India? Various roof tile manufacturers offered several various types of roof tiles to choose from. We’ll look at the various varieties of roof tiles available, as well as their specifications, in this piece.

Types of roof tiles in India
Types of roof tiles in India

Types of roof tiles in India

  1. Concrete roof tiles
  2. White Clay Roof Tiles
  3. Clay roof tiles
  4. Pot roof tiles
  5. Ceramics roof tiles
  6. Metal roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles are now commonly used in modern homes. Concrete roof tiles are comprised of sand, cement, clay, and slate and come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes, as well as diverse styles. Concrete tiles are more adaptable, which is why they are still one of the most popular in the world today. The weight of the tiles is the same in the rainy season. As far as concrete roof tiles are concerned, they are dense and substantial, and they oxidise. Concrete roof tiles are also resistant to fading, long-term damage, and germs such as algae, lichens, and fungus.

White Clay Roof Tiles

In today’s world, these types of tiles are growing extremely popular. Due to its high temperature firing (> 1200 ° Celsius) and pressure of more than a hundred tonnes, these white roof tiles are noted for their longer endurance. Some of the titles’ unique properties include a glazed finish over the surface that preserves the colour (for more than thirty years), weather and water resistance, anti-algae and anti-fungus protection, heat resistance, and the ability to handle loads of up to 200 tonnes.

Clay roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are constructed of burned clay and can be used for roofing. There are many different varieties of clay roof tiles, the most common of which are terracotta roof tiles. Perfectly burned clay tiles are the best in terms of fire resistance. They have a variety of structures, including hollow cavities, cells, and honeycombs, however honeycomb structures are not utilized for roofs. Clay tiles have porosity, which allows them to absorb rain and chill our homes.

Ceramics roof tiles

Most of the modern houses are prefer ceramic roof tiles because it is cheap and easily available in local markets and also it will give cooler in summer season. Ceramics tiles are made up of adding some artificial clay, sand and also glass are heated up to very high temperature until it will reach vetrifies state. Ceramics tiles can easily recycle to make new one wastage of the material is also reduced. And ceramics tiles give more benefits like eco-friendly, good looking and dust resistance.

Pot Roof Tiles

Is it exhausting to learn that a pot can be used as a tile? However, with a minor structural adjustment, it is achievable. These are half pot (semi-circular) shaped tiles that are also known as pan tiles because of their unique locking systems. These tiles have two installation methods: they can be installed as same-type tiles or in combination with flat tiles. Another crucial consideration is that the concave side should be turned upside down, with the longer end towards the ridge.

Metal roof Tiles

Metal roof tiles are lighter than concrete roof tiles, making them easier to handle. They are also less expensive to purchase and install than conventional roof tiles. The majority of metal roof tiles are constructed of copper sheet that has been treated. One of the most significant advantages of metal roof tiles is the ease with which you can modify and repair your dream home. The fundamental quality of metal roof tiles is their capacity to survive extreme weather conditions such as summer and winter, as well as their increased durability.


These are now-a-days becoming trending for roofing. The composition comprises of ceramic materials powder reinforced with base materials. The major advantage of this roof tile is they have tendency to bend up to 180 Degrees.  These are available in Different Colours and shapes with premium textures. When taking about its drawbacks it tends to fade earlier when compared to other roof tiles and also having some heat issues. If life span is not considered and requirement is premium designs means then this is the right choice.


We think now you got a solution for a dream homes roof tile. From Types of roof tiles in India you can choose your better choice by comparing all the above plus and minus of all roof tiles and make your right choice. We will get you back with another interesting article.

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