List of Sanitaryware Manufacturing Companies in Turkey


Find below the list of sanitary ware manufacturing companies in Turkey. Turkish ceramic sanitaryware are very famous. Turkey has the name for best ceramic production from the prehistoric period. Many of the sanitary ware manufacturer from turkey export their products to many countries around the world, especially European countries. The below list is a random list and it does not mean any ranking. We have listed out some of the top Turkish sanitary ware companies.As a sanitaryware professional i do like to work in a sanitaryware manufacturing line in turkey. I hope that i will get another opportunity soon. Because i missed an opportunity at once, but i do not think that i will miss one more time. You can check the details of each sanitary ware company with their products, Contact information and etc.

top sanitaryware companies in turkey 2
top sanitaryware companies in turkey 2


Bocchi was established in the year of 1950 present in Turkey, manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen products. It exports the sanitary ware products to America, Italy and Russia. It is Internationally branded sanitary ware manufacturing company. With the technology of super smooth surface, Clean plus, Eco friendly and Jet flush were used in the production.

Bocchi Turkey ceramic factory
Bocchi Turkey ceramic factory

Bathroom Faucets, Shower Systems, Accessories, Furniture and Mirrors, Tub , Shower Cabins, In-Wall Reservoir Systems, Products for Physically Challenged Persons, Complementary Products, Kitchen Armature and Toilet Seats.
Contact Information:
Bostancı Mah. Bağdat Cad. Taşlı Çeşme Sok. No: 4/2-3 Kadiköy-İstanbul, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 216 550 9221.
Fax: +90 216 550 9391.
E Mail:


Creavit has three manufacturing plants and It was established in the year of 1970. Çaydeğirmeni, Gökçebey Vitrified and Creavit production plants were to manufacture sanitary ware products. It is one of the outstanding Turkish sanitary ware company in Turkey.

creavit sanitaryware manufacturers 1
creavit sanitaryware manufacturers 1

Shower Tray, Back To Wall Pan – Cistern Combination, Internal Mechanisms, Seat Covers, Pans, Urinal & Urinal Separators, Single Pans, Squatting Pans, Ceramic Accessories, Wall Hung Pans and all types of toilets. Wash Basins – Colon, Minimal, Vanity, Full Pedestal, Top Counter, Under counter and Half Pedestal.
Contact Information:
Address: Gokcebey 67670. Zonguldak. Turkey.
Phone No: +90 372 535 51 30.
Fax: +90 372 535 51 34.


Dogvit was started in the year of 1994. The Turkish sanitary ware Manufacturing of Sanitary ware products used by new technology with innovative ideas makes elegant and flawless model in Bilecik.

dogvit sanitaryware company in turkey
dogvit sanitaryware company in turkey

Products: Single Basin, Minimal Basin, Furniture basin, Water closets and Pans and Ceramic Accessories.
Contact Information:
Address : Esenyol. 86 Fatih Caddesi. Maltepe 81530. Istanbul. Turkey.
Phone No: +90 216 399 03 14.
Fax: 0 228 216 00 56.
E Mail:


Duravit is the manufacturer of sanitary ware products in which it has nine manufacturing plants in all over the world.

They are in Germany (2), France (1), Egypt (2), Turkey (1), China (3), and India (1).

duravit sanitary ware
duravit sanitary ware

Products: Sinks, Console basins, Toilets, Bidets, Urinals, Bathroom furniture, Cabinets, Mirrors, Vanity units, Tubs & Showers, Bathtubs, Shower trays, Screens & Enclosures, Pools, Sauna and Steam showers and Wash basin.
Contact Information:
Address :
İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Vakum Caddesi No:1, İ-4 Özel Parsel 34956 Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 216 458 51 51.
Fax: +90 216 458 51 95.
E Mail:


ECE BANYO Gereçleri San. Ve TİC. A.Ş is a Turkish sanitary ware manufacturing company was established in the year of 1992. The products are Ceramic sanitary ware, Bathroom furniture and accessories. It consists of seven manufacturing plants. The products which are made with the environment free products.

ece banyo
ece banyo

Products: Washbasins, Water Closets, Squatting Pans, Urinals, Ceramic Toilets for Physically Disabled, Ceramic Accessories, Complementary Product and Shower systems.
Contact Information:
Address: ECE Banyo Gereçleri San. Ve TİC. A.Ş. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 6. Cadde No:5, Corum, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 364 254 92 06.
Fax: +90 364 254 92 09.
E Mail:


ESKISEHIR SERAMIK was established in the year of 1996, Turkey. Manufacturing of sanitary ware with new innovative ideas to produce designed and gorgeous products. It is in the name of Lapino Ceramics, first manufacturer of wash basins. It is also named as Esvit. Exporting sanitary ware products to 45 countries to all over the world.


Products: Furniture basins, Under counter basins, Wall hung closets, Single piece toilet, Urinals and Separators, Top counter basins and Suites.
Contact Information:
Address: Eskişehir Seramik Sanayi Ticaret Ltd.Şti. Organize Sanayi, Bölgesi 9.Cd No: 48 Eskişehir, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 222 236 16 76.
Fax: +90 222 236 16 81.
E Mail:


Ceramic Sanitary Plumbing MALZ.SAN. And Tic, was established in the year of 1993 to manufactures of Turkish sanitary ware products and bathroom accessories. The system of die casting improves fine design, gorgeous look and with superior quality products. It exports over to Thirty Countries. Its main concept of Ideal Seramik is to provide customer satisfaction.

idevit ceramic sanitaryware
idevit ceramic sanitaryware

Products: Concealed cisterns, Bathroom furniture, Bathroom accessories, Cabinet Sink, suits, Sink Counter top & Cabinet, Counter top Sinks, closet dresser, Under Counter Sinks, Single Tracks, Urinals, Accessories, Wall Zero Closet and Suspended Toilets. Contact Information:
Address: Mimar Sinan Mahallesi, Şekerpınar Caddesi, Çömlek Sokak. No:4/ B Tuzla-İstanbul, Turkey.
Phone: +90 216 423 47 12.
Fax: +90 216 423 47 19.


Gural was established in the year of 1995 as Gural Vit, Manufacturing of sanitary ware products with Technical design and Superior quality. Gural Vita sanitary ware company was structured with Well-equipped laboratory, Technology to make everlasting products.

gural vit sanitaryware 1
gural vit sanitaryware 1

Products: Bath sets, Wash basins- Circular, Square, Round; Urinals, Squatting pans, Bidets, closets, Disabled sets, closet, Bathroom accessories, Faucets, Mirrors, stand and Bathroom cabinet. Contact Information:
Address: Herisa Ceramic And Tourism Industry Joint Stock Company, Eskisehir Highway 5 Km. Kütahya, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 274 225 03 00.
Fax: +90 274 225 07 29.
E Mail:


Eskisehir was established in the year of 2005 and it operates in the brand name of Sanovit. It manufactures sanitary ware products with quality policy of water conservation, green products, energy saving process. Innovative fine line products made to withstand for a lifetime.

sanovit turkey sanitaryware
sanovit turkey sanitaryware

Products: Producing various models of wash basin such sleek, rectangular, various shapes and etc.
Contact Information:
Address: Organized Industrial Zone 20. Street No: 28 Eskişehir, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 222 236 19 00.
Fax: +90 222 236 19 07/08.
E Mail:


Elginkan Group’s- Elmor Tesisat Malzemesi Tic. A.Ş. is the manufacturing of sanitary ware products, Bath tubs and furniture. With ex temporary designs and good quality material makes superior quality, long-lasting life. It was established in the year of 1957 and the ceramic sanitaryware products are produced in the year of 1962. Firstly the products are manufactured by using smooth surface technology.

elginkan turkey sanitaryware company
elginkan turkey sanitaryware company

Products: Wash basins, Suits, Urinals, Squatting pans, Wall hung Closets, Table Top, Single piece closet, Bidets and Seat covers.

elmor sanitaryware company in turkey
elmor sanitaryware company in turkey

Contact Information:
Address: Elmor Tesisat Malzemesi Tic. A.Ş. Kemeraltı Cad. Ümmehan No: 17/2 34425 Karaköy, İstanbul, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 212 705 51 00.
Fax:+90 212 249 90 91.
E Mail:


Turan Ceramic San.Tic.Aş started its production in the year of 1990, with research and development activities are involved in producing Turkish sanitary ware products.

Products: Bathroom Sets, Closets, Hanging Closet, Single Closets, Bottom Outlet Seat, Output Rear Seat, Washbasins, Furniture Washbasins, One Piece Sinks, Squat Toilet, Move With Flush Toilets Internal, Urinal, Partition and Accessories.
Contact Information:
Address: Organized Industrial Zone M.Terc Cad. No: 52 Army, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 452 777 97 77, 234 88 21.
Fax: +90 452 234 88 25.
E Mail:


Turkuaz Seramik was established in the year of 1993, which has two manufacturing plants to produce sanitary ware products with high quality material and tested with well equipped laboratory.

turkuaz sanitaryware factory 1
turkuaz sanitaryware factory 1

Products: Sink closet, Bite, Urinal, Partition, Closets, Foot, Ceramic accessories, Shower, Mixed taps, Fixtures, Ceramic bathroom products, Fittings and Shower systems, Special surface treatments and Concealed cisterns.
Contact Information:
Address: Organize Sanayii Bölges, Cadde No:15 38070, Kayseri, Türkey.
Phone No: +90 352 321 2008.
Fax: +90 352 321 1294.
E Mail:

Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division- vitrA

Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division – Vitra was started in the year of 1942; It is manufacturing of sanitary ware, Brass ware, tiles, etc. It has fifteen manufacturing production plants meanwhile six production plants are in Turkey. The products are exporting to almost 80 countries. It is one of the biggest sanitaryware producers in turkey. Sanitaryware high pressure casting machines are used for production.

vitra sanitaryware
vitra sanitaryware

Products: Sanitary ware & Complementary Products, Bathroom Furniture, Faucets & Shower systems& Accessories, Showering Areas, Concealed Cistern. Wash basin-Bowl Standard, Corner, Under Counter, Counter top, Semi-recessed Washbasin, Special Needs, Double Bowl, Vanity, Sink and Mono bloc.
Contact Information:
Address: VitrA Bathroom Group Eczacibaşi Yapi Gereçleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Ali Kaya Sok. No:7 34394, Levent, Istanbul, Turkey.
Phone No: 01772 611622.


Ege vitrifye was started in the year of 1994, With well equipped laboratory and technology makes product quality and splendid designs. In order to improve the quality, high pressure technology and International sanity technologies were used.

ege vitrifye sanitaryware e1461836976556
ege vitrifye sanitaryware e1461836976556

Products: Bathroom Suits, Concealed Cisterns, Corner Washbasins, Small Washbasins and Pedestals, Squatting Pans, Stand alone Water closet Pans, Toilet Seats-Urinal Lids, Traps-Flushing Mechanisms, Urinals and Urinal Separators.
Contact Information:
Address: Ankara Karayolu Kemalpaşa, 35170 İzmir, Turkey.
Phone No: +90 232 878 68 81.
Fax: +90 232 878 94 38.
E Mail:

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