How to make Profitable Tile Showroom Business

If you are looking to begin a tile showroom shop Business, this the article for you. In this article, we will provide the information required to start the Tile Showroom Business. As there is a great and constant demand for ceramic tile, we consider this tile showroom business to be a good business. By choosing the brands with a better profit percentage and investment required, you can able to see a righteous profit in your business. At the end of this article, you will understand what is the investment required, how to contact the company, what models and products need to buy for this brand.

Let us see the factors involved in Tile showroom shop business before you start the business in an expert direction.



Space required

Type of products

Customer requirements

Location of the showroom



The foremost factor is Investment. At some companies, they can ask security deposit that is refundable deposit which may start from Rs.10,000- 5,00,000. Depends upon the companies, this refundable deposit varies. Investment depends upon for the Initial stock and designing of the showroom.


The upcoming factor is Profit. In this section, we will see how much amount of profit we get it in Tile business. There are two types of brands in Tile business, based on brand selling. One is Local brand, and another one is Premium brand. In local brand, there is a profit range from 22 to 50% profit and in case of premium brand, range of profit is from 22 to 40%

Space Required

The third factor in Tile business is the requirement of space. The tiles showroom is depends upon the display of the tiles. If they display the tiles on the wall, it requires gigantic space. Currently, new sliding racks are there in the market. The major advantage in sliding rack is that you can display the tiles even in a compact space, but it requires some investment. By calculating the space and investment, you can choose the space according to your requirement.


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