Modern living room tile design | 5 Best Tips |

by Arun Iyappan S


Porcelain tiles, Italian marble, and terracotta tiles are the three main types of modern living room tile design utilised in most modern homes. We’ll look at many types of modern living room tile design as well as different design styles in this piece. Which will assist you in realising your vision of a dream home. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

Modern living room tile design

There were a variety of modern living room tile designs to choose from. In the living room, wall and floor tiles play a significant role. First and foremost, you must decide the type of tile you will use in your living room. Vitrified tiles are the greatest option for high-traffic areas since they are extremely resilient.

Tile Sizes

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are preferable for wall tiles since they have low porosity and do not absorb water. In today’s world, there are numerous tile sizes accessible on the market. 300 x 300 mm, 600 x 600 mm, 610 mm x 610 mm, and 800 mm x 800 mm are the most common floor tile sizes. 250 mm x 300 mm, 300 mm x 450 mm, 300 mm x 600 mm are the most common wall tiles.

Larger tiles, according to tile experts, are the best option. The larger the tiles, the bigger the room will feel. If your room is tiny or medium in size, you should go for medium or smaller tiles because larger tiles will make your area appear smaller.

Tile Patterns and designs

The pattern and design not only determine the best appearance, but also the room finish in the application of Modern living room floor tiles. You might try the wooden pattern or natural finishes designs and patterns a shot at least once. It is preferable to select light-coloured tiles for flooring since they create a more intimate atmosphere indoors.

Tiles purchase

It is preferable to understand how to calculate tile wastage % because it is one of the most essential elements employed nowadays that allows you to use the correct amount of tiles without wasting any more. It’s your lucky day if you know whether your tile provider will accept your tiles back when they’re not in use.

Tiles Installation

When it comes to installation, the use of spacers is crucial. Because it forms a gout line, it’s recommended that you keep your grout line thin for the greatest appearance, match the grout colour to the tile you’re using, and make sure it’s as hidden as possible. Border line tiles or combination colour tiles should be looked for (Two to Three). Pre-set tiles are produced by many tile manufacturers in India in collaboration with their competitors.

Tiles Specifications

If your family includes children and the elderly, choosing slip-resistant and skid-resistant tiles is critical. Porcelain tiles give your living area a stunning appeal. It should also be low maintenance, low water absorption, anti-skid, durable, heat resistant, lustrous, with appealing HD patterns, and so on.


Choosing a modern living room tile design might be difficult at times. Keep the preceding principles in mind when you shop for living room tiles, and try to put them into practise. We believe you now have a vision for your ideal living room. Again, we’re describing patterns and designs. It’s not only vital to check the proper finishes for the room, but it’s also important to examine the appearance. We’ll see you in another interesting article shortly.  

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