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Is that true that tiles are made of clay? Can we use other cermaic materials to make tiles. Does the tiles made of clay withstand its strength. Your Every questions will be answered here. Hello guys welcome. In this article we are going to see the does the tiles are really made up of clay and it’s properties in details.

What is Clay and How it used?

It’s an aluminium silicate material that’s mostly found on the surface of the earth. These materials have strong covalent bonding, which makes them more durable than other materials, and they are considered the foundation for tile manufacturing.

tiles are made of clay
Tiles are made of clay

Natural minerals like feldspar and quartz, as well as a small amount of water, are mixed in with the clay to achieve a specific consistency. The materials listed above are combined in a composition, which is used by a skilled tile manufacturer to create high-quality tiles.

Production Process

Step 1: These raw materials are mixed together in a specific composition and processed either wet or dry. The wet method is described here. For more information on the tile manufacturing and production process, click here.

Step 2: Those raw materials, along with grinding media, were transferred to a ball mill, and water was added in specific proportions. The slurry is ground for a specific amount of time to produce finer particles.

Step 3: The Slip (Liquid Containing Clay and Other Minerals) is transferred to a storage container and rotated constantly to prevent clay particles from settling.

Step 4: The slip is then transferred in a spray drier with an atomizer and hot air, which turns the slurry into a fine dry particle that is ready to be pressed.

Step 5: The dry particles are pressed into tiles using a friction screw press or hydraulic press.

Step 6: Following the tile pressing, the tiles are glazed over their surfaces in the glazing area.

Step 7: The glazed tiles are rolled into the tunnel kiln, where they are fired at higher temperatures on one side and cooled on the other.

Step 8: Various ceramic engineers inspect the final product and remove any defective items from the batch.


We believe you now have the answer to the question Is it true that tiles are made of clay. Yes, of course, and we’ll give a clear rundown of the entire tile manufacturing process. We hope you enjoyed this article, and we will see you in another interesting article soon; in the meantime, stay tuned.

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