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How to Choose Tiles for living room. Is there any inspiration for tiles that complement the elegance of the living room? Let’s get this conversation started. How much time does each of you spend in your favourite living room? Each of you spends more than 5-8 hours every day, which is comparable to our working hours. As a result, this is a place where we may find some sense of peace and a pleasant ambience after a hard day’s work. So, in this essay, we’ll look at how to choose living room tiles which makes you feel good.

Factors – How to Choose tiles for living room

1. Colour

It is one of the most crucial aspects that can improve or detract from the appearance of your ideal living space. Choosing the proper colour is critical. Those colours are identified by the furnishings that will be used in your living room. Brighter colour tiles appear to be more appealing at first glance when compared to others, yet neutral colours are a great choice for your Livingroom. Neutral colours including pale sand, light grey, and light brown are excellent selections. It is preferable to take images of your living room and match your wall painting and furnishings to choose the ideal colour tile for your space.

2. Size

It’s also one of the key elements that influences the look of your living space. If your living room is medium to small, larger tiles will help you make the most of the space you have. The room appears to be smaller as the tiles get smaller. When compared to smaller tiles, larger tiles usually create a more beautiful appeal, and larger tiles are becoming more popular these days. The appearance of the room is improved by fewer grout lines.

3. Patterns

There were numerous tile patterns to choose from. Using smaller sized tiles with classic patterns does not give your living space a premium look. The luxurious appearance was achieved by combining different sized, shaped, and patterned tiles. If you want a better wall tile, go for mosaic tiles, hexagonal or coin shaped tiles, bubble textures, wooden patterned tiles, and so on. These tiles have a high-end appearance and enhance the beauty of your living area.

4. Safety

It’s critical to select a living room tile with the right coefficient of friction. Because it stops you from slipping on a damp floor. If you have children, pick flooring with a coefficient of friction greater than 0.6. It’s also crucial to consider if these tiles are long-lasting or not, as this lowers the cost of maintenance after installation. When compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain is one of the most durable, and it will last a long time. The majority of porcelain tiles are stain resistant, and their surface has minimal porosity due to the vitrification of the glaze, which reduces water absorption.

5. Decorative Furnitures and Flooring

Without furniture, your living room takes on a very basic and antiquated appearance. Choose the correct tile for your bedroom by analyzing the living room tiles with your furniture and decors. Whether your style is modern or traditional, formal or informal, your living room should draw everyone’s attention and make them want to spend time with you and your family. If you have a large budget, choosing wooden-based textures will give you a rich and attractive appearance; if you have a small budget, laminated vinyl sheets are a better option.


You may now have a better knowledge of how to choose tiles for living room. Choose appropriate designs, patterns, textures, and colours that help your home stand out from your neighbours based on your budget. If you have any other suggestions, please share it with us.

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