How to calculate tile wastage percentage? | 1- Clear Explanation|


Is this that much important to know How to calculate tile wastage percentage? Do you know what is tiles waste percentage? Do we need to know some calculations before tiles installations? All questions are going to be answered here. In this modern world calculating tiles in percentage is important before you are choosing your tiles.

We exactly don’t know how many tiles are required for your rooms. So, being a smart attitude, you need to know how many tiles are required totally for your tiling work. In this article, we are going to see how to calculate tile waste percentage in detail.

What is tile wastage percentage?

What is Tile waste percentage? This is a value that determines the overall tiles required for the tiles installation process. As per industrial standards, it is preferable to choose the tiles wastage percentages around (10 – 15%) as per the number of cuts required for a particular room tiles installation. If your room is having a greater number of pipe works, sanitaryware, pedestal washbasin, etc. lead to creates more cuts in tiles.

tile wastage percentage
How to calculate tile wastage percentage?

If you apply this knowledge to larger tiles and sometimes your calculation may go wrong for example if you require a small shape need to install with small piece of tiles but you are having still two more tiles in your hand that is useless. So, according to your application area, you need to calculate the tiles required. To prevent these types of issues you to use the tiles tools known as tiles profile gauge which helps to identify the size of the exact tile required for tile installation.

How to calculate tile wastage percentage

If you need to know how many tiles you may require for your tiles installation first you should know how much gap you are going to leave in between two tiles which decides the tiles wastage factors. And also, how many drilling and cutting were done depending upon these two factors tiles wastage percentages are calculated.

Consider if you are going to install tiles for a small living room consider 150 Sq. feet and it is tiles wastage percentage is 10 % i.e.,15 Sq. Feet. So, totally you required 165 Sq. feet of tiles for installing tiles on that room. Unless and until if you are using more complicated works on floor, you need additional tiles wastage percentage i.e., 15 %. For safer side


Here you may come to know what are all the methods you need to calculate the tile wastage percentage as per industrial standards and we gave you a clear-cut example to you. And we hope you can save your money in future by knowing How to calculate tiles wastage percentage correctly. And save your money for your dreamed living room interior designs. If you need an even more clear examples than this please comment below so that we can get you back soon.  

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