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Is it really that important to know? How to calculate tile wastage percentage? Do you know what the proportion of tiles that are wasted is? Is it necessary to know any calculations before laying the tiles? All of your queries will be answered here. In today’s world, determining tile percentages is critical before selecting tiles.

If You have no idea how many tiles you’ll need for your rooms. So, if you want to be clever, you should figure out how many tiles you’ll need in total for your tiling project. We’ll look at how to calculate tile waste percentage in detail in this article.

What is tile wastage percentage?

What is the proportion of tile waste? This value defines the total number of tiles required for the tile installation process. According to industry standards, when determining the number of cuts required for a certain room’s tile installation, it is best to use wastage percentages of approximately (10 – 15%). If your room has a lot of pipework, sanitaryware, pedestal washbasins, etc., you’ll have a lot of cuts and joints in your tiles.

How to calculate tile wastage percentage
How to calculate tile wastage percentage

If you apply this information to larger tiles, your calculations may go wrong. For example, if you need a small shape placed with a small piece of tile, but you have two more tiles in your hand that are useless, your calculation may go wrong. So, based on your application area, you’ll need to figure out how many tiles you’ll need. To avoid problems like these, you can use a tool called a tiles profile gauge, which can help you determine the exact tile size needed for installation.

How to calculate tile wastage percentage

If you want to know how many tiles you’ll need for your tile installation, first figure out how much space you’ll leave between two tiles, as this determines the tile waste factors. Also, how many drilling and cutting operations were performed, and what proportion of tiles were wasted based on these two parameters.

| 1 - Best way | How to calculate tile wastage percentage 1
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To calculate Tile wastage percentage you need to use this formula

(Square Feet of Total Room) SFTR X 0.10 (Percentage of Wastage) = Wastage Amount of tiles (In Square Feet)

For Example,

The average living room has 150 Square feet.

150 X 0.10 = 15

The wastage Amount of tiles in square feet is 15

150 + 15 = 165 Square feet  

The needed amount for purchasing tile for installation on the floor is 165 square feet.

Unless and until you are using more sophisticated floor works, you will need a higher tile waste percentage, such as 15%. To be on the safe side


Here you will learn about all of the ways for calculating the tile wastage percentage according to industrial standards, as well as a clear illustration. And we hope that knowing How to Calculate Tile Wastage Percentage Correctly will help you save money in the future. And save your money on the living room interior ideas of your dreams. If you require a clearer example than this, please leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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