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Do you know How to calculate tile quantity for your rooms? Is there any formula to calculate those quantity of tiles? Can you save the amount for purchasing tiles? All your questions were going to be answered here. Now-a-days many construction field materials were getting rising in their prices. Unless and until we can’t save our money efficiently without any calculations. So, why we are waiting let’s get started.

Formula – How to calculate tile Quantity

Basically, we need to know some measurements in terms of cm, mm, feet, inches for tiles and as well as your rooms. It is better to measure in terms of feet because it is very useful for labours also. Ok, lets jump into the calculation.

calculate tile quantity
How to Calculate tile quantity

For Example,

Consider you are going to use 600 x 600 mm (2 x 2 feet) tiles for your room installation.

1. Area Calculation of tiles

Length of the tiles – 600 mm (2 Feet)

Width of the tiles – 600 mm (2 Feet)

Area of Tiles (in square feet) – 4 Sq. Feet

So, Area covered by one single 2 x 2 feet tiles is 4 Sq. Feet

2. Area Calculation for your room

Length of the room need to be tiled – 4572 mm (12 feet)

Width of the room need to be tiled – 3048 mm (10 feet)

Area of Room need to be tiled – 120 Sq. feet

3. No. of tiles required for Installation

No. of Tiles Quantity = Total area of the room / Area covered by single tile

                                     = 120 / 4

                                     = 30 Nos.

So, for flooring a 10 x 12 feet room you required 30 Nos. of 2 X 2 Feet tiles for installation. But this is not the exact tile quantity because due to some bathroom fittings, furniture’s, sanitaryware’s, etc. you may require tile wastage percentage before your installation.


Yes, we have arrived at our conclusion. Now you may get an idea about how to calculate tile quantity in detail. Before calculating this, we advised you to see our tiles wastage percentage article and you may get a clear-cut idea regarding your tile purchase. Be smart and don’t lose your single rupees also.

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