Chemical formulas for every Sanitaryware Professionals

chemical formulas for every sanitaryware professionals
chemical formulas for every sanitaryware professionals

List of Chemical formula of raw materials used in Sanitary ware production.

  1. Ball Clay : Al2O3. 2SiO2.2H2O
  2. China clay: Al2O3. SiO2.2H2O
  3. Quartz: SiO2
  4. Potash feldspar: K2O.Al2O3.6SiO2
  5. Soda Feldspar: Na2O.Al2O3. 6SiO2
  6. Talc : 3MgO.4SiO2
  7. Barium Carbonate: BaCO3
  8. Zirco Sil: ZrSiO4
  9. Zinc Oxide: ZnO
  10. Wollastonite: CaO.SiO2
  11. Calcite: CaCO3
  12. Plaster of Paris: 2CaSO4½H2O

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  1. Hi, Venkat. I like the way you have explained how the various sanitary war is made and the various chemical formulas used in making the sanitary ware effectively. This is really a very useful article that you have shared with us. I learnt a lot about the various chemical formulas that go into making a good sanitary ware. Thank you.


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