Chemical formulas for every Sanitaryware Professionals

List of Chemical formula of raw materials used in Sanitary ware production.

  1. Ball Clay : Al2O3. 2SiO2.2H2O
  2. China clay: Al2O3. SiO2.2H2O
  3. Quartz: SiO2
  4. Potash feldspar: K2O.Al2O3.6SiO2
  5. Soda Feldspar: Na2O.Al2O3. 6SiO2
  6. Talc : 3MgO.4SiO2
  7. Barium Carbonate: BaCO3
  8. Zirco Sil: ZrSiO4
  9. Zinc Oxide: ZnO
  10. Wollastonite: CaO.SiO2
  11. Calcite: CaCO3
  12. Plaster of Paris: 2CaSO4½H2O

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  1. Emma Clemantine says:

    Hi, Venkat. I like the way you have explained how the various sanitary war is made and the various chemical formulas used in making the sanitary ware effectively. This is really a very useful article that you have shared with us. I learnt a lot about the various chemical formulas that go into making a good sanitary ware. Thank you.

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