Choosing Good Ceramic Grinding Media -Flint Pebble & Silex Lining Brick

Ceramic grinding media play an important and essential role in manufacturing a fine ceramic product. Excellent grinding media will increase the purity, fineness, and durability of your raw material, so it determines the quality of end product.

When you start to choose a suitable grinding media, there are many points should be considered: Roundness, hardness, density, Fe2O3content (high Fe content will influence the raw material colour), wear rate, grinding media colour after burning, what chemical component exit in the media, technical data. If possible, test the sample will help you know clearly.

Price is a big consideration when choose grinding media, the lower abrasion rate, the longer using life, also the higher price. So the true excellent grinding media is not just lowest price or lowest abrasion rate. The point is most cost-effective.


Here we introduce 2 kinds ceramic grinding media with excellent grinding performance — Flint Pebble and Silex Lining Brick.


1. The flint pebble is used to grind the raw material into a fine powder in the ball mill

2. The Silex lining brick is used in the ball mill to protect the ball mill  from wearing


Flint Pebble: After explosive mining, then put the rocks into the ball mill for grinding 6-8 hours, make them become round shape, then screen the similar size, and finally pack them into the bags.

Silex Lining Brick: After mining from the mountain, blocks will be processed into a brick with a certain size range.(It’s man-made, it needs experienced and professional producing skills.) Then the bricks will be produced according to ball mill size(diameter, length), Number is marked on each brick, so it’s very easy to install.


The advantage over alumina products

  1. Quality of alumina balls is affected if improper burning, its inside hardness will be lower than the surface. Flint Pebble is a natural product from the mountain with stable quality.
  2. Alumina products price is much higher. Especially when alumina powder price increases highly in market, flint pebble &Silex Lining brick is more cost-effective.
  3. Some ceramic products require little alumina component during manufacturing, flint pebble and silex lining brick is the best choice in its production.

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