Cera Sanitaryware Product Price List – 2019 August Price

Do you want to buy a product of Cera sanitaryware and looking for the price? then you came to the right place. We have Curated the price of Cera sanitaryware products for you in one place.

Cera Sanitaryware price List:

Cera is one of the best bathroom fittings company in India. Thier After sales service is very good. And they have the product range to cover every level need of the customer India and They do export their product to multiple countries. Now we can see the Cera sanitaryware price list based on the product division.

Cera Commode Price List:

Cera offers more than 30 Model in One piece Commode section. They offer round, oval and square model toilets in the commode collection.

DesignCera CommodePrice(MRP*)
Corium Cera One piece Commode PriceCorium -One piece Commode with Duroplast Soft seat Cover20960
Clang Duroplast Cera priceClang - One Piece Commode with Duroplast Soft seat Cover22625
Cartin cera Sanitaryware Commode PriceCartin - one piece Commode with Duroplast Soft seat Cover22625
Cadmus Commode Price listCadmus - one piece Commode with Duroplast Soft seat Cover23890
Cruiser Cera Commode Price listCruiser - One piece toilet with Swirl flush Technology27055
Capstan Cera Soft close CommodeCapstan - One piece with twin flushing fittings18315
Carr Commode Cera price ListCarr - Single piece toilet with 3D flush technology23280
Cam Duroplast Water Commode PriceCam - One piece with Swirl Flush19415
Cat Cera Sanitaryware PriceCat - Swirl Flush19200
Codi Best cera Commode PriceCodi - Water conserving toilet13000
Citrus Single Piece Toilet PriceCitrus - Water saving Green toilet13500
Calibre one piece Toilet Dual flushCalibre- Budget-friendly One piece toilet8900
Cimona clean Rim Single Piece commode priceCimona- Easy Rim Clean24940
Cruse Bidet Seat Cover PriceCruse - With Soft Close Bidet Seat14000
Codi Single piece Toilet price Codi - with Soft Close Seat Cover14670
Coppa Sanitaryware Commode PriceCoppa With soft close
Seat Cover
Clayton Cera priceClayton - With soft close Seat Cover18315
Capstan One piece Commode Price listCapstan - With soft close Seat Cover13000
Campbell One piece Water closet PriceCampbell - With soft close Seat Cover21515
Caple One piece EWC commode PriceCaple - With soft close Seat Cover20300
Cristy Cheap price One piece Toilet Cristy - With soft close Seat Cover20675
Charisma Single Piece Commode PriceCharisma - With soft close Seat Cover12000
Clover One piece Closet priceClover - With soft close Seat Cover23210
Camac Single Piece Toilet PriceChristina - With soft close Seat Cover19145
Cloud dual Flush Commode PriceCamac - With soft close Seat Cover Cloud With soft close Seat Cover20530
Citru One piece PriceCitrus With soft close Seat Cover13500
Cirocco cera Sanitaryware One piece CommodeCirocco With soft close Seat Cover17425
Crust one piece toilet priceCrust With soft close Seat Cover17430
Cruiser Single Piece Toilet PriceCruiser With soft close Seat Cover27055
Curator Top One Piece Toilet PriceCurator With soft close Seat Cover16005
Calibre One Piece Toilet Dual Flush PriceCalibre With soft close Seat Cover10385
Cruse Cera Sanitaryware PriceCruse With soft close Seat Cover14000

Cera Western Toilet Price List:

Commode has a floor mount and also wall hung two pice WC. Now we see the Cera western Toilet price List. All the Toilet in this section coves with the soft close seat cover and also twin flush fittings.

DesignCera Western ToiletPrice(MRP*)
Calibre Deluxe Two Piece Water Closet PriceCalibre deluxe Twin Flush Fitting Soft Close Seat Water Saving8595
Callaghan Floor Two Piece Toilet PriceCallaghan Twin Flush Fitting Soft Close Seat Water Saving8910
Clair Deluxe Floor Mount Toilet PriceClair Deluxe Twin Flush Fitting Soft Close Seat 12,510
Cruse Two Piece Commode PriceCruse Twin Flush Fitting Soft Close Seat Water Saving12965
Candid Floor Mount Two Piece PriceCandid - Twin Flush Fitting Soft Close Seat Water Saving10930
Claire Two Piece Wall Hung PriceClair- Wall hung two-piece toilet Water saving11115
Cruse Wall Hung Ext PriceCruse - Two-piece toilet Water saving13140
Calibre Wall Hung Toilet PriceCalibre - Two-piece toilet Water saving8460
Campbell Two Piece Wall Hung PriceCampbell - Two-piece toilet Water saving14525
Callaghan Two Piece Wall Hung Commode PriceCallaghan - Two-piece toilet Water saving10155

Cera Water Closet Price List:

DesignCera Water ClosetPrice(MRP*)
Cryo BAck to Wall Water Closet PriceCryo - DuroPlast Soft Close Seat cover17280
Camel Ceramic Toilet PriceCamel - Wall Hung WC Duroplast Soft Close Toilet Seat16785
Claremont Cera Wall Hung priceClaremont11735
Croma Toilet Durplast Seat Cover PriceCroma14645
Carnival Duroplast seat cover priceCarnival clean rim11460
Campbell Wall Mount Water Closet PriceCampbell10045
Carnival Wall Hung Water Closet Price Carnival clean rim11460
Croma Wall Hung Bidet PriceCroma - Wallhung Bidet17160
Cryo Back to Wall Water Closet PriceCryo - Back to wall Water Closet With Jet & Soft Toilet Seat16060
Conventional water closet price CeraConventional Floor Mount Water Closet2455
Camelia Water Closet S- PriceCamelia - Consealed trap way Water Closet3390
Universal Cera Water Closet PriceUniversal - Combination of Indian & Western Toilet5490
Cignia Cera Water Closet PriceCignia- Floor Mount Consealed Trap way3220
Cade Water Closet priceCade - Floor Mount  3125
Curtis Consealed water closet priceCurtis - Floor Mount5615

Cera Indian Toilet Price List:

Cera Has 6 types of Indian Toilet in their collection. In different size and the different Foot design. Now we can see the price of Cera Indian toilet Price list.

DesignCera Indian ToiletPrice(MRP*)
Orissa Pan Price 103Orissa Pan 1031730
Orissa Pan 104 PriceOrissa Pan 1041730
Orissa India Toilet 105Orissa Pan 1051730
Orissa Pan Price 102Orissa Pan 1022465
Cello Pan 102 PriceCello Pan 1022450
Orissa Cello Pan 101 India Toilet PriceCello - Orissa Pan2120

Cera Toilet Seat Price List:

DesignCera Toilet SeatPrice(MRP*)
Ceranglo Cera Toilet Seat Price ListCeranglo775
Cera Candy Toilet Seat PriceCandy1070
Carona Toilet Seat PriceCarona2745
Carina Cera Toilet Seat PriceCarina655
Carina Plus Toilet Seat PriceCarina Plus775
Carina Isi Toilet Seat PriceCarina ISI1070
Cinita Cera Toilet Seat PriceCintia775
Cindy Cera Toilet Seat PriceCindy2745
Cindy Super Cera Toilet Seat PriceCindy Super640
Calibre Cera Toilet Seat PriceCalibre2745
Cadence Toilet Seat PriceCadence Non Electric Water Pressure regulator, Hot/Cold mixtuer for water655

Cera Wash basin price List:

Cera wash basin price starts from as low as 1000Rs and goes up to 32,000 Rupees. cera as more than 200 design combinations of washbasins. Offers every type of washbasin to Customer. You can choose from the wall hung basin, Table top, Integrated pedestal , Half or full Pedstal washbasin.

DesignCera Wash BasinPrice(MRP*)
Chime Washbasin Price-in MumbaiChime - Thin edge Washbasin3595
Claus Cera Half Integrated Ped PriceClaus - Integrated Half pedestal15065
Cisco Integrated Half Ped PriceCisco - Integrated Half Pedestal  11165
Crofton Cera Integrate Ped PriceCrofton Integrated Half Pedestal17090
Canisa table Top Basin ModelCanisa - Thin rim Table Top6600
Cancha Basin PriceCancha - Table top6105
Candle Washbasin ModelCandle5650
Campa Table Top Washbasin PriceCampa large5295
Campa Table Top Washbasin Basin PriceCampa4365
Cafe Table Top Price Cafe6090
Corba Table Top Washbasin Price In ChennaiCorba5045
Coyal Basin PriceCoyal3615
Cala Table Top Basin sizeCala8565
Canal Table Top PriceCanal1750
Cherookee Integrated Washbasin Full Pedestal PriceCherooke - Integrated Full Pedestal34420
Charles Full Standing Basin PriceCharles Intergrated Full Pedestal31915
Cabuna Ceramic basin PriceCabuna7790
Curzon Cera Washbasin PriceCurzon8695
Ceona Cera Washbasin PriceCeona8695
Cloister Cera Table Top PriceCloister2880
Casket Cera Table Top Wash basin priceCasket7930
CAsket Mini Washbasin PriceCasket Mini (only in Gujarat, Daman diu, Dadra nagar3390
Cherub Table Top Basin PriceCherub3215
Chest Cera Table Top PriceChest8730
Calida Table Top Washbasin PriceCalida7550
Crest Cera Table Top basin PriceCrest only ivory18625
Cliona Table Top BasinCliona17105
Cayden Sanitary Ware Ceramic Basin PriceCayden6080
Catalina Table Top Ceramic BasinCatalina5045
Caeser Washbasin Counter Kolkata PriceCaeser6580
Cologne Cera Washbasin Price in HyderabadCologne14820
Corren Ceramic Washbasin PriceCorren - Right3505
Corren Washbasin Price in KeralaCorren - left3505
Chason Cera Wash Basin PriceChason4370
Charmis Wall Hung Washbasin PriceCharmis12960
Cardis Washbasin PriceCardis5445
Copenhagen Wall Hung Basin priceCopenhagen12650
Corazon Cera Wall Hung Basin PriceCorazon10235
Craig semi Ressed Wash basin priceCraig - Semi12065
Cabinet Semi Basin Price listCabinet3650
Crosby Cera Washbasin PriceCrosby7835
Cluny Cera Washbasin PriceCluny10810
Colga Cera Sanitaryware PriceColga6110
Cabella Cera Washbasin PriceCabella7970
Oval Cera Sanitaryware Basin Design PriceOval2440
Camry Cera Sanitaryware Washbasin PriceCamry3390
Camry Cera Washbasin priceCamry mini2890
Comet Counter Top Basin PriceComet4045
Circle Sanitaryware Washbasin PriceCircle2035
Concord Cera Sanitaryware Basin PriceConcord3955
Circular Counter Top Basin PriceCircular2505
Celene counter Cera Basin PriceCelene15870
Chester Cera Counter Washbasin PriceChester9290
Coyota Counter Basin PriceCoyota9335
Cushman Counter washbasin PriceCushman24505
Cliff Cera Sanitaryware PriceCliff2655
Celso counter top basin priceCelso9020
Cress Cera Sanitaryware basin model PriceCress14240
Clint Cera Sanitaryware Washbasin counter Top PriceClint7795
Cammy Half Ped Wall Hung PriceCammy - wall hung half ped3770
Caila Half Ped Wall Hung Basin PriceCaila7655
Cyress Wall Hung Basin PriceCyress5190
Cedar Round Wall Hung Basin PriceCedar7995
Clement New Model Cera basin PriceClement6815
Chino WallHung PriceChino4970
Caila Wall Hung Ped PriceCaila6895
Chia Ceramic Washbasin PriceChia6895
Cape Cera Wallhung Model PriceCape6595
Canah Washbasin PriceCanah3305
Counsel Full Ped Wall Hung PriceCounsel3340
Cornet-Wb-Full Ped PriceCornet3535
Clair Wall Hung Ped PriceClair3750
Cognac Washbasin PriceCognac3995
Calibre Full Ped Washbasin PriceCalibre3535
Crowne Cera Wash basin PriceCrowne3665
Cruse Full Pedestal washbasin PriceCruse6300
Celeste Basin Ceramic ModelCeleste6705
Canopy Ped Mount Basin PriceCanopy7000
Cargo Washbasin Design Cargo4535
Calvina washbasin PriceCalvina5635
Cadal Basin Ped PriceCadal3195
Canah Washbasin PriceCana3305
Canton Wall Hung Basin Full Ped PriceCanton8655
Clotin Right New Washbasin priceClotin (Right)6650
Clotin Cera Washbasin PriceClotin (Left)6650
Canon Table Top Basin PriceCanon1285
Calvin Washbasin PriceCalvin1425
Cadal Cera PriceCadal1370
Corner Wall Hung Basin PriceCorner1260
Cosy Cera Wall Hung Basin PriceCosy1210
Callis cera WashBasin PriceCallis2135
Chico Cera Sanitaryware Basin PriceChico1355

Cera Sink Price List:

Cera Sanitaryware offers three different size of sinks for the customer.

DesignCera SinkPrice(MRP*)
45-30 Sink cera PriceSink 45 X 300 X 152685
60-20 Cera Sink PriceSink 60 X 40 X 25
60-25 Sink PriceSink 60 X 40 X 207825

Cera Urinal Price list:

Cera sanitaryware offeres different types of urinals to customers. The price range starts from 1315 and goes up to 14,550 based on the size and functionality. Now we see the Cera Urnial Price list.

DesignCera UrnialPrice(MRP*)
Casey Ceramic Urinal PriceCasey1510
Carmina Big Urinal priceCarmina4280
small Urinal PriceChrys1510
Carys Urinal priceCarys1815
Corvin Partition PlateCorvin2080
Calcia Electronic Urinal PriceCalcia EFS16490
Cicily Urinal Sensor Urinal PriceCicily14020

Cera sanitaryware Color products Price:

Cera sanitary ware offers a various colour product to market. The price of the colour products is higher than the white colour sanitarywares. The standard colour of cera sanitary ware is Snow White. Some of the colour offered by cera are Banama Beige, Champange, Cherry, Ivory, Megenta red, Olive green, Pink, sapphire, Sift blue and ivory.

The cost of the white coloured sanitaryware is low compared to other colour products. The fast-moving colour is white and ivory in the market and other colour movement based on the customer requirements.

Cera sanitaryware catalogue can be downloaded from their official website.

Note : The Cera sanitaryware Price list mentioned here are price of andhra pradesh state. And there is a small difference bewtween the price of  different staes. Please Reach out to the dealer for exact price in your area and also get dealer will normally give greate discount from the maximum retail price.




  • The company has been started as Madhusudan Oils & Fats Ltd and the Board appointed Shri Vikram somany as the Chairman and MD.
  • The Panel also appointed Shri S C Kothari as Whole Time Director and Shri N K Maheshwari and Shri O P Bhandari have been chosen as Added Directors of the Firm.


  • Cera Sanitaryware Ltd held a meeting on July 30, 2008, for the Board of Directors and also approved the appointment of Shri. Ashok Chhajed as additional Board of Directors.


  • INR two shares have been suggested for INR five by the company Board of director.


  • Cera sanitaryware started faucetsware production in 2010 at Kadi , Gujarat – India.


  • INR 2.50 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of the director.


  • INR.3.00 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of director.
  • Shri S.C.Kothari,has selected as C.E.O of the corporate.
  • The Cera Sanitaryware Company Has Been selected for Product of the Year in the Sanitaryware & Fittings assembly and also selected winner for 2012 as well in the Class Of India’s fastest growing sanitaryware company.


  • INR.4.00 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of director.
  • Shri Lalit Kumar Bohania has been chosen as an additional director during the year.
  • ‘Indian Power Brand’ award has caught for The Cera sanitaryware Company.
  • The Product of the Year Award is given to CERA’s companies single lever faucet. The first toilet sanitizer is designed by the Cera sanitaryware firm.


  • The Cera Sanitaryware Company creators have the new Ideas in the Bathroom solutions hurled
    • A new one-piece EWC with twin innovation – it is rimless and it is with nano glaze.
    • Water-saving twin-flush in India more than fifteen years back, has been on the forefront of initiative path-breaking products since its commencement.
  • SMt.Deepshikha Khaitan and Shri Atul Sanghavi as Executive officer of the firm on April 1st,2014
  • INR.5.00 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of director

Cera Sanitaryware Manufacturing factory unit address:

CERA Sanitaryware Ltd.

No.9, GIDC Industrial Estate, Kadi 382715, Dist. Mehsana, Gujarat

Tel-Phone :+91 2764 242329, 262619, 262638, 263874, 321949

Fax :+91 2764 242465

For all products related inquiry contact: Email: [email protected]

We hope you found the information you are looking for. We are tried to be more accurate as possible. But mistakes may be possible please reach out to the nearest dealer for exact price.


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