Barcode Tracking in Sanitaryware:Overview


Bar code tracking is used in Sanitaryware production line to find real time and accurate information about the work in process product, stock inventory in every stage of the production.

Procedure: Barcode tracking in sanitaryware

Step 1:

Bar codes are pasted on the Pieces after wet finishing in casting area. Once pasted, it is scanned and information’s are entered into the system. Some of the information entered into the system are caster number, Model Name or Number, date and etc.

Step 2:

Once the pieces pass the drier and inspected by the greenware inspector, he will scan the barcode & enter the required information in the system. Some of the information entered into the system are inspector number, passed or rejected, what kind of fault and etc.

Step 3:

Once it is sprayed by the sprayer he will enter his or her number and color and any other information if required.

Step 4:

After firing Piece will be sorted and scanned. All information related to classification or sorting will be entered into the system. Some of the information’s are Sorter number, grade of the ware, kind of defects if any, place of the defect and etc.

Step 5:

Pieces will be scanned and packed according to the model and grade. Pieces will be scanned before packing and matched with the package.

Report can be generated from the bar code tracking in sanitary ware are but not limited to:

  • Number of pieces casted on a single day or shift.
  • Number of pieces casted by a single caster.
  • Number of pieces sprayed on a single day or shift.
  • Number of pieces sprayed by a single sprayer.
  • Number of defect pieces from a single caster.
  • Number of defects from a single Model/Pattern.
  • Time wise production report for spraying and inspection.
  • Number of Missing pieces between two sections. Example missing pieces between casting to spraying or spraying to Sorting/Classification.
  • Defect map of a single model.
  • Inventory in every stage of production.


  • Accurate production data.
  • Real time production data.
  • Accurate Inventory data.
  • Accurate rejection defect data.
  • Accurate caster wise, sprayer wise data.
  • Accounting
  • Quality and process improvement tracking.
  • Error free


  • Involves implementation and maintenance cost.
  • Requires more attention while entering data to the system.

Some of the Companies that are following barcode tracking system in sanitary ware production are Cera, HSIL, Kohler, Saudi Ceramics and Etc. Find listings of Sanitaryware companies.


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