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Types of Glass – 30 Different Types of Glass In Industry

The glass is a transparent material and brittle in nature. There are various types of glass used for different purposes. Significant properties and applications of these glasses are discussed in detail in this article. COMMERCIAL GLASS The commercial glass is a glass which can withstand powerful chemicals. The glass usually comes in two forms: Heat…

Top 10 Cement Company In India – By CeramicNinja.Com

Top 10 Cement Company In India - By CeramicNinja.Com 1

The cement industry has a pioneering development over recent years in India. The new innovation in construction and building work has made such an amazing development in this field. It has also made to grow cement industry as a profitable one. India ranks second in the list of cement production among the world. The cement…

16 Types of Cement – Different Type of Cements

16 Types of Cement - Different Type of Cements 2

Different types of cement are manufactured for different types of Application. Every cement has a different type of property required for the application. In general, The Cement is an adhesive (bonding agent) and is a cohesive (consistent) materials. It has the capability of bonding together particles of solid matter into a compact, durable mass. However,…

21 Colleges Offering Ceramic Engineering /Technology Course In India

We have listed the Colleges that are offering Ceramic Engineering/Technology Course in India. Ceramic colleges in India Anna University(ACT Campus) Alagappa College of Technology is an institution located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that offers B.Tech and M.Tech in Ceramic Technology and also Ph.D in Ceramic Engineering. Department of Ceramic Technology introduced in the year 1993….