10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles


Cutting ceramic tiles used to be a time-consuming task, but thanks to advances in technology, we now have new tools that can speed up the installation of your tiles. In this essay, we’ll go through the contemporary tools used for cutting tiles.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are those that are used to cut tiles (ceramic, porcelain, glass, cement, marble, mosaic, granite, limestone, travertine, Quarry tile, Metal tile, resin tile, and so on). In the market, there were many different types of cutting tools (different sizes and shapes). However, depending on your tiles, you might need a particular tool, which you can discover in this page.

tools used for cutting tiles.
Tools used for cutting tiles.

These are all the 8 basic tools used for cutting tiles,

  • Manual Snap Cutter
  • Tile Nipper
  • Wet Tile Saw
  • Angle Grinder
  • Rotary Cutting Tool
  • Jig Saw
  • Tile Scribe
  • Power Drill

Safety Precautions

If you are using a tool, be careful while handling the tools. Use proper face mask and gloves to prevent form accidental dust particles and tiles particles.

1. Manual Snap Cutter

It is one of the most fundamental tools that has been used from the beginning of time. If you have experience with it, a circular carbide blade is attached to the rails, which allows the carbide blade to go along with the rails and make a clean cut on the tiles. It is a manual process tool, as indicated by the name. So, if you’re looking for automatic cutting instruments, continue reading.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 10
Manual Snap Cutter

2. Tile Nipper

This tool is similar to a cutting plier; however, it has a few minor differences in its teeth. It’s primarily used for uneven, half-inch cuts, little notches, and even cuts in tiles from afar. The advantage of these tools is that we can easily carry them in our hands. A drawback of this instrument is that it will make inappropriate cuts if you try to make larger cuts with it.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 11
Tile Nipper

3. Glass Cutter

This tool’s primary function is to cut glass tiles, and its shape resembles a key symbol. It can also be used for regular tiles with basic cuts, but not for curving designs. It is a low-cost and effective instrument. Because this instrument leaves some sharp needle-like particles, rub the cutting surfaces with red bricks or clay bricks before touching them.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 12
Glass Cutter

4. Wet Tile Saw

As the name implies, this is a water-based cutting tool that will extend the blade’s life without causing damage. This will be offered in two different ways: submerged and water spraying.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 13
Wet Tile Saw

5. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are mostly used to make smooth angle cuts using a diamond-tipped blade. A handle structure will be added to it, allowing you to regulate your cutting style.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 14
Angle Grinder

6. Roatry Cutting Tool

Is it necessary to drill a hole in the middle rather than the edges? This tool will provide an answer to that question. The cylindrical drill bit, like other construction tools, aids in the quick creation of holes. When compared to other tools, this is a little more expensive.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 15
Roatry Cutting Tool

7. Jig Saw

This tool’s main purpose is to make angled cuts and notches. You may occasionally require slanted or angled cuts, which can be accomplished using this tool and a diamond blade.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 16
Jig Saw

8. Tiles Scribe

It’s comparable to a pen in that it can be handled with scales, allowing for fine and precise cuts with flawless straight-line cuts. With this tool and steel scale, draw a line on the tiles you want to remove and lightly apply pressure.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 17
Tiles Scribe

9. Power Drill

To begin, use a scribe tool to mark the location where you want to drill, and then use a power drill to create a larger hole as needed. This tool comes with a variety of drill bits that are suitable for various materials.

10 Easy Tools used for cutting tiles 18
Power Drill

Cutting Tools – For Materials

  S. NoCutting tool for ‘Ceramics’Cutting tools for ‘Marble’Cutting tool for ‘Porcelain’Cutting tool for ‘Glass’
  1)  Wet Saw  Wet Saw  Wet Saw  Wet Saw
  2)  Snap Cutter  Snap Cutter  Snap Cutter  –
  3)  Angled Grinder  Angled Grinder  Angled Grinder  Angled Grinder
  4)  Tile Nipper  Tile Nipper  Tile Nipper    –
  5)  Glass Cutter  –  –  Glass Cutter
Table.1 – Tools used for cutting tiles


Here we gave you a detailed information regarding tools used for cutting tiles. We think this article will be helpful for you to choose which type of cutting tools you may required for your tiles. See you soon with another interesting article.

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