10 Easy Steps – Tile Installation Process


Every one of us know how tiles are important to us but if you think Tile Installation Process is an easier or difficult process in your mind it is easier when you follow all of our steps mentioned below and it will be difficult when you not maintaining the parameters such as ground level, thin-set thickness, joint filling etc. and it may also lead to big failures such as cracks and dents in tiles. We help you to sort this out in this article and we let you know what are the essential steps required before and after a tile installation.

Tile Installation Process
Tile Installation Process

Tile Installation Process

Step 1: Maintain a uniform level of the ground using Sprit foot level instrument

Step 2: For any Underlayment you have many choices such as Baker Board or Cement Board, Membrane such as fibre glass composite and also water proofing membrane for any wet area applications

Step 3: Calculate how much tiles required for your room using tile calculator

Step 4: Prepare the mortar with adequate amount of cement, sand (Ratio 1:2) and water as per requirements. Before that you need to find out the working and setting time of cement for better installation.

Step 5: Prepare a Thinset (Fine Sand, Cement and Water) an adhesive compound used for better adhesiveness for tile application.

Step 6: Apply the thinset (for Better Adhesiveness) or Mortar to backside of tiles or on the floor and place the tiles 

Step 7: Allow the tiles for some time to dry and fins the corners tiles requirements

Step 8: With the help of Cutting tools used for tiles cut the tiles for corners and typical joint areas.

Step 9: Apply the mortar in the joint gaps with the help of trowels and make sure that all the tiles are at 90 degrees to your walls perfectly

Step 10: Finally allow the tiles to dry for an overnight for better results


It is always better to keep a well experienced tile installer to avoid any failure while installing. And take the required tools for installing by wearing gloves and start doing you tile installation process. Some of the Following steps need to be followed while installing tiles,

1. First of all maintain 1:2:3 Principal Mortar for better flooring.

2. A Proper gap should be maintained between the tiles to prevent popping up of tiles.

3. We need to prepare a cement slurry with 1:1.5 ratio of water and Cement

4. Sufficient time is required to allow the mortar for better sticking nature

5. For wall tiles installation use 10% of fine sand under 200 mesh size and soak it for more than 30 – 40 minutes for better application. 

6. For tapping use wooden or rubber-based hammer to prevent breakage of tiles


7. Allow the tile to set for more than one day to prevent any damages to tile while walking over it.

8. You should be very careful while cutting a tile into particular pieces as per requirements because it leads to create tiny flakes which may affect our face also.

9. Usage of proper face shield or glass prevent accidentals damages while cutting tiles

10. Last but not least you should need to maintain floor levelling for uniform and Better flatness tile application. 


Now you may come to know the Tile installation process and what are the thing you should have while installing tiles and precautions should take while installation. Anyhow tile installation is always a professional work. So, its better to work under any tile installation experts for your safety. See you soon in another intresting artice unit stay tuned.    

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